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Baseball, Hockey and the Ultimate Cliche

First: I'm not commenting on the A-Rod thing except to say that I think it was a heat of the moment thing and he shouldn't be burned in effigy because of it. That said, I think the call was the correct one, so don't bother trying to pick a fight with me about it. Next: Some asshole fans threw baseballs on the field. Now everyone outside of New York is running off at the mouth about how New Yorkers and Yankee fans are barbarians. Please. Stop. Now. Do I hold it against every single Boston sports fan that I had rocks thrown at me while leaving a hockey game at Boston Garden? No, I don't. Do I think every sports fan from Philadelphia is an idiot just because someone at a Flyers game threw a full cup of Coke at a ten year old kid that was attending the game with me? No. There are assholes everywhere and sometimes they are no more evident than at a sporting event. To call all Yankee fans classless because a few buffoons did something extraordinarily stupid is just moronic. And if you are one of those people spouting such nonsense and you hail from one of the many cities whose fans riot when their team wins a sports championship? Bite me. We've never done that in New York. Anyhow, I am going to dispense with the voodoo for tonight's game. After all, today is Mickey Mantle's birthday. What better omen could you ask for? I keep saying (to anyone who will listen to my ramblings) that this series reminds me of so many Islander playoff series. There were some games that I just couldn't watch - I would walk in and out of the room a dozen times or more in the third period. Overtime? Forget it. I watched those periods like a little kids watches horror movies - with my hands over my eyes. And you know what? In a strange way, that's a great feeling. The adrenaline you get when your team is standing on the thine line between moving on and playing golf is one of the best things about being a sports fan. This series has provided several moments close to that, but none that will match the intensity of tonight's game. Speaking of hockey, Red Sox fans might take heart in reading about the Islanders' 1975 comeback victories in the playoffs. Sure, they didn't win the championship that year, but they certainly defied odds. Games like tonight's don't come around often. Two really good teams facing off in the ultimate of sports cliches, the do or die game. This, above anything else, is why I love sports.. Can't really explain it, but if you're a sports fan, it doesn't need explaining. --------- Your must read for the day: Watching the series from Iraq.
Update: For all of you emailing me the story about the Yankee fan shooting his friend, a Red Sox fan last night, stop. Do you really, honestly believe that murder is a typical behavior of Yankee fans. You're embarassing yourself.


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Can you remember a more exciting series? This is great baseball. No matter who wins - the World Series will seem like sort of a let down.

Truth be told - I've been to a bunch of games at Yankee Stadium and the folks were always great. I've been to games at Fenway and have been surrounded by jerks (but what could I do - they were my ride home?).

Excuse, me....nobody's following this, it's FOOTBALL season! ;-)

very quietly go sox

Amen, Michele. This Red Sox fan agrees with 99% of what you said. It's going to be an excellent game tonight, and I can't wait to watch with my hands over my eyes.

And make sure you vote in this poll. Go Yanks!

One thing I think we all can agree on, Yankee fans, Sox fans, and agnostics (like me)...Tim McCarver still sucks baboon ass and should be tossed out of the broadcast booth to see how many times he'll bounce.

And here I thought I was the only Yankee fan that was loving this. What a great series! What a roller coaster ride (to use another dreaded cliche').

Red Sox have the heart of champions, that is for sure. If ever a team deserves a championship...

But hey I am a Yankee fan and I still have faith in my guys. If they just quit trying to hit the ball to Queens they might just pull this out yet.

And Michele, what a great point you make as per usual...this is the essence of being a fan. I'm having fun with it, anyway.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mantle! Michele, I am still jealous that you got to meet him--maybe a repost of that great story is in order as well today?

Tim McCarver still sucks baboon ass and should be tossed out of the broadcast booth to see how many times he'll bounce.

Perhaps when it's the 32nd inning and both teams' bullpens are spent tonight, they can use that as a tiebreaker.

I'm neither a BoSox or Yankees fan, but I love watching them in the playoffs...always a good game imho. However...whichever team wins, the Astros are gonna stomp a mudhole in...;)

dodges flying debris


I don't think Yankees fans are scum for throwing stuff. I think they're scum for loving the (evil) Yankees. If you check my during the game post, I even called the Yankee fans classy.

No one has a lock on asshole fans. You should have seen the trash on the track at Talladega back in April when Gordon won. And cops lining the field is the norm at the end of SEC football games. They even turned fire hoses on the Georgia fans at Auburn one year.

Tonight's the night, it will be hard to top the Game 6 drama. I'll try not to gloat too much when the Sox win.

Are you sure you want to dispense with the voodoo, michele? For a mere $7.95 I'll cast a curse that has never failed........

(insert evil laugh here)......

It's like watching two grade school bullies beat the snot out of each other, stolen lunch money spilling out of their pockets.

Class act of the night goes to the 12 year-old girl who acted as the backstop for Bellhorn's dinger. Nice, honest, kid.

yeah, you can't give the fans too much flak. As a matter of fact, that's part of the fun of being at a game. Throwing octopus, rats, balls, trash, whatever the traditional trivium may be in your arena. I was at a superbowl once where the entire stadium was raining glowsticks, and it was great.

I actually plan on missing the series, even if the Sox go all the way. This NY/Beantown matchup has been far to great, and I imagine that the series would be kind of like the little fart that comes after the great big one. Not nearly as impressive or interesting.

Taking things too seriously seems to have become the national pastime, whether it's sports or elections or whatever. This is a great, historic ALCS - we should all cherish our good fortune in having the privilege to witness it.

Fan violence is idiotic and just plain wrong, whether it's in New York or anywhere else. I do think the incidences of stuff being thrown onto the field would be drastically reduced if cameras were used to identify and arrest the people who do it...

As an A's fan, I enjoy seeing the Yanks & the Sox beat up on each other, but THIS is a series!

Oh, and on the subject of Mickey Mantle... he was a drunk who destroyed his own liver and got moved up the transplant list because of fame and money. Someone else who could have used that liver died so Mickey Mantle could live for just a short while longer.

Somehow, my twisted evil mind wants to say that a decent man like Walter Payton could have used it, but then I'd be just as stupid, naive, and oblivious to reality as... say... Ted Rall.

I agree 100% Michelle, idiot fans are not unique to any city.

I was pissed at the Bosox fans when they did it in '99, and this year is no different.

Game fucking seven. Unbelievable.

And I second Sekimori, bounce that stupid Yankee fellating McCarver as many times as possible from the upper deck. And if Buck mentions ONE MORE TIME that "no team has ever come back from down...balhblahblah" I will personally rip his heart out.

oh damn this is so good. The red sox are these dirty, unshaven, barbarian types vs. the spoiled, pretty-boy Yankees with their trophies and big budget.

Is it just me or...
...does Johnny Damon sound like the name of a rockstar?
...does Posada look like he's going to piss himself when he's at bat?
...is Jeter always talking to himself?
...does Shilling look like he could be cast as the washed up drunk in "Leaving Las Vegas"? The guy never freaking shaves and he wears a towel on his head half the game!
...were the games more fun to watch at Fenway?
...is the thing trying to get out from underneath Manny's hat the only Curse Boston needs to worry about?

Well said, Michelle. I found myself looking forward to reading your response as I was watching it all unfold last night.

I do find myself pulling for the Red Sox, sorry, that's just the way it is. I am, however, a lifelong Cardinals fan, we have our own troubles. I was hoping the Astros manager would be stupid enough to throw Clemens out there today, but it looks like he won't.

I'm expecting the Astros to win today, and the Yankees to win tonight. I've been wrong before, I hope I'm wrong again this time, but most of all I hope we see two more well-played games today. These series are excellent diversions from politics. Apparently there's an election coming up, or so that's what people tell me.

I do not follow baseball, suffice-it to say that I do have to watch it due to my wife being a HUGE Yankees fan, and by default the 4 years I spent in College in the Bronx (96-00) brought me many a drunken night on the corner after a championship win (I garuntee the only night you'll be able to stand on the corner of Webster Ave and Fordham Road and cheer with the locals).

that being said, I truely could care less who wins. Today, while installing some software at a client, I went in to check the install log. Randomly generated number after the hostname...


every other number in succession, on prior and post attempts to install:


now I'm not superstisious... take it how you want to, but I think the curse may live on post this evening.

at least I'm hoping so so I can get some post-game nookie.

OK, try to follow this line of thought:
Red Sox win, Houston wins, World Series is Texas versus Massachusetss (sound familiar?). It gets even better: Potential Texas vs Massachusetts World Series starts next week, CONCEIVABLY finishing Election Day Eve OR ELELCTION DAY. Laugh if you will, but it gets WEIRDER: Anyone who has a copy of "Fantasia 2000", go to the section where Bette Midler is telling you about the ideas for shorts that were rejected by Disney for the first "Fantasia". One of the rejects was one submitted by Salvador Dali which had baseball being used as a metaphor for life. HOW DID HE KNOW!?!?!?!

Actually, the worst fans are here in LA. They leave at the 7th inning stretch (to "beat the traffic") even in a one-run game*, they won't root for the home team lest they offend the guys rooting for the other side, and they will get out of the way of an opposing fielder trying to lean in for a pop-up, and interfere with a Dodger doing the same thing.

In other words, they're like Kerry voters.

  • I was at the 1988 World Series Game 1, and by the time Kirk Gibson hit his famous walk-off HR, the stands were half empty. I'm not kidding.)

Becky, that's just the tip of the iceberg. G-Dub used to own the astros, did a wuick search and couldn't find out if he still has a stake at all. Conspiracy anyone?

Physical Challenge:
I'll give 10 points to the the first person who can tie "The Curse of the Bambino" to the small clandestine group of men who control the world. Two bonus points if you can correctly explain why Osama bin Laden is rooting for both the Yankees AND the Sox. Ready...set...GO!!


W owned the Rangers not the Astros. And no he has no stake in any MLB team.

Michele, nice as always and I do think that the little girl in left was just as good of an example as the folks throwing things onto the field. The lesson is Yankees fans come in both good and bad.

Unlike Cleveland fans who will never live down the riot that had both the Rangers and the Indians in the middle of the field, standing back to back, beating off fans. Ah, nickel beer night!

Tonight should be great but I have to tell you that I watched the 9th inning last night with my hands over my eyes. So tonight I may have to have a blanket.

Holy crap! I knew it! This is the Rove/Bush October Surprise!!

They're hypnotizing everyone with subliminal messages in McCarver's inane banter! If this goes on much longer, we'll all be voting for Hitler, um, I mean Bush on Nov 2nd whether we mean to or not!!!

My fellow liberals, we must decide right now. If we stop watching the games, there's a chance to undo the brainwashing. If not, it's the end of civilization!

My choice is clear.


The thing that bugged me about A-Rod's move was that he seemed to be convinced that it was part of his natural running motion, when it clearly looked like he was intentionally swatting at the ball. Was it heat of the moment? Of course...he wants to win bad. But after the fact, he should just own up to it. "Yeah, I did it, it was kind of a punk thing to do, but man, I want to win bad." End of story.

Boston pitcher Curt Schilling has the best quip of the playoffs. He was asked by Dan Patrick if he thouught A-Rod's slap was bush league.

"No," he said. "It was Kerry league."

Boston pitcher Curt Schilling has the best quip of the playoffs. He was asked by Dan Patrick if he thouught A-Rod's slap was bush league.

"No," he said. "It was Kerry league."

I tuned in during the fifth inning, so I caught all the drama with A-rod and the rowdy fans. Some venues are worse than others, but this sort of ugliness happens in every sport, and in every town.

Michele, for my money the single most exciting professional sports nail-biter was the 1982 AFC Divisional Playoff game between the San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins: Lots of long passing, several lead changes, spectacular acrobatic catches, players dropping from exhaustion, two blocked field goals, and fourteen minutes of "sudden death" overtime.


This was the game that made tight end Kellen Winslow immortal. He caught 13 passes for 166 yards, including a 25 yard touchdown. He also blocked what would have been a game-winning field goal, and had to be carried off the field by two teammates once the game was over - but not before.

Dolphins coach Don Shula called it "A great game -- maybe the greatest ever.” And his team LOST.

Holy smokes, SMASH. I remember that game like it was yesterday. I still argue with my buddies that that was the best Dolphin game ever.

Oh, and the World Series lives up to its name:


May I add to the list of "Greatest Games" the NFL playoff game (can't remember exactly the year) where the Buffalo Bills came from a halftime defict of 30 some-odd points and WON THE GAME. Sorry I don't remember the details, the joy of the victory got obliterated by the crushing defeat of the Bills two weeks later in the Super Bowl (one of the 5 crushing defeats)....This memory from my dark days of banishment in upstate New York...Though I can't say that my NFL choices have improved, since I moved to Cincinnati....

As a former Philly resident and lifetime Flyers fan, yeah, most of the fans were pretty rabid and it's the norm, not the exception, to have crap thrown on people wearing other jerseys, especially Rangers jerseys. Sorry. Though it doesn't happen to much anymore since all of those type fans (ie., working stiffs) couldn't hope to afford a ticket to the game anymore.

To Becky, COME ON!!!!!! Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat our Bengals????!!!!! Okay, admitedly the list is at 5, but the point is ya gotta keep the faith.

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