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got dog?

Then you'll want to check out Lab Tested. I was trying to think of a clever catch line, but I'll just steal one from Reynolds. Like Gizmodo for dogs! The logo will be over in the right sidebar for the foreseeable future, so click that to check out the latest in dog-tested dog stuff.


Maybe I should reserve Nardo-tested.com for cat toys?

What a great site!

I learned firsthand from Charley, my son's Lab/mix, about how much Labs love to chew....that dog ate most of my daughter's old bicycle, a couch, various and sundry pens, pencils and other household paraphenalia....and I finally realized how serious he took his chewing duties when I found him hard at work on a butane lighter.

I'll take Starbuck's recommendations as the canine equivalent of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval when shopping for our dog, Boomer, who loves his toys (when Cary and Charley moved out, I said to my daughter, "NO MORE DOGS." She and I came home that very night with a puppy. So I'm a sucker for a winsome face - sue me). Boomer's a riot to watch - he's learned how to toss his own toys in the air and catch them, or send them sailing across the room for a one-man (dog) game of chase. And he also is lucky enough to have his own cat to intimidate, too.

What a great life!

Boris thanks you for this.

Holy cow, you're blogging again, and even sporting the cute lil dead girl. Life is good!


We live far enough from a pet-supply store that it really helps to know in advance which stuff is more likely to be a nice, durable hit with our Akita pup, since it'll be a long time between repeat visits.

heh. i've got a nice lab too. actually, a narcoleptic lab. he's too busy sleeping to gnaw on much