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Where did I put my New York Yankees Fans Obnoxiousness Level Alert System banner...

I hope Steinbrenner's tongue falls out when he tries to negotiate with Beltran.

Ahem, Go Cards Go.


Another year straight down the crapper. Of course this year doesn't hurt like last year because the Yankees have owned the Sox in every series that has meant anything.

Enjoy tonight, you should have fun. Me I, am going to blow the pilot light out and turn the gas on. :) happy times.

As a former Mets fan (go Washington), I am the first to bring up Bill Buckner, but that alert system ain't right.
It's accurate, but pretty darn low.
I love it.

I'd actually rather see the Cards than the 'stros. At the last the Astros have some pitching - striking out Pujols will be just like striking out the Sox. Go Yanks!

I think the "Let's Go Patriots" chant might come out tonight at Fenway, frankly.

Well, you still gotta play the game, suckas. I say we go out with a brawl.

Laurence, Darth Boss George won't say anything. He'll just sign a blank check and hand it to Beltran's agent.

Now that the Idiots are safely nailed in their coffin and all that's left is filling the hole with dirt, I want Clemens. Not the whole guy, just his head. On a platter.

Dude. That's just SO wrong. In so many ways.

Fuckin' Steinbrenner.

Hopefuilly this is a foretelling of the results of the November election, which is supposed to be as close as the series between John Kerry's Red Sox and the Yankees was predicted to be (OK, the Yanks aren't Bush's team, but even though he owned the Rangers, his most famous baseball-related event is that first pitch at Yankee Stadium after the terrorist attacks in 2001. Meanwhile, it's four years down the line, and AFAIK, Hillary still hasn't had the huevos to actually go to the Stadium and let her face be shown on the Jumbotron).

You wouldn't find the Red Sox fans crowing like this if they were up 3-0.

I hope you're happy.

Chris, if the Red Sox were up 3-0, Michele would have to stop comments on this site again. :)

Of course you can all sleep well knowing the chances of that ever happening in our lifetimes are slim and none.

I'm very happy Chris. Thanks for asking.


You're a Red Sox fan - of course you're not going to see red sox fans for the cocky wankers, they show themselves to be sometimes.

It ain't over till it's over: back down to yellow now, since there's no chance of a sweep. :-)

When the Nation starts talking Yogi, you know they're just blowind gas.

Just knowing uber Sox fan Ben Affleck is drinking himself into a coma in a casino, taking hits on 16 and doubling up on his losses due to the Sox's beautiful failure...well i have to say it warms my cold, black heart.