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calling out the big voodoo guns

It's time for some real voodoo. The pin cushions, flaming squirrels and dead virgins just aren't cutting it. This time I need to work that dark magic a little harder. So I call upon the baseball spirits tonight. I've gathered the necessary tokens of sacrifice: my father's Red Sox cap, a Wade Boggs (Boston years) baseball card and a can of baked beans. While they are simmering over a fire stoked by the flames of hatred, I will recite my incantation and unleash the ultimate kryptonite upon the Red Sox mojo; the garlic, the holy water, the silver bullet that will crush the spirit of the Red Sox. All hail the Bucky Dent voodoo! [This is not going to come back to haunt me because I have the power to delete any trace of this entry should the Yankees lose tonight. I. Have. The. Power!]


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Desparate, are we?

Beware of the Fever Pitch Theory


Even Babe loves an underdog:

atlast baseball is exciteing again


A) you are not permitted to discuss my virginity or loss here.

B) Until you learn how to spell my name right, you're juvenile insults will be deflected, causing me no harm and making me laugh in your general direction.

"[This is not going to come back to haunt me because I have the power to delete any trace of this entry should the Yankees lose tonight. I. Have. The. Power!]"


Just in case I need it.

Screw the Yaz pop-up game! (Dent was just the setup man.)

Only old farts remember that game. This is the 21st century, baby!

I know you are but what am I?

Midgard: Check with Vegas. The Yanks are the underdogs. Have been Since Game One.

Well, that may be (I'm not an odds watcher) but being down 3-0 in a best of seven series makes the "0" team the underdog imo. Especially when they're heading back to New York. Not to mention barely staying alive by winning twice in extra innings. I think it's safe to say the Yanks have had the upper hand so far. So far. :)

I was born in Boston. I'll stick a thumbtack in my arm.

Not rooting FOR the Yanks, mind you, but for anything that might prevent a Kerry smile.

And as much as I'd like to see Rocket go against his old teammates, I think they'd crush him. A STL-NYY series is in the best interests of MLB. It'll be the walking baseball encyclopedia fans against the Darth Poseurs.

In other words... for tonight, I'm ABB, too: Anything But Boston.

Actually, the Babe finished his career at Boston after being cut by the unappreciative Yankees. OK so it was the Boston Braves (now in Atlanta) but his career at least ended in style.

We're trying our best to keep the magic alive up her in the Northern Province of Red Sox Nation. The famly dachshunds were busy sexually assualting a yankees ball cap left lying on the living room floor. Could this be a good omen for the Red Sox? I do enjoy your blog even if your a Yankee fan!!

Let's go Sox.

Let's go Cards.

I would love to see the Sox-Cards World Series.

And the Cards winning in 7

My curse is all powerful, ask the Chicago Bears. Until today I rooted for the Bosox. Then I realized that the State of Mass. is responsible for Kerry, Kennedy, and Barney Frank. I now wish upon the people of Boston another agonizing defeat tonight. That's right, tonight, not even a game seven. Fear me.

You know who's going to make the difference in tonight's game, right? Bernie Williams. The curse has to follow someone with a B as an initial. So let's hear it: go Bernie! Burn Baby Burn!

So far the curse goes well. Boston up four. This will be truly painful to watch Bean towners. A little advice for next year. Take a shower, cut your hair and get a shave. The Red Sox look like a pack of rent a bums equipped with helmets and uniforms found in a dumpster out back of a little league park. Ortiz so far has hit two balls in play a total of 93 feet. Ominous.

Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's ways, Catalano.
Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure
up the final win, or given you clairvoyance enough to find the
hits you so desperately need.

As far as Massachusetts goes (although I am neither a native or a resident), John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and John F. Kennedy, ain't the WORST company I could keep. Kerry ain't the Sox. He couldn't find Fenway with a flashlight and Hans Blix.

Funny how one was so upbeat after game 3. Sounds as if you're becoming part of the Nation, Michelle.

Only the Nation would worry this much.

What evil mischief lurks in the heart of Cubs fans?

Only the Shadow knows....


Hey, I was a big red sox fan in the 1700's. Regretably those men are dead and gone, as apparently Schilling is. Oh how the mojo is gathering. By the way, someone should get that Boston catcher a fishing net. And don't mention the Cubs, it makes me very ANGRY. Tell you what, we'll trade Sammy Sosoa for your Chia Pet, Damon.
P.S. Currently blowing .19, no longer responsible for my posts.

Not rooting FOR the Yanks, mind you, but for anything that might prevent a Kerry smile.

I'd bet on the Botox then before the Bosox.

Perhaps one should not use a pitcher who gets his hair cut on a carnival cruise. Currently blowing .22, but safely at home.

Gotta love the class of Yankees fans, showering the field with baseballs after the reversal!

Dang, A-Rod sure got caught looking like a first class jagoff in front of a national teevee audience.

By the way, thanks you fucking New York assholes for embarassing the entire country tonight. Fuck you too.

I officially undo the curse. Eat shit, Yankee fans.

See you for game 7...

Karma is a powerful thing.

A-Rod slaps like Zsa Zsa.

good guys win.

I wonder if Juju is puking yet? GAME SEVEN TOMORROW, BABY! What a frickin series....

"Red Group, Gold Group, all fighters follow me."

The Red Sox are inside the Yankee Death Star, headed straight for the main reactor.

I'm hoping the Houston Astros end up beating the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. Guys from Texas beating guys from Massachusetts, hopefully presaging an identical election result.

"I. Have. The. Power!"

Your powers are weak, old man.

Bucky Fuckin' Who? :-p

Gold Leader: "Stay on target."
Red Sox 9: "I can't fend them off!"
GL: "Stay on target."
RS9: "They're all over me. I..."
(Ship explodes at last moment, right before the curse-ending exhaust port is reached.)

And, as usual, Sox fans are celebrating one day too early.

I agree, Kat. See, for instance, this comment:

I officially undo the curse. Eat shit, Yankee fans.
Posted by Bad JuJu on October 19, 2004 11:49 PM

Um, I hate to burst your bubble JuJu, but do you understand the actual nature of the curse? Do the following years ring a bell: 1946, 1967, 1975, and 1986?

Yes, Sean, they seem to think the Yankees are involved in the Curse.

Now this is the post of someone who is desperate.

Oh yeah. The heathen tide is coming your way. We won game 6 in your house, game 7 is simply a formality. Curse my ass.

Hmm, to cheer for the Yankees would be in truly bad taste, but at the same time cheering for the Bosox means if they win they have a shot at the world series. As a Cubs fan, this definitely goes in the category of BAD THINGS. I shall just have to hope that lightning strikes both teams dead.