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Halloween Mix, Volume 4

It's that time again. For the fourth year in a row, I'm taking suggestions for a Halloween CD mix. Difficulty: I'll be playing this one at the kids' Halloween party. This means I have to go easy on the Misfits and Slayer. The last thing I need is some kid going home singing about fucking the dead. They'll revoke my PTA membership for that, I think. Then again, you never know what your ordinary PTA president does behind closed doors. I hear necrophilia is pretty big in the burbs. So, let's make this a real rock and roll Halloween mix. We'll teach my kids' friends that Halloween music does not necessarily mean Monster Mash on repeat.


i you want kinda goofy, Vampire Club by Voltaire is pretty good, likewise "When You're Evil" The first is about Vampire night at the Goth club when all the wannabe 8th grader Vamps come out, Very funny. The Second is, Well, i think that it would make a hell of a theme song for Disney's Animated version of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Whimsical and chilling. Two of my favorites.

"Don't Pay The Ferryman" by that Chris DeBurgh guy.

How about the soundtrack from "An American Werewolf in London?" Bad Moon Rising, etc.

"Werewolves of London" was actually not used in that film - their restraint was astounding giving all the other jokes - but that might work too....

For something a little more current (OK very little), how about "Everyday is Halloween" (be sure to use the cut that has the lyrics - not the dance cut. This was by Ministry.

And just about anything by Alice Cooper.

I put Nick Cave's "From Her to Eternity" on loop for a haunted house I did. It was perfect.

Are you looking just for dance music or maybe some atmospheric stuff?

I mean, what would Halloween be like without Bach's Toccata and Fugue? (heavy organ piece usually associated with the original Phantom of the Opera)

or Orff's "Introduction to 'Carmina Burana'" (used in Excalibur)

Also just about anything from the soundtrack of Coppola's "Bram Soker's Dracula" or "Nightmare before Christmas"

Mix in a bit from the soundtrack of "The Ghost & Mrs. Muir" (1947) by composer Bernard Herrman...

I run such a CD mix outside to accompany the trick-o-treaters through the fog-shrouded graveyard...


I've always wanted to do this for myself. Here are a few ideas I had for my own:

"Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo. "Pet Cemetery" by the Ramones. "Camouflage" by Stan Ridgway.

Feh, just throw Monster Mash on infinite repeat.

Failing that, Human Fly or Teenage Goo Goo Muk by the Cramps. There's also tons of spooky goodness on the Lost Highway soundtrack, e.g., Marilyn Manson's cover of "I Put a Spell on You."

I agree with Sobek on the Nick Cave but I'd have to say use Murder Ballads. Oh wait, you wanted songs not about having sex with dead people. Maybe some Tom Waits? Played in just the right way, Tom can creep the hell out of you.

Anything by Bette Midler, she has always scared the bejeezus outta me!

The movie themes are always good- Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm, etc..
The "Chant" cd's are kinda neat too.
I have "Devil in my Car", "Pet Cemetary", Rob Zombie ("Dragula", "Munsters", "Boogie man"), "I put a spell" on you. "Nightmare before Christmas" songs. I love "Spooky Scary Skeletons" song, but these may be too young for your guys?

Oh yeah, Blue Oyster Cult. No, not that song, and not that other song, but rather "Joan Crawford." And "TV Set" by the Cramps, too. And "Ghost Town" by the Specials.

"Dracula's Wedding" on the 'Love Below' double LP from Outkast. It's got a great spooky sound.

I can't believe no one said 'Thriller'. Hellooooo...

Yeah, Tom Waits. He's got a song called 'Going out West' or something like that from the Fight Club Soundtrack.

That's all I've got for now.

this is super cheesy, but always a favorite at our parties: Grim Grinning Ghosts from Disney's Haunted Mansion (the original Disneyland version)
The voltaire stuff was a great idea too. Goth but not suicidal....

"Spooky" - by the Classics IV - is a good classic, "Pet Semetary" by the Ramones (I think someone else mentioned it), "Surfin' Dead" by the Cramps, "Graveyard Rock" by the Joneses (google it) and maybe "She Wolf" by the Adolescents. Well, that's about ten minutes of music total. :)

Yeah, "Code Blue" by TSOL is probably not your best bet for the "neighbor factor"... :)

"Grim Grinning Ghosts" theme song from Disney's Haunted House. My 3 year loves it when I sing it to her--she runs through the house screaming.

Unfortunately, our governator signed a bill making necrophilia illegal.


How about hells bells?
Teenage lobotomy - ramones
stabbing westward must have something appropriate
go - tones on tail. Not really halloween, but very gothy

"Black Blade" from Blue Oyster Cult. Weird and creepy song but rocking!

"Goo Goo Muck" and "Human Fly" by the Cramps

"Ohhhh ohhhh...
There's goes Tokyo
Go go Godzilla!"
Widespread Panic's version's pretty good.

And then there's the Pogue's version of "Worms":

The worms crawl in and the worms crawl out
The ones that crawl in are lean and thin
The ones that crawl out are fat and stout
Your eyes fall in and your teeth fall out
Your brains come tumbling down your snout

Be merry my friends
Be merry

Heh. Yeah.

Duh! "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by Bauhaus. "Mask" is good too.

"Bat out of Hell" seems to fit. Big second on the opening (say, the first 5 or so minutes) of Tubular Bells (the Exorcist theme)

I'm getting in this suggestion early for the Christmas Mix:

Fairytale of New York, by the Pogues w/ Kirsty MacColl

I concour with Shatterglass, Bela Lugosi's dead,
is an absolute must... Also the Twin Peaks soundtrack has some gems on it too. be back later
with more...

Michele, I've said it before and I'll say it again - the Groovie Ghoulies are basically all anyone needs for Halloween music. Certified kid-friendly, with fantastic songs like Vampire Girl, Daughter of Frankenstein, Zombie Crush and Don't Make Me Kill You Again out the wazoo, what more could one ask for? Incredibly cool on a multitude of different levels, my goodness I do love this band...

Who ya gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS!

"Kill the Wabbit" sung by Elmer Fudd
"Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"
Both off the Dr. Demento CDs.

The area roller rink (!) still keeps "Ghostbusters" in heavy rotation as an excuse to cut the lights and fire up the fog machine. An awesome experience.

"New Year's Prayer" by Jeff Buckley. It's the theme music for "The Dead Zone" TV series. (Jeff Buckley died tragically before they started to use it for the show.)

Anything, and I mean anything by the Cranes.

The music from the shower scene in Psycho (written by Bernard Herrmann). And naturally, you should design the CD mix so that when the guests are leaving the party, "Stairway to Heaven" is still playing on the radio. oooOOOOooo!

There are good Type O songs about not doing the dead - especially the covers of Cinnamon Girl, Summer Breeze and Electrocute.

"Hollow Hills", by Bauhaus. "The dead only Quickly decays," " Scream and run away," "The abandoned castle of my soul," by The Gothic Archies.(Its funny to say it, but the Gothic Archies are bubble gum gothic pop, go figure) "El Pedragal," by Love spirals downward." I put a spell on you," by Screaming Jay Hawkins (r.i.p.) I miss screaming Jays halloween show. These songs are all approved by my seven year old, except. "The dead only quickly decays." He says it gross. for four years now we do a screaming Jay lip sync contest My son won last year and every year, This year... Well, I have been practicing. and looking for a single perfect rose for the wife, (the judge.)

Oh, joeB. Fairytail of New York is my absolute favourite Christmas song... I second the nomination, all in favour...

It's a little old, but still a goodie. See if you can find D.O.A. by Bloodrock. It came out in 1972 I think. In Kansas City, it was the #1 song of the year.

Aquirrel nut Zippers "Hell" is a perrenial halloween fave of my son's friends.

They think they are the height of sophistication dancing to the creepy beat and spelling out "Damnation".

They love this verse -

This is a place where eternally
Fire is applied to the body
Teeth are extruded and bones are ground
Then baked into cakes which are passed around

Love Bites and The RIpper from Judas Priest.

I can't believe no one nominated "They're Coming to Take Me Away". It's wonderfully non-PC, and creepy as hell.

Purple People Eater.

It's old, it's fun, it's purple!

I may be a little late for this, but here's my exhaustive list - both creepy and kid friendly without ever being pandering...

Halloween, Heywood Banks
Spider Baby, Fantomas
Goblin Girl, Frank Zappa
DOA, Bloodrock
The Skeleton In The Closet, Louis Armstrong
Flyswatter, The Eels
Thriller (cover), The Stone Roses
Nature Trail to Hell, Weird Al Yankovich
Trick or Treat, from the Disney short "Trick or Treat"
Trick Or Treat, Nekromantix
Witch Doctor, David Seville
Halloween Spooks , Lambert Hendricks And Ross
The Headless Horseman, Bing Crosby
Til The Following Night Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages
Haunted House, Gene Simmons
Halloween Is, Tom T Hall
Haunted House Blues, Bessie Smith
Boris The Spider, The Who
ever from Daltrey and company.
Jack The Ripper, Screamin' Lord SutchGrim Grinning Ghosts, Barenaked Ladies
Gingerbread Coffin, Rasputina
The Halloween Dance, Reverend Horton Heat
Graveyard Rock, Tarantula Goul

Wow...I am floored that nobody thought of CCR's "I Put a Spell on You" or "Bad Moon Rising". Personal fave - "Spiderman" by The Cure.

What about "Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show? An oldie, but a goodie.

uhhh its "lullaby" by the cure. not "spiderman" and definitely the "end is the beginning is the end" by the smashing pumpkins... though it has nothing to do with halloween other than the pumpkin part. but its really creepy. its on the batman and robin soundtrack, so good luck finding it. hmm what else? ah yes, halloween by the misfits duh! (although i do like the afi cover alot). hmm a perfect circle- "rose". its a creepy song. its off of their first album "mer de noms". coheed and cambria "the velourium camper III: al the killer" off of their second album "in keeping secrets of silent earth: 3" although... its about killing people. "fascination street" by the cure sounds scaryish. maybe im just biased because i like that song. the hanging garden by the cure (ive never heard the afi cover, i hear its really good). AFI "fall children".... actually anything by AFI off of the "all hallows" ep, and a bunch of songs off of "black sails in the sunset" lp or "the art of drowning" lp. definitely go for the lost highway soundtrack. great idea. OOOH! aphex twin - "come to daddy" i dont know what album thats off of, but its a great song. NIN's cover of Hurt. also NIN "something i can never have". that ought to give your kids nightmares. a perfect circle's second album "thirteenth step" - "the hollow", "vanishing", "pet"... okay im done for now