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Last Commentary on the ALCS

Congratulations, guys. Much deserved win. I'm not a depressed Yankee fan today, as some might assume. I'm more on the bitter side. The Yankees choked like Mama Cass. Some people try to get me to take solace in the fact that the Jets are 5-0, but I laugh at that suggestion. You think Red Sox fans are pessimists? Hell, if the Jets started the season 8-0, I'd be expecting them to finish .500. I'm sure the folks at Modell's sporting goods are a tad disappointed today. Usually, when the Yankees win a series, the morning after finds throngs of fans lining up outside the store, waiting to buy championship logo clothing. Perhaps they could sell this one instead. [click for larger image] [Partly inspired by Allah, who made a brief reappearance to taunt Yankee fans] Anyhow, good luck in the World Series. Despite all I've said and done here in regards to the rivalry, I'm happy for you Sox fans.


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I was expecting a more enthusiastic post this morning.

I can't say I'm enthusiastic for the Red Sox fans, but I can say I am enthusiastic to root for whatever NL team gets to line up against the boys from Fenway.

Thanks for the open forum last night, BTW.

What actually surprised me was how the NY fans were the pessimistic ones going into last nights game. Even you, Michele, by trying the Bucky Dent voodoo...Bucky threw out the opening pitch, there were signs all 'round Yankee Stadium talking about the Babe Ruth Curse, rally caps on in the third inning, for cryin' out loud! Those weren't so much to bring the Sox bad luck, but to bring some hope to the Yankee's fans that they might win. It's almost like they were expecting the Yankees to lose.

Think Kevin Brown will be with the Yankees next season?

LC - I had been doing voodoo all season. Not just for the playoffs.


First Met fan I see today, the minute he cracks into that goddamn "your guys lost" smirk, dies.

Yo, BoSox? You damn well better kick Clemens in the head if he shows his face.

Like Tom said, thanks for the open thread, and thanks for keeping things stirred up this season.

I think the two words that best describe Red Sox fans today are "elated" and "exhausted".

Having the Sinatra version of New York, New York last night was a classy move by the Yankees. Nobody deserves Liza.

I should point out that the Bambino curse does not mean that Bosox could never beat the Yankees, but that they would never win a World Series. :-)

This can't bode well for Bosox fnas though. Their whole lives revolved around hating the Yankees. Now that they've finally beaten them, what's left on their plate other than losing the World Series yet again to the Cards in 6 games? So sad. :-)

You are a class act Michelle.

If it helps, we Red Sox fans know how you feel this morning. As a famous man once said, "I feel your pain." Last year, I had to drive to work past a piece of plywood in a window that said "Cowboy Up" in big red letters. Every day. They didn't take it down for six months.

(But, on the other side, it's nice to finally know how you Yankee's fans feel most years.)

Waiting for your Nov. 3rd post. Hope it'll be like this one.

[We kid because we love.}

I second enrak, pure class Michelle.

Nice to see you taking your lumps in stride.

Great series, great baseball, great comeback, great hero's.

And finally I won't have to listen to my Yankee friends taunt me for another year.

Four more to go....

Im more on the bitter side too. I'm not depressed - I just think it should never have gotten to this game 7 stage. It's tough to give credit to the Red Sox (which absolutely they deserve) when you know your team choked - and choked BIG TIME. However, the sox as a good team, capitalized on that.

For some reason I enjoyed last years ALCS more (I know we won) but even if we'd lost it we would have gone done fighting for it which is much easier to take - last night we went without even so much as a whimper - which i find hard to take. Also the relentless FOX TV coverage - its really hard to enjoy a game when your fists are clenched the whole time because the commentators are driving you crazy!

I think it doesn't make me a bad person that I just can't bring myself to root for the Red Sox in the WS, I've been a Yankee fan for a long time and it just goes against the grain. I wouldnt expect Red Sox fans to root for the Yankees if we'd have won. I wouldn't be upset or depressed if they won though.

Michele: Amen about Kevin &^** Brown - the sooner the better.

Dude. Word. That's class.

You were with the Yankees when they were in the gutter. You were with them in their glory days. Now just think of those poor fucking Red Sox fans who never even HAD any glory fucking days.

Let 'em gloat. Let 'em savor every moment. And just think:

In Chicago, they still have no idea what it feels like to live in Boston today. ;-)

The Jets being undefeated is meaningless. If the Jets are still undefeated after this weekend, well, that's big.

God, I love you. Are you sure we're both already married?

New England will take care of your 5-0 Jets this weekend, don't worry.

I suppose that would be some sort of strange cosmic payback.. That and Roger Clemens dropping 7 innings of 10 strikeout ball.

Living in Northeast Texas I have the Texas Rangers as my team.
What is this thing you call October Baseball? I do not know of what you speak.

Very gracious of you... My other friend who's a big Yankee fan actually said almost exactly the same thing about "congratulations on a much-deserved win." Did they hand out some kind of pamphlet to Yankee fans with a small clause of "what to do in case of loss to Red Sox"? ;)

But thanks for being gracious about it. I've promised to be pretty gracious to my Yankee friends as well. Hope you're doing well over there in NY... thinkin' about ya!

you're the nicest Yankee fan I know, michele. Here's hoping you have a little bit better luck next year. Not enough to beat the Sox..

ah, never mind. Thanks.

Very gracious I must say. The Yankees gave us a good run for our money (and I'd like to say the same about the Sox to the Yankees. It definitely made for an interesting playoff series. Also, it'll be nice to be able to get a new ALCS championship shirt that I've had since 1986.

I think Michele handled this whole thing in as classy a way as possible, especially considering the combination of events on the field and the obnoxious e-mail she was undoubtedly being flooded with.

I'm a Cardinals fan, but I think most all of us, outside of some Lone Star residents and a handful of bitter Yankees fans, can agree that the most important thing going forward is for Clemens to get whipped by somebody. ;-)

Hopefully, we'll get that little chore out of the way tonight...

I don't agree with the choking part; I think that demeans the winning team. I didn't agree with it in 1978, either. BTW, the Sox will not lose it in 6 games; they'll lose in 7 as in 1986, 1975, 1967 and 1946.

Well, now you know what it felt like when the Packers lost to the Broncos in Super Bowl 32...same feeling.

Little known fact that Dan Patrick insists upon repeating every five minutes on ESPN Radio: the Red Sox have been to the World Series four times in the past 50 years (1986, 1975, 1967 and 1946). Each time, they lost in seven games to a team posting the best NL record for the decade in which the series took place:

Best record 1980-1989: 1986 NY Mets (108-54)
1970-1979: 1975 Cincinnati Reds (108-54)
1960-1969: 1967 St. Louis Cardinals (101-60)
1940-1949: 1946 St. Louis Cardinals (98-58)

Best record so far this decade? The 2004 St. Louis Cardinals (105-57). Red Sox fans better hope for a Houston victory.

"The Yankees choked like Mama Cass."

What a great line!

(You know, if Mama Cass had just given that sandwich to Karen Carpenter they'd both be alive today)

I see Fidel Castro fell down and broke his arm & knee.


He's old, he's Cuban & he's physically suspect.

Call Steinbrenner. We've just found him another starting pitcher!

Appreciate the kinds words. For your team's sake, I hope George doesn't do something really stupid like fire Cashman.

I want to buy this tshirt. Are you selling them or is this just you a thing for your blog?

I think we witnessed the baseball equivalent of 4th and 27! :)

Thread Over!

Folks, it isn't the "Curse" of Ruth that's let the Sox down.

It is another Hall of Famer who's spirit has haunted the Crimson Hose and justly denied them October victory.

Tom "The Filthpig" Yawkey had first crack at him, but for his own hellish reasons passed him over.

The man went on to spark the team that took him to 6 pennants and a World Series championship while the Bosox made like the 2004 Yankees over a five year period before completely falling apart.

I'll give you a hint, he's the only player in Major League History who's had his number retired by every team in the League.


"in both Leagues."

Ernest, you make a good point about Mr. ... uh, you don't name him because every baseball fan knows who he is, so I'll respect your pointed omission and call him No. 42.

Take me to school here. I know the Red Sox were the last team in the Majors to integrate, finally -- and reluctantly -- adding a nonentity named Pumpsie Green in 1959, an agonizing twelve years after No. 42's elevation from Montreal (then as now a minor-league town) to Brooklyn. But I thought the black superman the Sox could easily have had, but disdained to take, was Willie Mays, not No. 42. Could Boston have had both? Not to mention Satchel Paige ... the mind boggles.


You are correct, sir!


The crowning odure in the water-pipe is that the Bigot Sox also gave a tryout to Sam Jethroe (who would go on to hit 18 home runs in the cavern of old Braves Field and win Rookie of the Year Honors at age 32) at the same time as Mr. 42, and rejected him as well.

Fred, the stat doesn't quite go back to the 1940s. The 1942 Cardinals were 106-48, far better than the 1946 team; in fact the top team every year from 1940-44 had better won/lost records than that team and the 1945 pennant winner had the same record.

Got an Astros version of the shirt?