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Things that make you go "WRONG ANSWER, MOONBAT!"

US airstrikes hit insurgent stronghold U.S Planes Pound Fallujah Zarqawi safe house destroyed in strikes U.S. Pounds Insurgent Stronghold US Marines push ahead with air, ground assaults against Fallujah. What was that you were saying? Atrios? Kevin? Matthew? Mr. Blog for Kerry?


Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me.

Bush just took the wind out of their sails. He's said over and over he lets the military commanders make the battle calls.

I think that says something for the anonymous sources these papers have. They're anonymous because they're not very far up the chain of command and are only guessing what goes on behind closed doors.

I guess they can fall back on claims that he's brutalizing the poor innocents in Fallujah.

(Or try pulling the "he liiiiieeeed! hesaidhewasntbuthedidsoheliiiiiiiiiiiieeed!!!" line. It's got bells on it.)

How much you wanna bet that after this operation is successfully concluded in a few days, these very same moonbats will revert to their usual "question the timing" approach and say Bush was going for a quick victory to take peoples' minds off the debates he "so obviously lost because he's too dumb to form a coherent sentence?"

"Bush fakes left...shoots...SCORES!"

Is Al-Sadr dead yet?

i just need to hear darleen say "islamo-fascism" again.

c'mon darleen. just once, for me...



you forgot to mention the 17 member platoon arrested for refusing "suicide mission" to deliver fuel.

c'mon michele, if you're gonna play with the adults, at least try to watch the scoreboard.


The platoon being arrested and the debunking of a Drudge Report exclusive are not equal things.

One is more serious than the other, and telling.

Of course, which one being more serious and telling depends on which side of the political sprectrum you are.

40 mph for a military fuel tanker is pretty goddamn fast.

Facts don't mean anything to them. But they do make for entertaining episodes for us.

I laugh a lot lately.

Here's news, guys...17 guys is just a few more than a Marine rifle squad, and an infinitesimal portion of the deployed forces. The highest ranking guy in the "platoon" is a Sergeant First Class. Tankers don't much ever go faster than 40 if they're full....bad roads, etc. Ever think that this bunch could get spun up by one or more malcontents? In earlier days, the chain of command would figure out who that was and remove him from the situation before it got to this point. That's why there's an investigation, and I'll be interested to hear what they find out. "We're prisonnnerrsssss!" my ass. "Suicide mission" also my ass. If you want to trumpet this bullshit, coommon decency would insist you also trumpet the heroism and sacrifice of those men and woomen who are in Iraq, and have volunteered for second and third tours to continue their work there.

You forgot that hack Andrew Sullivan.

Kevin Drum is a "moonbat" now? I guess it's only a matter of time before Olympia Snowe, Lincoln Chaffee and Colin Powell qualify. Welcome to the the great Christian neocon nation. Good god are you spiraling out of control.

I'm a Christian, now?

Girl, with the way your rocketing to the right, you'll be a bible thumper in no time. What, exactly, does it feel like to realize your entire life was a lie?

Yes, Angela. My stance on the war and defense is going to cure my atheism! Allelujah!

And what exactly are you going on about with the lie thing? My life is a lie? Damn. Wait until I break the news to my family that they don't exist.

Nice use of hyperbole, Angela!

Wow, let me guess Angela: michele's also going to start making prejudiced assumptions about other people's religious beliefs as well?

Because you know, only icky right-wingers make those kinda assumptions about what someone believes or doesn't believe. Whether or not they ignore or pound a religious text, right?

Patrick, yes, that's right.

And by your whole life being a lie, Michele, you know exactly what I mean. I don't believe for a second that you and 9/11 flip-floppers like Charles Johnson and Roger L. Simon ever were really liberal or Democrats or whatever. You were all living lies and made a break from your charades when you saw what you thought was a permanent opening post-9/11 ("Oh shit, the party's over here now. Someone fetch me a flag!") I'd argue that the Democratic party didn't lose you (as Simon claims), it's that you guys lost your senses, if I ever believed any of you had any to begin with. I'm fine with true conservatives rallying around Bush, I can understand it. He's all they've got. You guys, on the other hand, shouldn't be trusted by anyone. You're cheap opportunists with no visible moral compasses.

Considering you didn't know me back then and you don't know me now, you make an awful lot of presumptions, Angela.

But that's basically all you do, so your comment is par for the course.

Patrick, yes, that's right.

So what conclusion should I make about you based on your prejudiced assumptions about michele's faith?

Not too mention your little screed on how people who were liberal but have changed their minds were "never" liberals? Might as well screech about heretics.

based on past evidence, commentary, and her awful taste in music, I think we can all agree, Michele was, in fact, a liberal.