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Game Discussion/Open Thread

[ed note: all game time commentary has been moved to the extended entry so I don't have to look at it every time I load the site up]
I hate Kevin Brown. He is so NOT the guy I want out there in the seventh game. ----- Good-bye, Kevin. Hello Javi! Yea, I trust Javier more than Brown. Ugh. So much for that. I think it's time to put that hockey tape in. Johnny Fucking Damon. ------ It's always the pitching with this team. I mean, the big bats haven't exactly been on fire, but the pitching has been suspect all season. ----- Clark Gillies just knocked out Ed Hospodar with one punch! Kidding. I'm still watching the game, though the hockey fight tape is begging to be started. ---- You can't score six without first scoring one. Or something like that. ---- Oh just fucking kill me now. 8-1, thanks to the missing link. Please, for the love of the Babe, just bring in Mussina. ------- J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! ------ Kevin Lowe Derek Lowe looks like he could be Scott Stapp's uglier twin brother. /resorting to stupid insults ------- How many days til pitchers and catchers? ----- Resignation: Unresisting acceptance of something as inescapable; submission I just may submit to my bed soon. I have this vision of waking up at 1am and checking the score only to see that the Yankees won the game, 12-8. I probably shouldn't have had that third Jack and coke. I think it's time for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 2. ---- Could this be turning into a game? Oh jeebus please bring in Timlin, please! ------ Awwww fuck. Way to kill a buzz. Time to do the Timlin dance. Don't ask - just assume we look like idiots when we do it, but it rarely fails us, hex wise. ------ The laptop seems to be overheating. Shutting down for the evening, much like the Yankee bats.


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Odd, I couldn't get to your site for a few minutes. Disturbance in the force?

So far I'm lovin Brown.

better Brown than Vasquez. It might be 5-0 if Vasquez had started.

Brown, Vazquez, whatever. The Yanks just need to have some offense, and not try to park every pitch.

Come on, you knew he was due. Cheer for Johnny.

You'd better work that voodoo a little harder!


Love that Johnny.

what'd I tell you about Vasquez? Cheer up, Michele. We have 7 innings to screw things up.

Well at least they pulled Kevin Brown, that oughta help. Or not.

Ugly, ugly game for the Yankees so far...

Actually, there's 8 more innings, Cam.

Huge start for the Sox, but there's plenty of baseball left to be played. And I'm not going to gloat until the end of the game.

It's 6-0, but it's only the 2nd inning. It's going to be a long night, for Red Sox and Yankees fans. Can't help thinking that Pedro is available in the pen, once they get to the 7th inning or so. This next half-inning is critical...

well, at least it looks like I'll be able to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight. I'd go hit the grocery store for some beer, but I've got an early morning meeting tomorrow, that pretty much puts the nix on any drunken revelry.

So are we not going to get another 68 rating in Boston tonight? Err, maybe we will, come the 11pm hour.

I will say one thing - there's still a curse if the Sox win this and lose the Series, unlike what Mike Barnicle would like everyone to believe.

absolutely, Tom. The Curse isn't that the Sox can't beat the Yankees, it's that the Sox can't win the WS.

That being said, beating the Yankees tonight would be such sweet sweet pleasure.

Definitely would, Cam. We definitely had the, "Not sure what we'd enjoy more - the Sox winning or the Yankees losing" conversation several times today at work.

Too many innings left for the Sox fans to gloat yet.

Now Roger needs to win one if he wants to beat up his old team... the Red Sox.

bottom of the third 6-0. The heathen tide surges...

derek $#@%@#@! jeter. oh how i hate that man.

UPPER DECK BITCHES!!! woooOOOOOOO! upper emm-eff deck.

I like Derek Jeter. He's a class guy. Too bad he plays for the Yankees!

Anyway, Johnny Damon's on fire!

Go Redsox!

Damon or Damien? (I guess to Yankee fans it's all the same)

Holy crap, what the heck did Damon have for breakfast? That last one was the exact up and away fastball he had been fouling off or hitting weak fly balls to left on the whole darn series. Seven runs is a vastly better lead than five, with 6 home innings to go.

Cairo probably would have been cut down at the plate by a good left fielder. It will be dangerous for the Sox as long as Manny is out there.

Lowe's sinker does seem to be sinking pretty well tonight. I don't think Francona should be too quick with the hook. They really need to get a couple more innings out of him, if possible.

I wouldn't advise the Houston fans to count your chickens before those eggs get smashed by Mr. Puhols tomorrow night. ;-)

And you can't score eight without first scoring six.

You gotta hand it to Damon. He gets caught at home plate first time around, so he finds a solution to his crappy baserunning judgement.


It was close enough to try, don't you think? Besides, I'm sure the third base coach told him to go.

Damon: "Ugh. Square white things and white lines confuse Johnny. Johnny no like. Johnny HIT!"

Hey Just a reminder we are still the Red Sox.

How much were we up in game one? How many of us trust Derek Lowe? Please people one out at a time.

giddy giddy giddy don't get hopes up.

jesus. now the yanks are just playing poopy baseball. there goes another error.

OK if the Sox lose tonight, that's undeniable proof that God hates us.

That was the worst play ever. Just get OUTS.

Skillzy, that's probably true. As for Lowe, Michele, you probably mean Kevin's younger non-brother, Derek. Though I suppose ex-Ranger Kevin Lowe wouldn't mind being compared to Scott Stapp these days.

cut her some slack, Tom. she's in that "seeing red with rage/throwing baseballs onto her neighbor's lawn because she can't throw them onto the field at Yankee Stadium" state of mind unique to Yankees fans. :)

I don't know. The higher the Red Sox rise, the harder they fall. The Curse mat yet rise up, and the Yankees could have seven grad slams in the ninth inning.

Hey, new Chucky movie! And Britney Spears does NOT appear in it! Sweet!

I know, I was just messin' around. Believe me, I can relate. I haven't given up on the Yanks yet, but this is just disastrous.

LOL Skillzy, I thought that was hysterical - actually rewound the TiVo to see if it really said that.

Man o man, the Yankees are whiffing.

Well, we know where Derek Lowe will be next season, I suppose.

I want a screenshot of those two crackhead Yankee fans they showed in the ski caps.

Fox has missed more first pitches in innings than I've ever seen in a series before - or a game, frankly.

When was the last time that there was rioting after a sporting event in New York again?

Chucky's awesome! He's backing Kerry!

You might want to have a fourth Jack & Coke.

I haven't even been drinking and I thought about going to bed and just waking up later. Guess it's some sort of genetic Yankee fan thing.

Great. Felix Heredia. Fascinating.

Let's go Cards/Astros!

Hey, I heard that the new Hummer H3 was coming out next year.

Well, this looks like it's going to be fun one way or another if Pedro comes in.

Pedro is Pitching? They are adding insult to injury.

Why did they pull Lowe? And why would you put in Pedro?

What the heck is Francona thinking?! Why the heck is Lowe even out of the game? Bringing Pedro into the game is a move of desperation, NOT of a team that's ahead 8-1. Actually, it's a move of someone who apparently cares more about beating the Yankees than he does about winning the World Series.


Twenty bucks says Michele is on her way to the Yankee Stadium right now to bust a cap in Pedro.

Hahaha. I'm definitely impressed that the fans are still in the game though. Let's just hope they don't get messed up if things don't go so well for the rest of the game.

Fuckin insane. Lowe was good for two more innings easy.


This. Isnot. happenning.

May we please have Lowe back? Please?




Michele may actually just go give Pedro a Hallmark card, actually.

I really don't understand this - Pedro came in to face a stack of lefty hitters. Fascinating.

They shouldve waited until the 9th to put Pedro in, but I still say he'll get out of the inning without much more damage

Did a bunch of the Sox get their batting helmets cleaned, btw?

jiminy christmas, why put Pedro in? that inning gave me a stomachache.

No matter how this turns out, Francona is a MORON for pulling Lowe.

As Bellhorn knocks it outta tha pahk....

I wonder if the curse moved on to Ken Jennings.

Pedro should buy Bellhorn a Ferrari for knocking the wind out of the Yankees sails. Good grief, what a game.

What about Torre putting Gordon in instead of Rivera? As if you needed to have this game blown more open than it already is...

That's pretty dumb too, of course this is redundant unless the Yankees end up losing by one run.

I think "daddy" has been identified. What a comeback. Great series. I'm happy for Doug Mientkiewicz, who's a class act and was well-liked here in MN before being traded to Boston this year.

And its over. Finally.

Why would they play Sinatra for them. Sheesh.

Oh my gawd, it IS Massachusetts's year!

In baseball.

Yay, Sox!

That was definately a game for the record books.


ahhh, and it feels good. We're partying on your feild.

So where's Leather Penguin and his trash talk tonight?

I remember thinking, ever since I was a little kid, that all you had to do was get up 3-0 in a series and it was all over but the shouting. Guess they're gonna hafta rewrite the history books...

My evil magic overcame your voodoo. I'll be in hiding so you can't find me.

Oh, that was fabulous. This Boston resident is very happy.

How does it feel to have a Sox fan's heartbreak?


I still don't understand the Pedro in the 7th thing. They should have Boston's manager catscanned for a stroke.

Yay Sox!!! :-) Now let's hope Houston wins tomorrow...so we can put Clemens' head on a pike at Fenway.

How bout them Jets? Best start ever...

No Dave J, it's gotta be the Cardinals. The Sox need to cleanse the memories of Country Slaughter's mad dash in 1946 and Bob Gibson's 1967 Series dominance.

Greatest thing ever. Hurray!

Where's your terror alert warning now?

My condolences, Michelle.

All you Boston fans are crypto-Democrats. Kerry will be using this.

I'm rooting for the NL: Busch Stadium or the Texans.


Please someone arrange to have the Sux appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated next week.

Mike R asks what Damon had for breakfast. I'd say "spinach".

Really, this series was like a Popeye cartoon, with that 19-8 third game the point where Bluto is beating the living crap out of Popeye, and then out pops the can of spinach. And tonight, Popeye flattened Bluto and walked off with Olive Oyl.

Let's look at this Karma-tically.

BoSox win the pennant, and the series.

To keep it all nicely balanced, Kerry goes on to lose. Otherwise, armaggedon.

And I haven't an f'ing clue what Pedro was doing in there! Makes no sense at all, especially since he's been questionable the whole ACLS. And Manny Ramirez has hardly earned his salary either.

Most of the Red Sox players are Republican - so please keep that in mind. Some serious NRA guys on the pitching staff.

Oh - Kerry said his favorite player was "Manny Ortiz" - please let us have this moment without lumping fans like me in with shitbirds like John Kerry.


uhhhhh Me a think that the Yankees got PWNED!!!1


Good on your crew. They went out and won it.
But look, your guys are not done:
They gotta just kill Clemens if he shows his face.

St. Loo? Behh, whatever.

So help me God, I love this game.

Can we promise to do this again every year?
My best to the Sox. See you Yanks in April.
And SMILE for Godsakes, that was a hell of a series. Bucky f*****g who?

Well, you know, it was John Kerry who first turned him winning and the Red Sox triumphing in the World Series as an either-or proposition. So, if he's going to put it that way...

2004: The year both our teams got The Royal Screw™.

Sorry babe!

I hate the Sux but I hate Kerry more.

The Sux can ruin a year. Kerry can ruin civilization as we know it.

I'd trade a Mondale-esque loss for Kerry for a Sux Series.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!

We kicked your asses.


Damn. I shoulda joined in on the bet. I knew I shoulda listened to my instincts on this!

In a less PC age, this would be called a Polish Sweep.

I'm indifferent to the Red Sox, but seeing the Yankees lose (and so dramatically!) is almost as good as seeing my own team win (Mariners. yeah, yeah, shut up).

The icing on the cake: seeing that smarmy weasel Rodriguez once again fail to survive an ALCS.

wondering...can comments go to infinity like in fark?.....getting close :-)

Oh well, time for Steinbrenner to start buying some pitchers, I guess.

Now, let's go 'Stros! I wanna see the Massholes get a good old fashioned Texas horsewhuppin'!

Do comments go over 100?

Go Red Sox!

Well, we saw that $120 million which includes good pitching beats $180 million that doesn't. Big f-in' deal.

What I love best is the Sox fans acting like their team is a bunch of sandlot kids and not a crew of pampered millionaires, just like the Yankees. Please.

Thanks for reminding me that Yankee fans are lousy LOSERS.

spd rdr:
I knew that would draw someone out of his hole. Winning feels great, doesn't it? After all, we are Yankee fans, and we know the feeling well ... about 26 times better than you ever will.

Have fun dropping the world series ... again!

ps. maybe I am a "lousy loser" ... gosh, I'm just not all that used to it!

All I know is that when my team loses I don't trash the winners, butthead.
And speaking of holes, go hibernate.

All I know is that when my team loses I don't trash the winners, butthead.

"All you know" should be in regards to losing! Lame ad hominem attacks get you nowhere. Now GO FORTH and LOSE THE BIG ONE!

Hey, Disgusted Yankee? STFU.

just a hunch, but i'm guessing pedro threatened to throw a tantrum if francona didn't let him in. no doubt he figured that with an 8-1 lead, he'd be untouchable while he gloated. in the obvious sense, of course, he was. in the truest sense, however, he got put back in his tiny place while showing once again how completely he has embraced his role as baseball's biggest jerk. no small feat, that.

and speaking of red sox pitchers, this comment from "the corner" at national review online made me smile:

[posted by Shannen W. Coffin]

Another reason to love Curt Schilling, in addition to his baseball prowess, philanthropy and love of country. An email from a reader:

Thought you might get a kick out of an exchange between Schilling and Dan Patrick (ESPN) on Patrick's radio show this morning (assuming you didn't hear it). Patrick asked Curt whether or not he thought ARod's mitt slap was bush-league and Schilling said, "No, it was Kerry-league."... ###

hang in there michelle. if houston wins tonight, what a preliminary round all next week will be for the real TX vs. MA battle on november 2nd.

ouch (whimper)