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COTD Game Report

1) That will be the last time that Curt Schilling tells 55,000 New Yorkers to shut up. 2) There aren't enough Tums in the world for every game of the series to play out like that. 3) Sure, it was a win. But when you win a game 10-7 after having an 8-0 lead backed by six perfectly pitched innings? That's what I call the Corona effect. It's mostly refreshing when you first drink it, but it leaves a weird aftertaste in your mouth that makes you think that someone might have pissed in your beer. 4) Johnny Damon resembles a hairy ass crack. And man, was it nice to see that hairy ass crack whiffing it up big time last night. 5) Player of the Game: Obviously, Mussina. Though it was good to see Rivera get that save. 5) I had a nightmare last night that Dave Righetti was warming up in the bullpen. Bring on that little bitch Martinez. I hope he's ready for the daddy jokes.


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What's with the Johnny Damon obsession, Michele? You're like a middle school girl - you talk like you hate him, like he repulses you - but down deep inside you secretly find him unbelievably desirable...

Schilling needs to learn how to say "Daddy" in Japanese, because Matsui stripped him and slapped a diaper on his ass last night.

And don't start with that ankle crap, Nation. Tough guys play through pain (see Rivera, Mo; Sheffield, Gary).

Pedro better have packed the midget. He's gonna need all the help he can get when the "Who's Your Daddy" comes raining down on his head tonight.

Hmm... sounds like a very nervous victory celebration over here.

They're coming to get you, Barbara!

Nervous? The Yanks almost always lose Game One, and a lot of folks were probably (silently) conceding last night to Schilling. You guys were looking for a split in the Bronx, but you figured you'd have locked that up last night.

Nation should be nervous with our bastard stepkid, whose admitted the Yankees are firmly planted in his head, taking the mound for your side tonight.


Oops my season is done.......NUTS!

I do sense a bit of trepidation on your part…but let me tell you that the Red Sox nation (or at least my little part of that Nation) is reeling. Shilling hurt, Wakefield picking up where he left off in game 7 last year, Moose striking out the side looking in the 4th…)

The Sox need to be even going into Fenway, and Pedro can do it, maybe, hopefully, please do it Pedro. (I’d also watch what you call Pedro now – he very well could be pitching for his “daddy” next year.)

The FDA has made defibrillators available for home use without a prescription just in time, I see.

It's a cause to gloat that the New York Mercenaries won again? Wow, the House won again. Hurray! Gimme a break.

And Mike Mussina was player of the game? Good for him. Bet the Orioles really miss 'im.

Who's pitching for the MFY tonight? The guy who got whacked with the champagne cork? The guy who punched out a wall? TC, I've seen how well Brown plays hurt, and it's fun to watch. Sheffield could play with his hair on fire - he's numbed up from all the chemicals he's pumped into his system, donchaknow.

Everything fell your way last night and your guys still almost blew it. We'll see how that holds up. Lots of baseball left to play.

See this is why Red Sox fans and players are so fun to watch having their heart ripped out year after year. Every time they are half way decent, they get mouthy--as if they have anything whatsoever to brag about. The talking this year began in April, and Yankee fans (as well as the rest of the fans of this league) just sat back saying "whatever".

The Shill comes out and pops off about what he is going to do to the Yanks and their fans on baseballs biggest stage before going out there and choking in typical Red Sox fashion before the nation.

Here's a tip for Curt and the rest of the Red Sox...there will be plenty of time to spout your boasts to the media AFTER you either beat the Yankees or win the World Series.

I mean, the Yanks have only won, what, 27 Championships? Why have any respect for that? Come on Curt--this isn't the NY Mets you are playing..it's the freaking Yanks...have some respect for your opponants and then you might not heap additional pressure on yourself (as if Red Sox players needed any additional pressure).

And Pedro, this is your Father...err...Daddeee...if you are lucky after this is over we might let you come to the dark side.

IB Bill: "Mercenaries"? What, Henry's paying Schilling with bowls of clam chowder?

skillzy: Corkboy relieved last night. Brown goes first game up in the Fens. Lieber just had a huge load lifted from his shoulders going into tonight's game; it's not a game that absolutely must be won. Even Caveman said the Idiots can't go home down 2-0.

Pedro's gotta pitch lights out tonight, and his last five or so starts don't seem to show he's got it in him anymore this season.

It's a seven game series. You wouldn't catch Red Sox fans crowing about the game if we had won.

Of course not. You were supposed to win last night. You had your Mr. Automatic going.

If Schilling's done, it doesn't go seven.


I had Red Sox fans crowing at me BEFORE the game. I guess they prefer preemptive crowing rather than post-game. :-)

Michele, I hope you noticed in the introductions the Yankees using the Imperial March for the Red Sox introductions, and the Luke Skywalker music for the Yanks.

Chris, who's crowing? Not me. I'm drinking piss-stained beer here.

Piss-stained beer? WTF? eeeeeew. As for me, I'll be crowing every time the Sox win. And it's way more fun to talk smack before the games when both sides can talk smack.

TC sounds a little irrational, Michelle sounds like a Yankee fan should.

We had no business making that a close game. You had an 8 run lead at 6 and 2/3rds.

You need three to win, we need four.

I'm pissed that Schilling wouldn't fess up about how bad the ankle was, as he stated it was bad in warmups too, but this was only game one.

Lots o' baseball to be played...

IB Bill: "Mercenaries"? What, Henry's paying Schilling with bowls of clam chowder?

first of all, schilling was a red sox once. second, there is the issue of degree, which seems lost on mercenary fans. perhaps that's why they root for the house.

screw the dark side.

//Channelling Irish soccer fans, and the Euro Ryder Cup team:

You'll never beat the Yankees, ole, ole.

You'll never beat the Yankees, ole, ole.

You'll never beat the Yankees, ole, ole.

To Chris: Bullshit. Had the Sox won last night, we'd never hear the end of their gloating. Actually, I've heard nothing but trash-talking from Sox fans for the past couple of months, which I find insane given that the team hasn't won jack since the end of WWI.

To Skillzy: Nothing "fell" the Yankees way last night. Both teams took advantage of weak pitching when faced with it, and the Yankees beat your Sox last night. And it's important to note your bullpen -- and your likely Game 4 starter -- laid as big an egg as the Yanks' bullpen did (excluding Rivera's bravura performance, of course).

To IB Bill: Bitter, bitter, bitter...already?

All that said, it's a long series and by no means is it a lock for the Good Guys -- and by that I mean the Yankees. It'll be a battle for both teams.

BTW, Shelling, I mean Schilling, is hurt. Not kind of hurt, but HURT. And if he pitches again this series, he'll be shot up with as much crap as Skillzy claims Sheff has.

So...BRING ON CRAZY PEDRO! Unlike last night, maybe he'll even have the balls to face toward the Yankees during the player introductions tonight. Nah. There's also a rumor going around he has the flu, so let's see if that becomes an excuse at some point.

(Oh, and Johnny Damon is hot. No shame in admitting that.)

You wouldn't have caught Red Sox crowing after a game one win last night?

Could have fooled me.

They were crowing in April. As they do every year at the first sign of remote success. And the amazing thing is they have absolutely nothing this side of Ted Williams to crow about. Ya, they have had some great players, but championships aren't won in April or even in games 1,2, or 3 of 7 game series.

In fact, for you Red Sox fans that forgot, you need 27 outs even in Game 6 to win. 26 and a slow roller through your first baseman's wicketts doesn't get it done.

The only Sox fans that have something to crow about are the ones that were alive in 1918, other than that they (and their cocky players) have no reason to talk smak.

Pedro, prepare for fresh spankage.

Not bitter, just realistic. There's no accomplishment in any Yankee victory. Nothing to cheer, nothing to crow about, nothing to get excited about, just a reminder every day that you can buy championships.

Baseball season starts only when the Yankees are eliminated.

Ya no one in baseball is trying to buy championships right IB?


If you are going to hate the Yankees for that reason, may I point out that the Yanks also share a good deal of their revenue with other teams that aren't even forced to actually spend money on their franchise?

And, if you are going to hate the Yanks because they spend money, look at the Red Sox, you could hate them too--it's just that the Yankees spend their money more wisely.

Money doesn't buy Championships anyway. When was the last time the Yankees won the World Series?

Have fun being a Royals fan.

Royals won in 85. Game has changed, hasn't it? It's the cocksucking Yankees who did it, too.

Other teams develop players, like the A's, for example. Then the Yankees take their pick of the best by outbidding the other teams, who get to fight over what's best. And if a free agent doesn't work out, other teams have to bite the bullet for a couple of years paying off the debt. The Yankees just sign another free agent and the cycle continues.

The Mercenaries have won 7 of 9 [heh] pennants and four WS since the strike. Before the strike, they failed to make the playoffs for 12 years. That ought to tell you something.

The Yankees aren't a good organization and they don't play by the rules -- they make the rules via their financial advantages and other teams play by them.

The Yankees should be able to spend as much money as they want -- but they should be ineligible for the postseason.

"what's best" should be "what's left."

IB Bill: I'm sure you know this already, but I'm going to point it out anyway since you conveniently seem to have forgotten -- the Red Sox have the 2nd highest payroll in baseball, and the Yankees have more home-grown players starting than the Sox do. That's fact -- not opinion, not some bitter fan's interpretation of MLB rules.

So please get off of your high horse now. You look really silly up there.

As a twins fan I find Sox fans bitching about the Yankee's mercenaries to be a tad ingenuous.

IB BIll: "mercenary fans"?
If you mean me, I got two words for you, pal: Horace Clarke. Starting second baseman at the first Yankee Stadium game I ever attended, on my seventh birthday. One of his best seasons ever; he hit .272. I'm pre-Steinbrenner. I saw Mickey Mantle, not the newsreel footage, when his knees were shot and the players around him were becoming strangers and he could still put the fear of God into opposing teams.

Except for a few years in the late Seventies-early Eighties, and the current run that started in late 1995, the Yankees were usually average to crappy, even with all of Darth Boss George's money. Your guys were near the top of the division most those years, battling with the Orioles. Dave Winfield took the dough and was hailed as the Second Coming of Reggie. Won nothing. Mattingly didn't even get to play in a post season game until '95.

All you Yankee haters who point at the payroll are idiots. George makes money hand over fist because his team is in the biggest media market on the planet, with a hard core fan base and a tradition second to no other team in sports, and he takes the money all that generates and churns it right back into the team. That's something your beloved Yawkey family never did under similar circumstance. He's a better owner than every other owner in the league, because to him it is not just another piece of his portfolio pouring money into the ledger without too much exertion. If he was looking to maximize profits just for his own pocket, he'd never put himself in a payroll situation where he's shelling out enough money in luxury taxes and such to stock most of the rest of the major league teams with a couple of players per team.

Hell, every AL team's best home attendance records are the days the Yankees hit town. Without George and the Evil Empire, major league baseball's economics on the AL side, which didn't have the Sosa-McGuire duel, would probably have collapsed after the strike. Coming out to curse at the Yankees put asses in all those loser teams' seats.

And the best money he ever spent was when he signed Torre, which at the time every sportswriter in this town considered the dumbest move George ever pulled.

Don't hate the Yankees for their payroll.

Don't hate them for having the biggest ambiguously gay duo (Jeter/Arod) this side of Kerry/Edwards.

Don't hate them for their dumbass, loudmouth fans (who were booing their own team back in the spring).

Don't hate them for saying "27 rings" the way Kerry says "I was in Vietnam" - the past is past.

Don't hate them for their raging 'roid boys, they're just doing what it takes to be their best. Tell us another funny drug story, Sheffield!

No, you should hate the Yankees because they're EEEEEE-VULLLLLL!

Skillzy: Congratulations -- you've won "Red Sox Fan of the Month"! That's for showing us all the true nature of Red Sox fans -- bitter, angry, nail-spitting and resentful, sapping the joy out of what most of the world considers to be A GAME.

Oh, and if Jeter and A-Rod are "ambiguously gay", then the man-hugging, ass-grabbing Sox are the gay dancing go-go boys on the gayest float at the Gay Pride parade.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

P.S. I have to agree with you on Kerry/Edwards, however. What's up with that?

RE Crowing Comment: heh heh

Just messin'

Where was I angry? Bitter?

You can't picture Jeter and Arod posing for wedding photos? Metrosexual my ass. The Sox may look like crazy men, but they look like men.

Their fans didn't boo them in the spring? I seem to remember Jeter getting dissed big time.

Sheffield's admitted his steroid use publicly, just repeating that fact.

And if Michele's comments are searchable, type in "27 rings" and see how often that gets thrown around as a Yankee lover mantra.

Stating facts is nail spitting? Are you saying they're NOT evil? Hey, I'm not the one burning innocent little squirrels.

We may be evil,
but you dumbasses lost to the Mets.

If the Yanks committed such an atrocity against all that is holy in 2000, there would have been wholesale slaughter in the clubhouse, not just a poor sap first basemen getting blamed for the entire affair. Cashman's kids would still be in a coma.

Skillzy -- if you can't see the anger in your word selection and your tone, then may I recommend taking some anger management and/or creative writing classes.

And fuck no, the Yankees are not EEEEEVIL. Jeezus H. Chocolate Christ, they're a baseball team, not a crazy, nuclear-armed third-world tinpot dictatorship. And, yes, this woman thinks Jeter & A-Rod are totally hot men. (As are Johnny Damon and even Mark Bellhorn on the days where he remembers to wash his hair and face.)

As for the Yankee fans booing their own, I suggest you put up a curtain on your glass house. Recently, I've heard Sox fans boo & heckle their team & manager far more than I've ever heard Yankee fans boo their guys at the Stadium. And that's over a period when Sox fans have had surprisingly little to boo about.

And, finally, to end this pissing match, the Yankees have 26 rings right now, but if you're giving them the 27th...thanks in advance.

My tone isn't angry, my tone is meant to tweak touchy Yankee fans, thus keeping Michele's comments lively. She pays me well for it. You've obviously never seen me angry.

You'll have to forgive me for not having the number of rings memorized - I'm not a Yankee lover. Maybe you noticed. 26, 27, or 2700, the point is that they are in the PAST - talking and arguing about the past is a useless waste of time (and campaign money).

P.S. Are too evil. Uh-huh. Are too. Neener.

"The Mercenaries have won 7 of 9 [heh] pennants and four WS since the strike. Before the strike, they failed to make the playoffs for 12 years. That ought to tell you something."

Yeah, the wild card didn't exist....Yanks actually had the most wins in the 80's which means very little except to slap down Braves fans.

Also the Yanks have won 6 pennants(96,98,99,00,01,03) unless you're already giving us this year.

"The Yankees aren't a good organization"

Yeah making a profit while winning is the hallmark of a failure.

"and they don't play by the rules -- they make the rules via their financial advantages and other teams play by them."

Yeah just like revenue sharing in the last CBA.

Be a bitter shit all you want. I understand, you had a proud franchise blackened first by a scum bag gambler and then bigoted Hitler lover for an owner. I know it hurts that this series of Yankee teams has eclipsed the vaunted Red Machine in terms of historical greatness. I know it hurt to see Paul O'Neill leave your team to become a much better player. But at least get the simplest facts right.

"You've obviously never seen me angry"

You're not gonna "hulk out" on us are you skillzy? ;-)

Skillzy -- fair enough. And in that case you're definitely earning your pay. :)

At least we both can agree that the past is the past...especially when it comes to certain meaningless political topics and sports team accomplishments.

That said...1918.


I only have one possible reason for believeing the Yankees will win this series. It's a quote from www.Grudge-match.com about the Yankees/Sox

The Bronx Bombers are God's team, the Red Sox (and Cubs for that matter) are God's whipping boys.

OK, first of all, I am not a Red Sox fan. I believe I said that already. I am a Cincinnati Reds fan. Let the record so show.

Next, Horace Clarke. Fine. I liked the Yankees back then, too, believe it or not. In fact, the Yankees were my favorite AL team. That is, until they decided to go out and BUY their away out of the fact that they sucked, and then pretended that they accomplished something.

Next, who cares what the second highest payroll in the league is? When the Yankees have it, come talk to me. Until then, stop being a bunch of self-justifying mercenary-loving wankers and admit your team just buys championships. Jebus.

Next, you Yankees fans are dumber than Democrats. Homegrown talent. Now, if you traded for your players, that's one thing, but the circumstances of the trade matter, too. Did the Yankees get a forced trade, like the famously corrupt Hank Bauer for Roger Maris or about a dozen others.

[Yeah, you MFers have been cheating for decades. How did the owner of the KC A's end up owning Yankee Stadium for a while, anyway?]

Ryan: The Big Red Machine was a great team, yes, but I'm not sure it matched up pitching-wise with any of the really great teams. What you're not catching on is this: The Yankees don't count.

I'll give you the six pennants, though. But I prefer 7 of 9. Jeri Ryan is hot.

Yankees will win this series in five or six, and you Yankee fans will cream in your collective panties as if YOU'VE accomplished something, when you'll only have rooted for a rigged game in which the Sox have little chance.

Bill? Seek therapy.

I sought therapy. My therapist was a Yankee fan. He told me I'd be completely better once I rooted for the Yankees.

I'm not making this up.

Kat - nice tast in Bosox men.

IB Bill - talk money all you want but these Yankee fans will never admit what you allege (I happen to agree with you).

All - REAL franchises have modern day movies made about them. Check out 'Fever Pitch' (the ultimate Red Sox movie) by the Farrelly Brothers. (Personally, I can't wait for this flick!)

Thanks, eyesright. I appreciate the support. It's like a hall of mirrors in here.

Bill--it all boils down to this..if it is true what you allege about the Yanks buying all the talent (see TC's brilliant post above): I'd rather have the best team money can buy, than the second best team money can buy.