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The Bet is On

I've decided to take Jason Clarke of MooreLies.com up on his Yankee/Red Sox bet offer. Here's how it works: Loser donates either 40, 50, 60 or 70 dollars to a charity, depending on how long the series goes (seven games, $70, etc.). Jason has chosen as his designated charity Garden of Angels, this month's Strengthen the Good charity. I haven't decided on mine yet. If you have a favorite, let me know and I'll look into it. Either way, no matter which team loses, someone worthy ends up winning. Bring it on. UPDATE: Ed from Late Final asks to be counted in for a ten spot if the Yankees (hahaha) lose. If anyone else - Red Sox fans, Yankee fans or otherwise - want to tag along on this bet, that would be great. The more money made for a charity the better.


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If you want, you can count me in on a 10 spot if the Yankees (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) lose.

May I recommend the Children's Miracle Network?

And I'm in - I'll go the whole "$10 per game" route. I'll donate to the charity selected by the person whose team wins the series.

$20 to your choice if the Yankees win. A totally gratuitous link if they lose.

$20 from me if the Red Sox lose. You link to the Jimmy Fund for a day if they win.

I'm live blogging the game again if anyone cares to check it out.

If you wanted to be pure evil, you could pick Derek Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation as your charity.

In the spirit of Lab-tested.com, how about Canine Companions for Independence? They breed and train assistance dogs (labs and goldens) for the physically disabled.

(My wife and I have been puppy raisers for them for about 5 years)

Not a bad idea actually, Ed. Yankee players have some really worthy charities.

Here's a list of some yankee players/coaches charities:

Joe Torre - Safe @ Home

Derek Jeter - Turn 2 Foundation

Jorge Posada - Jorge Posada Foundation

Alex Rodriguez - Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Mike Mussina - Mike Mussina Foundation.

Although, being the owner of two beautiful dogs (a lab and a golden retriever) I like BB's suggestion too.

How about Spirit of America? They provide goods for the Afghan and Iraqi people through our troops on the ground. It is an awesome program!

Count me in. $10 per game. Yankees in six.

Win lose, who cares.......

Both charities win..

Put me down for $19.18.

I will pay $20 even if the Sox lose, but I wanna see a receipt With Michelle's name on it marked $19.18.....

Farging Rivera....damn is he good...

I'll match whatever you donate Michele. Mine will go to www.modestneeds.org

Thanks for encouraging us to give a bit of ourselves. :o)

Count me in to donate $10 per game if the Yankees lose to go to Jason's charity of choice.

BTW, also count me in as a Coalition of the Dark Side member.

$20 to Operation Iraqi Children if the Yanks lose.

Interesting stakes for a bet.
Does this mean I retroactively owe $40 to some Cardinal fan's favorite charity? and if so, whose?