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Game On: Flaming Voodoo Time

You go right ahead and believe what Father Tim has to tell you. You go right ahead and think that Yoda can somehow break your wretched curse. I probably will not be posting again until after game time. It's Tuesday, which means three hours and ten dollars worth of gas are depleted as I drive my kids back and forth to their respective religion classes. I'm instructing them to ask the classes to engage in a group prayer for the Yankees tonight. I've also instructed Natalie to steal some holy water so I can sprinkle it on my father's Red Sox cap. What, is that wrong? Anyhow, have something stronger than Yoda and stronger than Sister Maria's prayer circle (I heard God is an Angels fan, anyhow). I have my voodoo. And my voodoo has not failed me yet. How do you think we beat you last year? Here's the special little guy that helped bring joy to Yankeeville last October 16th: You may think it's looks benign and cuddly, but underneath that stuffed doll veneer lies an evil so deep, so expansive and so powerful that it would make Satan himself crumble - if Satan were not owner of the Yankees, that is. Flaming Voodoo Time. Fear it. Now, do any of you Soxaholics want to wager on this series? The wagering has to be creative - no money involved. And none of that other stuff, either, you pig. P.S. Ken Summers has been named Public Enemy Number One by this blog.


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Hoo doo that voodoo like yoo doo?

Your voodoo is doodoo. Guess that makes me Number Two.

Ooh! If it works as well as your Johnny Damon voodoo doll, we should be all set!!

God is a Dodgers fan, you ninny!


And BTW, my heart swells with pride.

well, we could bet that you will photoshop an image of you in Boston regalia (instead of actually WEARING it, of course...), but you've already done that... so what does that leave?

Oh yea, there would be the hated opponents' logo in the header of your page for a while bet that you wimped out on last year....

How about if the Yankees win, you send me some traffic??


the Red Sox win... not the hated yankees.

Apparently your voodoo was overpowered by my Santeria last year and the Marlins took the show.

Sox fans, for a nominal fee, I will put my Santeria curses to work for you against the evil Yankees. Ive got encantations and spells, potions and lotions for all your World Series needs.

I've got it.... Red Sox win, I get one of these....

Something with photoshop, boobies and Red Sox paraphernalia...

Umm, RedSox...if'n you beat the Yankees, which is FAR from given, you will still have to either face The 'Stros or the Cardinals to end that there "Curse".

And besides, if the Sox do win The Series, what will you have to complain about year after year?

Oh, wait, you still have Kennedy and Kerry. My bad.

Now go do that voodoo that you do so weeeeellllll!!

God I love that movie.

Live blogging the game over at my place

Go Red Sox