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Here's to Good Baseball

YanksBumperSticker2.jpg No voodoo tonight. Instead, I'm just going to offer to share my Game Seven Tums with all Red Sox fans* and tip my Guinness to all of us who have stayed up through every game of this series. No matter what happens tonight, it's been a hell of a ride. If you're live blogging the game, drop a link in the comments. I'll make this an open thread to discuss the game in progress. I'll be stopping in to comment as the game goes on. Or, at least until I can't take it any more. If the game gets too tense I'm going to pop in my greatest hockey fights tape and just wait for it to be over. I have enough anxiety problems as it is. Extra innings tonight would have me looking under the couch for any long lost Xanax. *Offer does not apply to MetSox fans, those bitter, nasty people who only root for the Sox because of an ugly, deep seated jealousy of their New York baseball counterparts.


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Gotta take a pass. My head's there, but I got bummer news and I'm afraid I'll just start ripping everything that moves.

Game #7.
Micky Mantle: #7
Game Time Temp.: 49
do the math

Been a great week though, hey?

Do they sell Zoloft in the stands of Yankee Stadium, or do they just stick to crack and weed?

the Stadium might sell out of beer tonight as people try to drown the ulcers.

I am going to start drinking heavy about 20 minutes before the first pitch. (god darn Astros) son of a bastard. Looks like I have to start drinking now.

I will have my laptop with me on the couch, but blogging may or may not happen, depending on how things go. Liveblogging baseball can be even more boring than liveblogging debates, I've found. Most people just care how it ends.


Try what I'm doing. Just don't watch. Pretend ya just don't care. (that last part is pretty easy for me this year)

Michele: My wife just cursed me out for being morosed and asked me to ask you this question: Do you got Staten Island Nicky kicking Shultz's ass on that tape of yours?

Yup. I am blogging it. I have to post at my site while I can, if the Sux win (Heaven Forbid) Solly gets my site for a week--but Michele--I get his for a week if the Evil Empire Strikes Back (and I think you should post something there too if that is the case).

I'l be live blogging the game too


I'm not blogging it. My evil magic has worked for the last three games and I don't dare show myself should it continue tonight.

I'm with you - this serious is way too stressful for my system. I haven't watched all of the last three games because I just couldn't take it.

Though - I don't know if I could face the rest of New England tomorrow if I didn't watch tonight's game. Really, I think I'd be the only one!

So... not completely live-blogging the game, but I imagine there will be updates. :-)

I'll be blogging it. If it gets ugly I'll probably be drunkblogging it, however.

I'm liveblogging as well. At least until I get off work in 30 minutes.

I'm barely alive WATCHING it! To hell with blogging it!


I'm blogging my ugly, deap-seated jealousy with pride. Sox win! You heard it here first! Dewey Defeats Truman!

I wasn't going to until I realized the Sox might just win.

I don't hate the Yankess exactly but having grown up in Chicago with the White Sox and the Cubs, I cannot find it in my heart to do anything but cheer for Boston.

This is very exciting to watch.