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I'm on the go again. Running out to Little League now, then heading to the high school to grab a sneak at Nat doing her model congress thing. I'll be back in time to open up the Command Post chat room for the debate tonight, as well as get my Red Sox voodoo magic going. Meanwhile, head on over to Ace's place to take his Pop Culture Quiz. I can see right off the bat that I know a lot of the answers, I just don't have time to take it now and besides, I don't want to embarrass anyone (namely me) with my superior 80's geekiness.


Boy, I guess I was truly immersed in another world during the 80's....I knew the answer to the Badfinger question but got so discouraged at my deep ignorance I stopped even reading the questions soon after that.

Well, I was busy with raising two very active little boys at during that decade.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

The president dominated last debate and I expected him to do the same again. He did well again tonight, but I've got to say my world was turned upside down tonight! I was just shocked to see a Democrat who didn't pander the anti-Christian, anti-religious, devil worshiping wing of the party! I have no doubt that those voodoo worshippers are going to fry for it! The man actually showed conviction and he seemed sincere. He talked about his faith and I connected with that message. I'm not sure if I could ever vote for a Democrat, but based on tonight I entered the undecided column.