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Charity Bet Update

In response to this story, I've decided to name the Special Olympics as my chosen in the Red Sox/Yankee bet. I'm also going to repeat the charity bet post right here so it doesn't get lost down the page.
I've decided to take Jason Clarke of MooreLies.com up on his Yankee/Red Sox bet offer. Here's how it works: Loser donates either 40, 50, 60 or 70 dollars to a charity, depending on how long the series goes (seven games, $70, etc.). Jason has chosen as his designated charity Garden of Angels, this month's Strengthen the Good charity. I haven't decided on mine yet. If you have a favorite, let me know and I'll look into it. Either way, no matter which team loses, someone worthy ends up winning.
Please note that other people have joined in on the bet, pledging money to either mine or Jason's charity, depending on who they are rooting for. If you'd like to join us, please leave a comment saying so. Thanks to everyone who has jumped on board.


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Don't know if I can float $70, but I have at the least a 20 spot win or lose.

I would prefer to donate $19.18, for obvious reasons.

Did I mention that I hate the Yankees?


I hate the Yankees. Thanks, drive safely..

People need to be more sensitive. I for one have taken this to heart. For example, even though it’s not hard to imagine Darleen (ASV poster) driving a large jalopy turnip truck, with the hubcaps missing, up the tobacco Road on which she resides, I refrained from saying that. That is because I’m a sensitive.

Michelle Malkin as a paragon of virtue and racial sensitivity? Let me ponder that one….. Hmmmnn.. Okay, no.

Speaking of offensive cartoons, though not on the same plane as the truly awful and insensitive ones that ASV rightly points out, I never the less was offended by Tony Millionaire’s cartoon, Maakie’s, http://www.maakies.com/frames/index.html this week. Now, I ask, when was the last time a whirling dervish decapitated anyone? Okay, don’t answer that. I can see the ASV feature now, “When Sufis Attack”, replete with names and dates.

About those debates, I for one am glad that Bush finally put to rest the unfounded rumors that he ever, even once, suggested that he was he was not concerned about Bin Laden. I mean really what sensible person would ever, in a million years, believe that our Commander in Chief could have uttered those words?

Now about Lynne Cheney going off about Kerry mentioning her lesbian daughter. I have often thought that Marilyn is the only normal one in the whole abnormal family. Oh, wait a minute, I may be confusing the daughter’s name with Marilyn of the 1960’television show, “The Munsters.”

When Kerry wins I will join in the victory celebrations in Times Square. If, on the off chance, through some cosmic joke, GW gets elected again, I will make a strategic retreat to my bedroom. I will emerge only to go to the fridge which I will have stocked with a three month supply of comfort food.

Finally, this is the time of year, where I make a modest contribution to a charity (I mean in addition to the $$ I give to PCRF and help raise throughout the year). I‘m thinking the Special Olympics is well funded. There was another charity that Michele mentioned. I can’t seem to find the article now. It was a micro charity you mentioned last month for forgotten children victims. I'd like to make a contribution.

You would think the Red Sox could win at least ONE game. I mean, $50 sounds much better than $40. Heh.