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APME: TCP in the house!

My Command Post partner and co-founder, Alan, just gave a speech at the Associated Press Managing Editors conference. He'll be reposting the speech over at TCP (and I'll post it here soon), but I've read it and I can tell you that it was brilliant, as is everything Alan does. So not only does he give a speech which tweaks nearly his entire captive audience, but he got to share the stage with Drew Curtis, founder of Fark and something of a celebrity in my book (a day without Fark is like a day without [insert your vice here]). Another speaker called Drew a brilliant parasite. Drew, describing the nuances of the "Hero" and "Dumbass" FARK tags to the managing editors of the nation's largest newspapers ... Alan has some photos from the conference up over at TCP. Check them out and come back later if you want to read his speech. Trust me, it's good.


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Drank some beer with Drew at this year's "Redneck Fark Party" Even got a Cert for the Farker who lived farthest away.. Good Time..er' from what I remember at least:-

Coolness...congratulations to Alan - and you, too, Michele, for a job well done with The Command Post. I looked at the agenda for the conference - is this the first year that non-MSM sites have been asked to participate?

I'd like to see Drew explaining the "Boobies" and "Weeners" tags :-)