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the do it yourself linkorama

Tons of links appearing in my inbox this week, and lots of things I wanted to link to but didn't because I was preoccupied with baseball, so I'll just round them all up right here in a second. First, a word about emails: I am notoriously bad at returning emails. I apologize for that. It's not that I don't want to - trust me, I read every single email I get. And then I put them in a folder marked "return these emails" and I try to find the time to get to all of them, but sometimes time is an elusive bitch. I know it's rude and I know that some of these emails deserve at least a cursory reply and I don't want anyone to think I'm ignoring them. I'm just strapped for time, in addition to being a huge procrastinator, and those two things together mean that lots of emails go unanswered. I'm sorry for that. Ok, links away! * Chris O'Donnell's eight year old daughter has gotten on early start on being an evil capitalist. Go check her wares out. * On Saturday, 9 October, for the fifth time in my life I went into a polling station and cast a vote in Australian federal election. The same day, but several hours later and on the other side of the globe, millions of people were exercising their democratic right to vote for the first time in their lives. Good news from Aghanistan from the prolific Arthur Chrenkoff. * The storyblogging carnival is looking for submissions. Even if you have nothing to submit, make sure you read the carnival. Good stuff. * Puce has returned from his sojourn and I think he's mad at Treacher. * Jeff Goldstein is looking for horror movies to watch. Speaking of horrors, check out his Martha Stewart chronicles: 1, 2, 3, 4. * Don't forget the bet I had with Jason. $70 headed to Garden of Angels next paycheck. You know what? I left my notepad document stuffed with links on my computer at work. So why don't you do all the work while I get to sit back and enjoy it? Got a link you want to whore, a story you want to spread, rumors you want to start? This is the place. Drop your links in the comment. Just leave a dollar on the nighstand, ok?


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Fresh stuff in my Sports section. Yankee fans may want to be careful, though...the baby picture from last night drove Leather Penguin INSANE!

I tell you what, Michele. As you are the single most gracious Yankee fan...ever, I will match your bet to Garden of Angels. It's because I like you, this blog, and the cause, and it has mothing to do with any fear of hard karma entering (perhaps) a seven game series against the Astros.

Yo socks fans. Pony up. Say thank you.

I am liveblogging the Disatros/Cards.

Thank you for the link to horseshues.com - She is off to a great start - already profitable by making enough to pay back the start up loan we provided her.

She commented that it would take "a lot of allowances" to make this much money. I think she already has the benefits of self emlpoyment versus working for the man figured out.

Would you please post a link to the Michael Badnarik, Libertarian for President campaign?

His website is located at http://www.badnarik.org

Michael Badnarik is the only true small government candidate this election that wants to reduce the size, scope, and cost of government so that we can all live our lives however we see fit as long as we do not harm others or violate their rights.

He is against the Patriot Act, against the War in Iraq, against "free speech zones", and excessive government spending (which of course creates high levels of taxation). He believes the citizens of this nation have the right to make their own choices and live their lives however they see fit, and the government's only responsibility is to protect their life, liberty, and property and of course to LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Government simply doesn't work! And the bigger government gets the less it works at all!

Michael Badnarik is the ONLY small-government candidate.

He is not conservative or liberal. He is Libertarian!

Two recent posts of mine, one for fun, one deadly serious:

Comprehensive Mom Package v5.2, a rif on a comment from my husband.

And this may only be of interest to Californians (though, I think everyone should be concerned about this one), I post about Prop 66, which will not only gut California's 3 strikes law, but release thousands of felons on the street within weeks of passing, but the scandal is the man, Jerry Keenan, who bankrolled the Proposition... screwing the safety of Californians because his son killed two people in during a DUI and daddy doesn't think he should serve 8 years in CA state prison and have a strike on his record. But why should Keenan worry about the safety of CA citizens... I mean he lives in Arizona....

Thanks, Michele, for the space!

I just went out back and looked, and he's not out there. What have you heard?

I am now no longer liveblogging the Disastros/Cards.

I am now throwing up an entire roll of Sweettarts.

People who don't reply to e-mails are evil.

How about them Yankees?

Here's a shameless plug for my blog.

Sorry "william" I'm not voting for anyone who I hear about for the first time 14 days before the election

--Why have I Heard NOTHING about this guy, and suddenly in the last couple of days he's showing up everywhere on the blogs? I don't trust this.

--Start campaigning earlier if you want to be taken seriously. Even Ross Perot was out and "in the fray" from the beginning of real campaigning. His ideas to be compared and such with the existing candidates, and to be open to the same scrutiny.

Oh why not...go read this site. You'll enjoy. I think. I hope.

I am The MUSC Tiger and I approved this ad.

Okay, here's my link for the day:

A Different Perspective.

Enjoyez, as Kerry would say.

Why have I Heard NOTHING about this guy, and suddenly in the last couple of days he's showing up everywhere on the blogs?

He's on a limited budget and he's forced to drive himself from event to event. Plus, his B210 only does more than 40MPH going downhill.

In other news, if you'd like to help prevent terrorists from getting driver's licenses or using unsafe foreign ID cards, click here.

To read about what could be one of Bush's worst programs ever, click here.

Why not? I've got a small site, HermioneFanArt.com, with fanart of Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books...

Did someone say "link you want to whore"?

My blog

Maybe if Badnarik didn't refuse to get a driver's license (because he thinks it is an unconstitutional infringement of his right to travel) and intentionally get cited for driving without a license whenever possible (a) he would get to more events more quickly and (b) people would take him more seriously. I've voted for Harry Browne as an effort to get Republicans away from the pork trough (only because I've been in solid Red states), and I may do it again (snowball's chance in hell that Kerry will take the Bluegrass vote). I do wish that the LP wasn't so full of loons. They actually had two choices that weren't sanity-challenged, but picked Badnarik. Idiots.

I'm really unworthy of link whorage from Michele, but what the hell. Make with the clicky-click.