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keep the faith, red sox nation! [Updated: New Warning Issued]

Yea, so the Yankees lost last night. Hey, I never said they were going to sweep. In fact I predicted it would go six games, which means two Yankee losses. Everyone's talking about the fact that no team has come back from a 3-0 deficit in the series. I'll say this - if there's a team that has the capability to do it, it's this Red Sox team, especially against these Yankees. If this series goes seven games, the Yanks are in deep shit. The lack of depth in their pitching rotation will be ever so evident then. A note to Boston fans: Why the long faces? I have never seen such a group of negative, frowning fans before. The Red Sox were down by only one run and some guy was holding up a sign that said "We fell for it again." The fans were ridiculing their second basemen. It's an ugly thing, to see a team backed by fans that have no confidence whatsoever. Lighten up, guys! There's still more baseball to be played. Today's game should be good. A good pitching matchup (though I'll be the first to say that the odds of Mussina having an outing like his first game are slim) and a 5:00 start, which means I won't need a pot of coffee to get through the game and it will be over by the time Farscape begins. My lone observation about the Cards/Astros series: Beltran sure would look sweet in pinstripes. Update: I've revised the Red Sox Nation Threat Advisory. See below.


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Pedro will look nice in pinstripes too - and you can have him.

As a Sox fan, and a "pessimistic bitch” one as my Yankee loving wife calls me, I have to say I want this series over - Yesterday. I want to be able to focus at work, at school…and David Ortiz has to go and do this again. Now the Sox will inevitably draw this out – and draw me back in – only to crush my will again, and again, and again...

I find it amusing that Red Sox Nation has suddenly adopted the Word according to Sith Lord Yogi Berra.

Dudes and Dudettes of Sam Horn: the fork is in your back. All Ortiz did last night was make the hurt last a little longer.

Pinstripes? Unlike that f-bag Furcal, he doesn't drive drunk.

If Roger returns and the Astros clean out the bullpen of Qualls, Harville, and Miceli you'll be hard pressed to see Drayton let Beltran go.

Biggio and Bagwell will be willing to keep their salaries level just to see that happen, but they'll need to buy a new second baseman.

Very gracious of you, Michele. There is nothing like a good Yankees-Red Sox scrap, and this one's still got some stories to tell. I almost through my beer at the screen when they showed that a**hole with the "we fell for it" sign. Obviously a Kerry voter. Putz.
See you tonight. Let the brawl continue!

I love this game.

You think they'll have the money left for Beltran after they sign Pedro and Nomar?

No, please don't answer that. I know the answer.

And Al Leiter. I forgot Leiter.

I was wondering who the hell let that idiot with the sign in the ballpark.

After Saturday night's game, I said "...now that the Yanks have cleared out all of the fair weather fans, the rest of us can get down to the business of cheering on the unprecedented Sox comeback. It's just 4 games. Believe it."

Well, now it's 3.

Pessimism is hard to overcome after 37 years (for me) of oh-so-close disappointment. I understand it, but I never inhale.

Go Sox!

just. hit. the. ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's all they have to do...

I'll admit, I said "I DON'T believe tonight... SHOW ME MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!" at least ten times last night. They showed me, so I'm sticking with the line.

No way. They don't need those other two fools.
Clemens wouldn't have happened into pinstripes if he didn't spend the time in Toronto to wash some of the stench off his shoulders. Darth Boss George is nuts, granted, but he is not currently insane (for Boss Insanity, see: Dave Winfield). Torre will never allow Pedro in his clubhouse. Yankees don't do midgets.

Pinch a nipple and wake the blank up. Drayton isn't even in the Beltran auction. Giambi went bust and Boss gotta replace him, period. And if you believe anything at all that Clemens says about coming back next year, you're a bigger tool than we were in buying his BS about retirement.

Hey, I said Yankees in 5, so I'm feeling pretty smart right now... we'll see if the Yanks can back me up this afternoon.

I'm not sure I'll make it through the game though, damn, I'm sick.

First off, you can't have Beltran. He belongs to us. Second, heh...sorry about your pitching problems. Good work is so hard to find.

Why would Clemens not sign back up? Someone ought to remind him of the regrets that Michael Jordan and Walter Payton had when they retired while still on the top of their game.

LOL, ok I'll take it on a tangent then; Another Scaper? Now, I might have been born a Sox fan, but I'd given up Farscape for dead. ("Neutralized for study." Yes, I know. Anyways.) It's almost scary who's a Scaper - do we need to sign in anywhere?


Tonight's game is HUGE. Red Sox can do it. I believe!

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health

Tonight's game is HUGE. Red Sox can do it. I believe!

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health


Larry, Clemens yelled to the heavens he wanted to go into Cooperstown wearing a Yankee cap, then turned around and signed with the Astros, which set in stone the writers that do the voting would jamm a BoSox hat on his head when he gets fitted for the plaque.

For all the crap the Yankees catch about "mercenery" members of the lineup, all you have to do to sell the story is point at Clemens. He walked in, got the ring, and walked out.

I want his head on a platter.

Dear Jen,

The current rate for an ad on this website is $20. If you deposit $20 in my Paypal account right now I won't delete your comment.

However, I'm of a good mind to hunt you down and kick you in your face instead.

What happened to the good old days when people just spammed their personal sites? Oh, how I miss those days of innocence.

Clemens is not a mercenary now. He was a mercenary at Boston, New York, and Toronto.

Now, after all that time in Enemy Territory, he's back home in Texas.

Stick that in your bong and smoke it.

P.S. I'd leave the comment up for laughs - who the FUCK picks their health insurance provider out of weblog comments?

Hey, Curt, if you're reading this, give em a call...

I'll pay you $20 for the video of that, Michele.

He sol, I'll split that $20 fee for a copy of the vid.

"Vigilante Stands on Spammer's Face"

"Catalano Strikes a Blow for the Common Man"

"New Ad Campaign for BCBS Falls Flat"

Strange as it sounds, I think the Sox actually do have a chance to win this thing. That's only if Schilling can pitch (like himself) in Game 6, though. Otherwise, even if Pedro wins today, it doesn't seem too likely that there'll be a Game 7.

Well, the Sox will also have to stop swinging at balls up around their eyes. There aren't too many major league pitchers who aren't virtually impossible to hit if you swing at stuff two feet out of the strike zone...

Clemens is not a mercenary now. He was a mercenary at Boston, New York, and Toronto

Clemens and the Yankees was about one thing: the Ring.

Laurence: You live in Austin, dont'cha?
I was wondering what that chill reading of your posts was from.
You play naked bongo drums with that ass who once schupptted people no one gives a shit about and now you've become him.

That Guy (Kilroy?) with the "I can't belEIve we fell for it again" sign can't spell.

Credit the Sox players for their heart. As a Yankee fan, like Michele, I too now am a little concerned now as the Red Sox appear to have a pitching advantage with The Yankee's Step Child (Pedro) going today and Shelling going in Game 6 (if necessary).

Moose makes me nervous too and then we look to Lieber to shut down the BoSux again? I don't know--this could yet go 7--stranger things have happened (like, you know, 1 out to go for a World Series Championship, and then a soft grounder to the first baseman and then....well, we all remember...). Maybe a bit of that nervous pensiveness of the Red Sox fans has now worn off on me.

Gutty win though, and as Michele also pointed out, good thing for Sox fans that the team has more faith and heart than the fans. Looked to me like a lot of those fans had already given up in the 6th. I guess that is all for good reason. Maybe what the Sox need to do is quickly sign and suit up Larry Bird, Bobby Orr or Tom Brady, I mean those great players could certainly bring some confidence to that building.

And ya, Beltran would look great in CF next year, and with his agent Scott Boras who already represents several Yanks including ARod, it could be very close to being a for sure thing (cue the Yankees buy their Championships whining now). But Bernie as a DH? I don't know about that. I wonder if Bernie can pitch?

That's how much FOX Sports suck. They were just playing off the emotional state of the crowd. After awhile it became so comical that when they tied it up I just started laughing because they stopped showing the negative people.

The guy with the "I can't believe we fell for it again" sign was the best. At least I'm home sick today so I can watch the 5:00 start.

TC-LeatherPenguin - What's "need" ever had to do with it? It's like Conan O'Brian's line about Harvard fundraisers: "we don't need it, we just want it." Did the Yankees need a shortstop when they had Jeter? Did they need a closer when they had Sparky Lyle?

The funny thing will be when the Yanks sign Pedro and Torre says he's not a headhunter (see: Clemens, Roger).

Beltran's ours... you can't have him. You can get as close as watching him jog the bases next week.

Petey will never get signed; Drew? You're delusional if you think Boras hasn't begun contract talk with the Tampa Mafia already.

The Red Sox always triumph. The perfect metaphor for the series thus far.

You here this saying alot...

"Anyone but..."

Well, I say, anyone but the Yankees!

Nuff said....

You gotta love the WebMD diagnosis of the Red Sox fans with "broken heart" - marketing is fascinating sometimes.

from both a Red Sox fan (on the Left Coast, no less) and a co-owner of the fan campaign website watchfarscape, i say...thank you and HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you rocked before, but this moves you into demi-god status.;)

I'd love to watch the game but both FX and Fox are showing the Astros Cardinals game even when the Yankees game is in the ninth inning!

What the HELL is going on??


Two extra-inning losses?!?!?

Two extra-inning losses?!?!?

Uh, this Ortiz person, perhaps Steinbrenner should buy him? So much for a no coffee game, eh.

Hey Aaron,

All this means (so far) is that Michele can predict the final outcome more than many "sports experts".

I am going to be grouchy and hung-over at work tomorrow for THIS? Ugh.

Sorry about the multiple posts. Wasn't intentional.

See you in the Bronx tomorrow. Long live the Rebel Alliance!

I'm still saying Yankees in 6.

I've been a yankees fan for too long for something like this to phase me.

Go yankees!!

That "no one ever came back from 3-0" thing needs a bit of explanation: 25 times has a team trailed 3-0. Of those, 20 times they were swept. Of the remaining 5 series, 3 lost in 5, 2 lost in 6. Never did any go 7 games.

We are now at game six. Of the teams that trailed 3-0, two teams got here, and they both lost. Not a great history for the Sox, especially considering "the curse", but the statistics are now pretty thin.

Having not lost already, they are past the results of 92% of their 3-0 fellows.

Time to move on to other statistics, pelase.

Hate to break it to you, but anyhthing could happen. Not that I'm explicitly Anti-Yankee, or Pro-BoSox (I'm a Cards fan, and it's the NLCS I'm worried about). Just hafta be careful.

A series into Game 6 means ANYTHING could happen. A Game 7 could be forced, and everything's on the line....

...but hey, that's the essence of the playoffs: all or nothing down the wire.

I just hope the Cards can take it away in the NLCS.

Now for two shameless plugs:

Please cheer for the Cards!!!!

Go Cards!!!

And one prediction:

Yankees (Good Part) in 7 (Heart Attack).

Hhahahahahaha. you lost. you LOST. The sox pulled off the greatest comeback ever, and the yankees choked. amazing.

the worlds greatest collapse in sports history...the new york yankees....now forever remembered as the team who couldnt close the door...no longer remembered for the 26 world series nope...every post season a commentator will say look at ny v bos the red sox came back you never know...you have to KEEP THE FAITH!