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Bali Remembered

Two years ago today. More thoughts on this and related things later.


Let us not forget that the USS Cole was bombed on this day as well. 17 Sailors killed and 39 injured. (This must be what Kerry believes is a nuisance). May they all rest in peace.

Thank you for remembering Bali - too many forget what happened there.
9/11 - 10/12

Rebecca - John Kerry does not believe terrorism is just a nuisance, but, like many, he would like it to be nothing MORE than that.

Sometimes late at night or early in the morning, it's dark and I fumble for my keys to lock my front door. It's a nuisance - but I lock my door for security.
If I ran a business I might have to pay after hours staff to guard the premisis - a nuisance, but gotta safe right?
If I ran a country - I might find that I have to spend BILLIONS a year on intelligence, military deterrence, border controls etc etc...it's a nuisance, but it would be nice to have a system so effective at blocking terrorist acts, that it really is nothing more than a nuisance in the daily lives of Americans.