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The Bizarro Left

NOTE: This post has been heavily deleted until I can confirm certain statements. Please see here for explanation [But you should still read this, which was linked in the original post but has nothing to do with the matter at hand.]


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Don't forget the union thugs who tore up the little girl's Bush/Cheney sign.

If we're gonna rail against the injustices of the left — and we are, we are! — let's include 'em all.

Sorry for commenting twice in a row, but I forgot to mention: Thank you very much for the sweet, linky goodness.

What do you mean, "From what they used to be?" For as long as I've been politically aware, it's always been like this.

In 1994 I was in the tenth grade, and the voters decided that giving the Democrats unlimited power was a mistake. The day after elections many of the my more liberal colleagues chose to do a "Seig Heil" to the flag during the pledge of allegiance.

Later, I attended Hamilton College, in Clinton, NY. Much of the student body leaned slightly to the left of apathy, but a sizeable number of radical left students were to be found, and they were very vocal. I was one of a handful of openly conservative students, and the shit I had to deal with was absurd.

The conservative club regularly had it's bulletins stolen, posters ripped down, our speakers were shouted down, and at least one professor openly stated to me that because I was a white, male, fraternity brother who happened to be conservative and in ROTC, I was scum. Not coincidentally, I received the lowest grade in the class.

In another class a student claimed that because I was in ROTC, I "just wanted to kill people." I was later referred to as a "willing member of the killbot factory," which is still one of my all-time favorite insults. I've gotten sone good ones, mostly from so-called liberals, but that one really took the cake.

In the ten years that I've been paying attention, this garbage has always been the case. It's just become more noticeable, and more publicized, thanks to the efforts of bloggers.

By the way, when your kids are looking at colleges, don't bother visiting Hamilton. Seriously. I don't know how it is at other schools, but I experienced quite a bit of outright anticonservative bigotry from the students and faculty. The fuckers.

Everytime I have voted I took the time to learn about all the candidates for all the positions, from Alderman up to President. I voted for who seemed to be the best pick for the job, be it Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Independant - whatever. This year the rabid left has taught me that I have been doing this wrong and I will correct that, by voting a straight party ticket for every position available. The moonbats will not get a single vote from me for any position, no matter if they have a better canidate or not, from Alderman up to President. This is what the intolerance of the left has taught me, that it's all or nothing, I'm a moron, I'm a brownshirt, I can't be trusted to do anything other than spit out the talking points of whoever they are pissed at because I can't think for myself.

Congratulations moonbats - you have just pushed away another voter.

I am really looking forward to the lawsuits, kvetching and riots that will start on Nov 3rd when Bush wins as the left goes into full stolen conspiracy mode. A China syndrome of a political party - it should be very amusing to watch.

eh, politicians are politicians, no matter which way their party dangles. Left, right, center, moonbat, ultraconservative drug-addicted hypocrite; they're all trying to sell you something that doesn't follow through on it's sales pitch. Personally, I can't wait to see who becomes president because either way, the shit's gonna hit the fan. On Nov. 2nd I'll be plopped in front of the living room window with a big bag of popcorn and a shotgun (because you can never be TOO careful) watching what I can only imagine will be the greatest wailing and gnashing of teeth since Old Testament times. I've got a big bay window and a few extra chairs, BYOB.

Headzero: Right on, brother! I'm not voting for Bush. I think Bush is too conservative on social issues, and not conservative enough fiscally. But I'm still am rooting for guy solely because I so desperately want to see about 1/3rd of this country go into a complete meltdown come early November. It would probably be only slightly less interesting than limited nuclear warfare or the Rapture. Once the riots break out, the rest of America will finally see the true face of the left, and it ain't pretty.

I really, really want to see Bush win, even if I can't vote for him in good conscience. Not that my vote matters anyway. I'm a Republican-sympathizing member of the Green Party from NY.

While I agree that the Danziger cartoon is tasteless, I'm not so sure I would want to be using anything the Traditional Values Coaliton says as a basis for argument. They give me the creeps.

Been looking to find other evidence that the poster was really put out anywhere other than on the TVC web site. Can't find it either way. But I'm not taking the word of a group of extreme homophobes at face value. Sorry.

As for your other points concerning left-wing nuttery, I'm with you 100-percent. Extreme nutballs on both sides make me angry. But the left wingers make be more angry because they undercut anything I try to say, no matter how rational I try to be. :(


What's amazing isn't so much the sentiments as that the Democrats, by and large, are so eagerly taking up the mantle of "The Party of Hate." After decades of accusing the opposition of being hate-filled meanies, they have become their own most ridiculous caricature of their opponents.

But... I'm actually a little optimistic, because their hatred is so irrational and wild. I think it's a product of a literal mass delusion:

"Episodes typically affect small, tightly knit groups in enclosed settings such as schools, factories, convents and orphanages."

Or in this case, I'd argue, the enclosed intellectual media "bubble" that the Left has erected around itself, to prevent facts or ideas that could endanger their worldview from penetrating.

The good news, I think, is that mass delusions are eventually broken by persistent exposure to reality. That process could get pretty ugly, but I don't think the current state of raw, unreasoning hatred can continue indefinitely.

But I think a key to puncturing it is a big loss for Kerry in this election, one that's impossible to explain away with conspiracy theories about "stolen elections." I actually think this will happen. Hope I'm right.

Michele, there you go again.
How you can take the actions of a select few individuals (who are themselves of minimal influence; e.g., how many Americans have even heard of Jeff Danzinger or Ted Rall?) and declare that they represent the entire Left, and ascribe our current American state of political division only to isolated Left Wing actions rather than the immoral actions of our leaders in Washington--it's really disgusting. I could just as easily argue that Allah Pundit is a racist anti-Muslim bigot by simple virtue of his blog header. What if I said--all Right Wingers are racist homophobes. Does that work? No, it doesn't work. Neither does your thesis. The sad fact is, you would rather deride any Left Wing nut job just to drum up cheers from your base of dittoheads before you would question the tactics of Richard Mellon Scaife, Paul Weyrich, Karl Rove, Jerome Corsi and Sinclair Broadcasting. Of course I've now violated your stupid rules but you seem incapable of grasping the simple thought that intolerance doesn't exist in a vacuum. If you would just read one book about the history of the modern day Religious Right and how they have taken over the Republican Party, you would realize that if Bush's cronies have their way, a few years from now atheist moderates like you will find your right to freedom of thought curtailed in ways that would make the Founding Fathers' heads spin.
When will you stop pandering to idiots and wake up?


Are you suggesting that TVC faked the poster? And aren't you, too, being what you just bemoaned by writing them off as "homophobes?" They are religiously against fornication, too. Does that mean they have a "an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of" of straight sex?

That aside, IMO as the liberals have become indistinguishable from the Left, the intolerance for those that don't agree with the Leftist dogma has grown and incidents like the widespread criminal acts against Republican Headquarters across the country are beyond anything I remember. And I'm not talking about sign-stealing, an indecency practiced by both sides. I'm talking about vandalism, shootings, burglary and assault (one Republican had his wrist shattered and the Democrat responsible sneered it was the Republican's fault because the Repubican was resisting the invasion of the headquarters).

At one time the sides were the opposition, but the loyal opposition, and even people who were fiercely arguing on the political points could retire to the local bar and hoist a few cold ones as the sun went down. Indeed, in the comment section of Jeff Harrell's site last night he made exactly that point by offering the example of Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill.

During the 70's the Leftist tenet of "the personal is the political" took firm grip of the liberal wing of the Democrats and started driving people who identified as JFK Democrats away.

As as conservatives and even moderates who oppose political ideas of Leftists are not just mistaken but evil then no tactic against these "anti-Leftists" is beyond the pale. Certainly, we can thank the Leftists for a new phrase this election season that perfectly illustrates how they have excused their actions, no matter how egregious ... "Fake but accurate."


Um, Michele? Clean up on the spam-troll aisle.

Wade, there are only two "races" in the world, the decent and the indecent.

You have secured your position in the latter.

I mentioned above in the comments yesterday that the left had convinced me that I needed to vote a straight party ticket for the Republicans because of the way they were doing things - looks like the idea is catching on.....


"Now, I know this is an angry essay. However, I don't mean to imply that all Democrats are evil and all Republicans are sweetness and light. Far from it. But for the first time in 16 years, I'm going to vote Republican straight down the line. If I have to punish a couple of local Democrats I'm fond of, then so be it, but I have to try to get a point across: The national Democratic Party is bad for this country."