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Are You With Us or Against Us?


I know there are certain Yankee haters (ahem) who keep a running list of members of the official Yankee haters club, and there are some Red Sox bloggers who maintain a list of like-minded seasonally-depressed kindred. So shall it be that I will keep a tally of the Coalition of the Dark Side - that would be Yankee fans. Step right up and claim your allegiance in the comments. Also, predictions for the series would be interesting to read (even from non-Yankee fans). I've been interviewing some experts and I'll have their prognostications up in a little bit.


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With the Yankees till death.

Yankees in 7. My hair white after 4.

I have a box of pins and numerous voodoo dolls. Im ready.

I bleed Sox red. Sox in 7 (of course), then Sox in 7 over the Cards (to avenge 1967). I have a home defibulator standing by, just in case I'm right.

This is the year.

Game 1: Schilling no-hits the Yankees
Game 2: Pedro no-hits the Yankees
Game 3: Manny hits 4 homers; sox win 27-2
Game 4: Schilling strikes out 21; Sox WIN!

Yes, I am selling drugs again. No, I don't touch the stuff myself. Why do you ask?

Red Sox in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...whatever it takes. Frankly, the Cards are a LOT scarier than your guys this year.

My 2004 season dream trifecta is Sox beat the (evil) Yankees, Sox win the series, and Auburn wins the National Championship with me in the stands.

fight the dark side.

Wow, those Yankee fans are really stepping up this morning. Maybe they'll crawl out of their hidey-holes when (if) their guys win a couple.

..clacking bottles..

Yankee fans, come out to PLAY-YAY!

/Warriors villain voice

I'm a fair-weather Yankees fans... to the great consternation of my t-shirt babe.

The team that spends the most on its players should win!

I turned to the dark side at a very young age, when Jackson hit the three homers in Game 6 of the '77 Series. Haven't looked back since--not even through the lean years.

1918--The Yanks are Pedro's (and the Sawx) Daddeeeeeee.

Houston in 6 over Red Sox. Roger beats them twice.

I'm not a diehard, but count me in on the Yankees side. I just do not like anything about Boston. Well, except MIT - I like MIT. That's it.

I say Yankees in 5.

I claim full allegiance with the dark side. As with peat, every since '77. Reggie was my hero, who gave way to Mattingly.

How sad will it be for the Sox THIS year when a rag-tag pitching staff takes them out - AGAIN. Gotta love the prediction of Pedro no-hitting NY. LOL. The Yankees OWN Pedro, by his own admission. They are his daddy.

I hope both the Yanks and Sox lose in this series. They are both teams from the darkside and deserve defeat. I can't stand either one of them! Both teams represent the evil empire and should hopefully be crushed, I sure hope they find a way to both lose this series.

Course I am a Pirates fan through and through so I guess it does not matter.........Ho-Hum........

Not a blogger, but you'd have to pry my battered yankee cap from my dead cold fingers. Yankee fan for life.

Yankees in 6/7, I am sure my nerves will be shot much sooner though.

How sad will it be for the Sox THIS year when a rag-tag pitching staff takes them out - AGAIN. Gotta love the prediction of Pedro no-hitting NY. LOL. The Yankees OWN Pedro, by his own admission. They are his daddy.

Pedro, I concede. But it seems to me, last ALCS, Tim Wakefield was the Yankees' daddy.

I have been a Yankee fan since birth, even through those long, dark days in the 80s. I say Yankess in 7, me a nervous wreck by game 5.

I hereby declare my undying allegiance to the Atlanta Braves, the Jedi Council of the baseball world: good at winning the battles, but ultimately defeated.

you need to ask? I eat, drink, sleep and... well, let's put it this way... I had a Boston Red Sox schedule on the wall behind my toliet in the bathroom of my bachelor apartment, so I could check the game-times and channels while I peed.... when my wife moved in, that went bye-bye, but the sentiment hasn't.

I already mentioned my prediction.

Forget the Cardinals or whatever... this is the REAL world series.

"bring 'em on... I prefer a straight-up fight..."

Bring it you Yankee Bitches......

This is one Bosox fan who has had enough of this evil empire garbage.

Out team is better and that's why they will win this year.

And they will beat up the Yankees like a red-headed stepchild, using our playoff Yankee killer in Schilling, and let Manny and Huggy bear tear the cover off the ball all series long.

The force is strong in this team. You can't handle them this year, sorry Yankee fans, you'll just have to rest on your previous 26 championship rings.

Cry me an effin river....

Yanks in 4.

Dejected, suicidal redsox fans return to their baements ... back to work on their time travel devices ... to go back and undo the Ruth trade.

The curse will live.

My brother is a Yank's fan, and we're from Michigan...That is what happens when the Tigers are as bad as they are throughout ones childhood.

RedSox in 6.

I'm indifferent here. I'm mostly jiants hater who's glad that his bums managed to win one against the Cardinals.

Yanks fan since 1967, after my Dodgers broke my heart in the '66 Dodgers-Orioles Series.

There's nothing like a close pennant race. No.thing.

One day, the Sox'll be down two runs, bottom of the ninth, Series seventh game, one man on, and the batter'll hit a home run and pass the runner on the basepath.

I wish I still had my Bucky Dent Bat-Day bat. But I think it's going to be Red Sox in 6.

Of course, beating the Yankees then losing in the World Series will be even more maddening to Sox fans.

I was born and raised a pinstripe fan. I cheered even through the Dave Winfield and Donnie Baseball years. I'm not cocky nor am I fair-weathered about it. I do not believe that spending money to get the best players support a "hired gun" mentality. It's call FREE agency and management skills. Scared money don't make money. That's simply business. With all that said I even cheer the teams with low payrolls that still make an impact. I'm a baseball fan that just happened to be raised with the sound of Phil Rizzuto's voice in the background while I was trying to fall asleep on warm summer nights.

I am a proud Yankees fan, plain and simple.

The Stadium (yes it's a pronoun) is going to have so much juice tonight the whole place might do the roll call. Go Yanks!

Last year's series made me a nervous wreck.

This year I'm calm as can be.

As Yogi said, the Yankees don't lose to the Red Sox when it counts. Period. Never have and never will.

The Yanks will find a way to win, and the Sox will find a way to lose.

How much do I hate the Sox? My mother's family is from Boston, and they were Boston Braves fans and Sox haters. It's in my genes, even aside from my own NY childhood.

Here's the plot, in my dreams.

Sox over Yankees in 7, extra innings of course. Astros win the NCLS.
In the Series, Sox over Astros in 7. Clemens pitches the 1st and 5th games and comes in for relief in the 7th after the Houston bullpen flames out, only to get hang a fat curve to David Ortiz. Sox win, putting the so-called craptastic curse thingy to bed, and walking over Roger to get there.

Then, the world ends.

Screw the Red Sox. I ain't rooting for the team that beat my Angels, and I'm certainly not rooting for Waffles's hometown nine, even if he can't figure out their names.

The only thing better than kicking Beantown ass is slapping Met fans in the face.
(That's something Red Sox Nation doesn't really get: we don't truly hate the Sawx; without them, the season is dull. But the Mutts ... that's where the hatred resides. We want them loaded on a barge and sunk at sea ... or shipped to Jersey.)

Red Sox fan since the summer of 1971 when I lived in Boston.

It will go seven and the Yanks will win by some fluke or other.

Bottom of the ninth, game seven, Sox up one, one on, Jeter hits a long fly. Damon is under it for the last out and a bird swoops down, grabs it and carries it over the wall, crapping on Johnny's head on the way. Damn curse.

I don't think the BOSOX will win the World Series.

Besting the Yankees in 6 will be some consolation, though.

OT, Navy will go undefeated, destroying the USMA Cadets in Phillie on December 4.


I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I'm also not stupid. Yankees. Period. Give me a million reason why your team can't compete. It's unfair, money, blah blah. THEY WIN. A lot. Not always, but more than anyone else.

Anything less is just excuses. I'm looking at you over my entire lifespan, Boston.

We root for the Fish down here in Fort Lauderdale, but choosing 'tween the two I'll have to say that our hearts are still with New York. I'll never forget the president's pitch there after 9/11, Jeter telling George that he needed to throw it from the mound. George delivering.

One digital pinstripeshirt here!

i'm with ya.

a pox on the sox

I agree Skillzy. War Eagle Baby!!

I side with the Rebel Alliance. Emperor Steinbrenner and Darth Torre and the rest of the evil empire are going down.

If asked to choose: the Yankees winning, or the Red Sox losing, I will chose the Red Sox losing every damn time.

It's not so much that the Yankees are the symbol of everything great about America (which they are, damn it)...but the Red Sox are just pure evil. Eeeeeeeevil. Evil, sloppy, unimpressive dolts. They don't deserve to win, not with so-called talents like Pedro, Manny, and Damon on the team. Get a shave, buy a uniform that fits, stop acting like it's the first time you hit a home run, and maybe my hatred will deflate.

But I doubt it.

Let's make this a little more "interesting" by posing the following scenario for the Sox fans: let's say that by virtue of where their respective conventions were held, the fates of the two candidates for President and the two teams from Boston and New York are linked. Whoever wins the ALCS, the Presidential candidate whose convention was held in that city will win on November 2nd. And to heighten the tensions, let's also say that whoever wins the ALCS wins the World Series.

So the question becomes: do you root for your beloved Red Sox, knowing that if they win, Mr. FlippityFloppityBoo gains the White House in November, or do you grit your teeth and root for the despised Yankees, thereby assuring four more years of President Bush?

Not only do I want in, but I'd volunteer for some sort of minor cabinet post.


I just kill myself and all those around me... there is no right in that scenario.

When I was a little boy, and my father took me to his office at the US Embassy in El Salvador, I remember reading the grafitti scrawled on the side of the big concrete wall, just underneath the RPG net, and right next to the spray painted hammer and sickle, in big, ugly red letters,

"Yanqui Go Home!"

I am proud to be a Yankee fan, because, let's face it, they are what America is all about : excellence, professionalism, and getting richer than Croesus. It's simple: America is the Evil Empire, and the Yankees are our standardbearers. If you don't like them, you must be some kind of pinko communist.

Oh, and speaking of those Red-Sox and their lovely fans, like all things from mASSachusettes, you deserve to lose.

Yankees in 6.

Hey! Only slightly off topic, but if you really like making fun of the Red Sox, check out this link.


If you charge the mound and the pitcher doesn't back up, watch your head.

Ken you are a God. Not the God but a minor diety.

Red Sox in 6 games, afterwhich Pedro looks into the camera and say "who's the daddy now Bit##?"

No longer Yankees fan but eternal Red Sox hater...

Go NL!