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Going to my happy place now. [click for intrusive size] Much better. If you've got a "happy place" picture to share, I'd love to see it. Maybe I should take up a collection of them in advance of November 2nd.


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Once again, Michele puts up another great idea - submit a photo of your happy place. Here'e mine. The lower falls on the Genesee River in New York's Letchworth State Park.... [Read More]


Here's a 'happy place' photo from my personal happy place -- the Boston Public Garden. I walk through it most nights, on my way to the subway. Flowers and trees and water - they do a lot to decompress me. :)

And here's another, from the twice-weekly Farmer's Market near my job.

Please tell me you understand that Zen has nothing to do with heartwarming photographs.

Here's one of mine.

Here's my happy place photo. Yes, that's me being tackled.

I have a nice picture of the Valles Grande in NM, but alas no web site. I was born on the flank of this huge volcano.

Here’s mine. The lower falls on the Genesee River in New York’s Letchworth State Park.

PTG, you condescending twit, everyone else got the general idea of the post. Either play nice or move along.

Yes, they got the idea, didn't they, that a thousands-year-old tradition of contemplative inaction-in-action makes an excellent title for a post for cheery pictures. It's like comparing the "Story of O" to the crucifixion of Christ. But never mind, let's all look on the bright side. Something-or-other is bliss.

I'm actively contemplating calling you an asshole. Does that count as zen?

Hey, is pissing on pleasantries a hobby or are you just making a go of it for today?

No, your type of "contemplation" does not count as zen, Michele. Hobbies are cool, and in fact I've got my own set of heartwarming photographs. Maybe it doesn't occur to you that zen is something profound and pure, and some people might not appreciate your using it as a keyword for Hallmark sentimentality. Note that I at least grant that you are simply ignorant, and not intentionally assaulting a kind spirituality that you don't understand.

Something tells me that you're the only one who is going to bother making an issue out of it. But if it makes you happy, who am I to stand in the way of the spiritual fulfillment you get at moments like these?

Yes, you're right, most of your readers won't care.


Are you a relative of Teresa Heinz Kerry?


These little guys always put me in a happy place. The love I feel for my twin grandsons is overwhelming, simultaneously warm, soft and gentle, and engendering fiercely protective 'don't even think of messing with them' emotions.

No, but I admit I have a bit of a crush on her.



Of all the clueless, classless things she's done, one that bothered me a great deal was at a photo shoot where she took it upon herself to reach over and yank the thumb out of the mouth of the little Edwards' guy who was obviously a bit overwhelmed at the occassion and was finding his happy place.

Your snarking in this thread is of a kind.

Your parallel is excellent. I too feel like I'm dealing with thumb-suckers.

I have a bunch, but this one is pretty happy place. Although no place on earth makes me happier than this place.


What, you didn't get enough gin-soaked raisins this morning?

Thank you for totally defeating the purpose of this post, Pass. I've taken the liberty of banning you.


Awesome pics.



PTG, I'm a little bit curious about who appointed you as the angry representative if Zen?

I also find it amusing that you can boil the entire philosophy down to 4 words. That, coupled with your inexplicable condescension and implicit arrogance, will make an interesting koan of sorts.

Nonetheless, if certain photos can help bring a sense of calm, who's to say that they cannot be used as a stepping stone to stillness? It's a common focus technique, and while not neccessarily the method that Buddha would have used, teachers through the centuries have insisted that zen is in the now, where you find it, and not something imposed.

Hey, Pass the Gas, you should pick up a sense of humor. I heard you can get one for cheap on Ebay. (Yes, I know he's been banned. But I'll bet you he's still reading!)

Here's mine.


Good idea banning PTG, but you did it before I could ask him a question about Teresa.

"No, but I admit I have a bit of a crush on her." - PTG

I wanted him to ask her why she didn't take a few extra shekels from last year's income to buy a better hairdresser.

My zen image -- a tranquil place, free of sanctimonious, uber-literal thread crappers ... pass the fluids.

I'll play... here's one from me. Just took it on Wednesday on a beautiful fall day.