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dirty talk and hell-bound laughter

Last night I took part in a symposium - which is a fancy name for a chat room talk - with Frank (IMAO), Bill (INDC Journal) and Ace (Ace of Spades). Read here for our discussion on blogging, the media and some other goofy stuff that will be taken way out of context and come back to haunt us. Meanwhile, if you are not easily offended and don't mind laughing at the expense of a dead actor, Jim Treacher will take you to hell in his handbasket. I'm already on board.


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I kind of like that I'm so awful, nobody knows what to say.

Michele - I enjoyed the transcript but am concerned about something - I noticed that everyone mentioned changing the way they blog as to not offend certain groups of people - particularly when you were starting to gain revenue from blog ads - do you think that the revenue generation concerns will dilute the content of the blog world as bloggers start "blogging as primary means of supporting your livelyhood" - will this turn the more popular bloggers into MSM types after a while?



Interesting discussion.

On the issue of how MSM doesn't print retractions (i.e., the 'Bush is packing a earpiece' story) as opposed to how quickly blogs correct themselves - do you think that has to do with the fact that bloggers come to know their readers on a personal basis and feel more of an obligation to be on the level with them? MSM prints whatever they choose and it almost seems that they just give a giant collective shrug when the facts prove them wrong...not the case with the blogs that I read regularly.

Haven't read the discussion yet, but I think I need a seat reserved for me in that handbasket...

Jim Treacher is so horrible I don't know what to say.

Oh wait, I laughed and understood the backdoor respect. Turns out he's not horrible and I DO know what to say!

Pete: I found that interesting as well. I've had the opposite reaction to people that I have offended in the past. I literally don't care who I offend, foe friend, reader, fellow blogger or family. My opinions are mine, and they get written, be it at my personal site, or the one that actually generates revenue enough to pay for itself. Links and blogads be damned: The one thing I will NEVER do is temper an opinion. That's why I started blogging in the first place, so I would have a place where my unvarnished opinion went on the record.

"I never liked any of you sonsofbitches, but I always wished I could have."

(My chosen epitaph)

A few "thoughts" on the other thing:

Since when isn't Boing Boing a political blog? It might not be exclusively political, but come on.

I coined the term "Instalanche." Just didn't want to miss an opportunity to mention that. It's no "Puppy Blender," but still.

I think the point about ad money changing things is a good one. I see the stats about how much some of these guys are making per WEEK... Holy Jesus Jones. If only there were a way to donate a brief but instructive electric shock.

And it shore do seem like the more extreme you are, one way or another, the more attention and therefore cash flows your way, don't it? So I guess I don't feel so bad about watching all that from the sidelines.