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things that make you go UGH [updated with an important plea]

Now, I could sit here and say "well, we wanted them to win it in New York, anyhow!" but that would be an outright lie. And I could sit here and say, "well, it was a good game, at least" but that would be pure bullshit. I could also sit here and say, "well, they'll crush the Red Sox tonight at the Stadium!" but that would be a half-truth at the least because I know damn well it's supposed to rain all day and all night here and it's not looking good for a game to played at all. Out of the whole fourteen innings played last night; out of all the ups and downs and hits and walks and errors, out of all the times a Yankee failed in the clutch, here's the one stat that is sticking in my head today: 18 RUNNERS LEFT ON BASE. That is just unacceptable. Tonight, weather permitting, I will have to bring out the big voodoo guns. Now, for those of you who wrote to ask why I keep posting about baseball when the election is just two weeks away, I say this: In a world of turmoil and unrest (and blatant hyperbole), baseball can provide some pretty amazing moments, the kind of moments that will stay with you forever and bring a smile to your face even in troubled times. That link? Your must read for today. Update: I think we should all band together today to pray to the weather gods for a steady downpour from now until this evening. It would be far better for all of us sleep deprived Yankee and Red sox fans if it rains enough to just postpone the game outright instead of trying to get it in. If they attempt to start the game, that's a surefire bet that it will last into the wee hours of the morning again, interrupted by seven rain delays and brief showings of Seinfeld episodes while they pull the tarp on and off field a zillion times. This would not be good for either of our pitching staffs or for us millions of already sleep deprived fans. Everyone, rain dance! [cue Sprockets music]


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sheesh, and that was supposed to be the early game too. 6 hours of baseball? By the time the damn game was over the Cards and Astros were already in the eighth inning. Hopefully the game will get rained out tonight, I can't keep staying up this late.

The Yankee fan in me wants the game played tonight. Lieber vs. Bootsie Schilling looks like an overmatch, especially with both bullpens pretty worn out. The baseball fan in me wants it to get called so these two teams can catch their breath.

This is the way it's supposed to be. The Yanks and Sox in a death grip.
Is there any better series in baseball?
Are there any better fans, anywhere?
Can Johnny Damon please find the fucking ball?

Let them play....Rivera and Gordon are worn out and Sox have a deeper bullpen.

Play Ball!!!

Got to love the rivalry. I am flying up from Atlanta today, and have 500 pictures of John Kerry in his BoSox hat. I plan on placing them in all the bars in NJ. The state is close enough, this may sway the election.

Any other readers in Jersey are more than welcome to steal this idea.

There's this other League that's having a pretty kick-ass back-and-forth series with great pitching and a walk-off homer. What's it called again? The Nation-wide League? The Nationsbank League? I forget.

And although Hoouston fans aren't generally the greatest in the world, their baseball team is finally tasting a little success, so they're going nuts right now.

Cripes. I'm exhausted and I'm not even playing.

I know these guys need a rest, but I'd rather get it over with instead of giving Schilling another day to rest that ankle. We work with a guy whose brother in law is Leo Mazzone, pitching coach for the Braves. Leo said the Sox were putting their best face on all of this with regard to Schilling, but he said he didn't care if that new boot was created by NASA, it's going to throw him off his game.

Well, I have changed my position. Before I wanted both the Yanks and Sox to lose. Now I want the Sox to lose and lose by a huge margin. What changed my mind? The Red Sox fans I see on TV. They all look like a bunch of weak knee liberals who want to interfere in everyone's life by telling them what is right and wrong.

It'll be nice to see Roger pitch against his old team... the Boston Red Sox.

I'm sorry, that was not a good baseball game. Both teams went a combined 2-35 (1-18 and 1-17 as I recall it) with runners in scoring position - and not because the pitchers were especially sharp. The defense was pretty ordinary and it seemed to me that the game dragged on not because the defense played really well and got out of the inning but because the batters missed some pretty good pitches.

That other game - those National League guys? Now they're playing a series over there. You're going to watch a lot of baseball before you see another game as well-played and thoroughly exciting as that one.

Please, let it rain. I've had 6 hours of sleep in the last 3 days...

Cabel: Bite me.

And I don't even want to know what kind of sick individual thinks the election is more important than baseball.

You get the complaints about baseball, I get complaints about writing about the election during the postseason . . .

Rain favors the Yankees. If Schilling is ready to go, he'll go deeper in the game than Lieber will. And more rest won't make Schilling more ready.

But yeah, I'm pretty exhausted too.

Yes, Roger will pitch against his old team but it will be the Yankees and he will burn their tails. Gonna be good.

I am a gentically influenced Yankee hater (my mom baby-sat for Dodgers' kids back when da Bums were still in Brooklyn), but I truthfully had no interest in this series(even hating the Yankees gets tiresome year after year; and my beloved Mets...well, let's not go there). Actually, if anything, a part of me wanted to see the Curse survive another year - just love seeing the Sawks fans squirm(Especially, Dennis Leary).

However, seeing the last two games has sparked an idea...it would be so-o-o-o-o-o fitting for the Curse to end after the Sox come back from down 3-0 to the Yanks. And I have nothing against the Sox. After all, the Sox gave the Mets a World Series via the Curse 18 years ago (which explains the Bill Buckner photo I carry in my wallet...not really, but you could see why I would).

Given Michele's fond affection for Mets fans, I think she'd agree with this one's humble opinion.

Your thoughts? :)


PS - Yes, I know I'm dreaming, but we (Met fans) have very little to dream about these days.

Solonor: Who's your daddy?!?! LOL!

Rain, rain, come to stay...

The Rebel Alliance has lured the Dark Side into a false sense of security... soon the Sith lords will be defeated... *snicker

I'm not at all a baseball fan, but it's usually on while I'm at the gym. I was quite impressed last night when that Red Sox player stole home after the batter was already out. I've never seen that before.

I'm only rooting for the Sox because the Yankees have had plenty of World Series exposure. Give someone else the spotlight for once.

Although OTOH, I'm sure the Senator from Massachusetts (the liberal one, not the fat one) will find some way to tie a Red Sox WS appearance or WS victory to his campaign. So maybe it would be better if the Yankees won.


I'm sure that my White Sox Fan grandfather would be horrified at my rooting for anyone at this point, but it's not like he can spin in his grave.

Maybe he's swirling in his urn?


You can be sure that even if the Yankees win, Waffles Kerry can and will find some way to tie it to his campaign. Goodness, if the Cardinals win it all, look for John Kerry in St. Louis the next day...

What I think would be a true nightmare scenario from a Red Sox fan perspective would be for the Red Sox to make history by overcoming a 0-3 deficit in the ALCS only to lose in the World Series to Roger Clemens and the Astros. (Yes, I am evil, thanks for asking.) Now there's a book Stephen King could write.

It would almost make losing the ALCS to the Red Sox worthwhile. Almost.

Let's go Yanks!

Hopefully Fox and whomever else called the shots on Friday won't screw the NY fans like they did the Fenway Faithful last week by letting them all show up at the park when that game was cancelled AT LEAST by 6:30. What a joke. Letting Fox go on-air and announce the postponement after all those folks got there, paid for parking, bought concessions, yadda yadda yadda is just disgraceful. If you're going to call the game, then call it when you know it's not going off. Torre knew, the players knew, why didn't the fans? Oh, I forgot. Greed.

If they do play tonight, how much you want to bet that first time up, Jeter drops a bunt to the right side? And then A-Rod follows with the same thing. Schilling's bum ankle combined with a wet infield just screams for such an opening gambit. Make Schilling use the bum ankle to run it down or cover first base. That new boot of his may help him push off the rubber, but I doubt it does anything good for his mobility.

Baseball IS the election. Whenever the American League team wins the World Series, the Democrats win the Presidency:

Diamondbacks over Yankees = George W. Bush over Al Gore; Yankees over Braves = Bill Clinton over Bob Dole; Blue Jays over Braves = Bill Clinton over George H. Bush; Dodgers over A's = George H. Bush over Michael Dukakis

etc. etc. etc.

(I read this factoid back in a 1988 edition of Reader's Digest)

There's also some correlation between the presidency and the nouveau Beaujolais, but I don't put too much stock in that.

I did win fifty bucks betting on the Yankees over the Braves when it was clear that Dole wasn't going to beat Clinton, though.

J - There would indeed be a certain symmetry, in this political season, to a Texas vs. Massachusetts World Series.


Unlike 1988, when it was Maine vs. Massachusetts.

"Hmmm...nothing goes with Yankee losses like gin soaked white raisins." - THK

You would think as much as I read ASV I would know this, but.....

Who are you pulling for?
/don't get into baseball

Michelle is pulling for the Boston Red Sox. She lost her viginity dreaming of Freddy Lynn. Carl Yastrzemski is her iligitimate father.

Michelle is very confused about her proper orientation because she's in the middle of Yankee country and is wary of letting her true feelings known.

Michelle makes it a point to vacation every year in the Dominican Republic so she might catch a glimpse of Pedro, Manny or Ortizzle in their speedos.