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A (Red Sox) Nation of Negativity

Dear Red Sox fans: Pardon me if I'm not all enthused that you were cheering for the Yankees to beat the Twins. If you're expecting me to act all grateful, think again. I understand your reasoning, however. Only by beating the Evil Empire can you dispell the demons that haunt your every October. You want to know why I don't like you? Take this comment left by one Rebel Scum named Bill: bq. What I don't understand is how anyone can root for this latest bunch of mercenaries. What does Alex Rodriguez or Gary Sheffield to do with the Yankees? I guess Yankee fans would root for the devil in a Yankees uniform. It's why I hate the Yankees. It started with Catfish Hunter -- just went out and paid for him, then Reggie Jackson, then the Yankee fans acted as if these guys were anything other than mercenaries. Oh well. Michele probably goes to a playground and during fights, roots for the bullies. vader22.jpgHere's something to chew on, Bill. Yankee fans don't have to live in the past. We don't sit around bemoaning our current team and comparing the players to the former greats that graced our field. We're not fickle, either. We no more control how Steinbrenner gets his players than you can control the curse that keeps you cursing. To abandon your team because the owner of that team uses his riches to gain the best players would be ludicrous. What does Alex Rodriguez have to do with the Yankees? Uh, he's on the Yankees. That should be all we need. As fans, we really don't care how he made his way to third base. We just care that he's there. The business end of baseball is of no interest to me. Bullies? I've been a Yankee fan since the day I was born, Bill, thanks to my mother and my grandfather. I root for them because I've been doing it my whole life, through every great season, through every great player, through every drought and through every fiasco. I don't root for them because I'm a dark, soulless being or because I have some undying need to spit in the face of Red Sox fans. I do it because they've been my team for 42 years. Anyhow, don't think I haven't seen all the blog posts from the Red Sox nation that more or less expect Yankee fans to say thanks for cheering our team on against the Twins. Take your cheers and stick them up your ass. We don't need you. And now that the Yanks have moved on to the next round and are going to face your beloved team, are you so sure that's what you wanted? Is this going to be the year the demons are exorcised? Or will once again go into winter cursing the curse? Now, I'm not saying that the Evil Empire will win. Oh, I'm thinking it. But I'm not saying it out loud. You're not the only one who believes in jinxes, you know. But I do know this - judging from the whinging coming out of Boston this week, the Red Sox Nation better get their house in order. I've never seen fans of a team that's competing in the playoffs dispense such negativity. Come on, guys. It's not like you've never seen the dark side before. You should be used to Vader's visage making cameos in your baseball nightmares. Y'all are reminding me of this election; I feel like some of you are rooting not for your team but against the Yankees. Sure, Martinez may have already recognized who Luke's father is, but that doesn't mean the rest of you can't start acting like people who really believe in the rebel cause. Oh, it's not all of you that are drowning in negativity. I read the message boards. I see all the "you're going down, bitches!" posts. Don't get cocky, kid. Vader may have wussed out in the end, but don't forget who blew up Alderaan. ------ Don't blow a gasket, people. Some of my best friends are Red Sox fans. This is supposed to be good natured playoff trash talk. It's obligatory. I didn't even mention Bucky Fucking Dent. Oops.


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ooooh those inner demons!
Mentioning Mr. Dent was
perhaps a bit too much
added sauce.

What a cop out michele. "Some of your best friends" are Red Sox fans. Yeah, and some of my friends are Islamic fundamentalists.

"I don't root for them because I'm a dark, soulless being or because I have some undying need to spit in the face of Red Sox fans."

Oh come on, are you so sure there's not at least a small peice of dark, souless Michele that wants to destroy something beautiful? The Red Sox are coming for you hoss, and your little A-Rod too.


or something.

You didn't mention Bill Buckner, either.

I did, though.

Gee, you'd think it would be Twins fans complaining about "mercenaries" picking on our poor hard-luck team... but I have a feeling we were all wishing we had a couple of "mercenary" pitchers of our own (a new starter and a middle reliever might come in handy...).

Actually, I was pulling for the Twins, as evidenced by this post last week. Cause they were playing the (evil) Yankees. But deep down I think we all knew it would be Red Sox-Yankees in the ALCS. We've known it all year.

Of course Red Sox fans are going to be negative when they're talking about EEEEE-VILLLL. We should be talking about how great your overpaid pretty boys are? I haven't seen much negativity directed at our boys since they got rid of pouty Nomah. Most Sox fans seem to be looking forward to winning it all this year. I've already got my Photoshops ready for when the Yanks go down.

Let the (head) games begin! We've only got a week!

Talk about your complete hypocrites.

How many people on the Sox actually came from their farm system? One, maybe two? Not the Yankees are much better when they have 4 "homegrown" guys.

Geez they even have thrown Pedro under the bus in favor of Schilling mercenary dujour.

See the real problem is that the Red Sox are bullies too. They're just on a lower level. They differ to a larger bully when confronted. Think of Nelson's cronies in the 1st season or Farkus's little toadie.

Sox fans are not entitled to bitch about anything(payroll, mercenary roster, etc) except the fact they lose to us every year.

Dent? Buckner?

Now this, this will be just plain cruel.

Michele, do you still have your "I (heart) Roger" t-shirt?

(runs, hides)

oh shut up Ryan...

I don't bitch about payroll, mercenaries or whatever. The job of a baseball owner and management team is to put the best team on the field that they are able to. The Yankees have consistantly done that. The Red Sox have finally started doing that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a Red Sox fan and a certified Yankee-Hater. However, I am also a baseball fan to the absolute core and I KNOW that the Yanks have good teams consistantly.... the "payroll" bitching aside, they are consistantly a talented club with a lot of superstars... makes for some interesting baseball and some REALLY interesting chemistry.

Oh, and If you really think I was rooting for the Yanks, you've been hitting the crack pipe a little hard. NEVER would I root for the Yankees. I am not depressed that the Twinkees couldn't get it done, because THIS alcs is what October baseball is all about... the biggest rivalry in baseball on the biggest stage (that they can possibly play each other on anyway... the WS is technically bigger, but they can't play in the World Series, can they?)

This IS the real World Series, kids... enjoy it. I know I will.

Really, I'm no baseball fan. I gotta admit the only reason I'd love to see the Sox win it all is because they're the consummate underdog. Not only are they plagued by a 'curse', but they've got mangy hair and shaggy beards. They look like the unwashed heathen tide ready to topple the Roman Empire. Sometimes I can't tell if I'm watching a friggin ball game or if Phish is kicking off their reunion tour from Fenway.

Who are these Red Sox fans 'rooting' for the Yankees?

Well, Michele, I am one of those Red Sox fans who was cheering for the Yankees, only I wanted the series to go 5 games, 12 innings each. But, that was not to be. If, however, the Twins had prevailed, I'd be one happy camper today because George's head would have exploded, and frankly that and bringing down the UN are what I live for (I know, get a life). I'm happy that the Manny/A-Rod trade didn't happen. The Red Sox would not be where they are today if it had occurred. A-Rod in the repressed, stiff, anal retentive, rigid house that Ruth built is a much better fit. When I look at the Yankees I see the abused spouse of Steinbrenner - the players don't seem to have the fun that they deserve. I'm not wallowing in the past, I'm not drowning in negativity - I'm happy (and the Red Sox Nation is too).
PS Rooting for the Yankees is kind of like rooting for Microsoft, no?

"Who are these Red Sox fans 'rooting' for the Yankees?"... I think it's the same people as those "Republicans" rooting for Kerry.

Dan - Red Sox vs Yankees is the best thing there is in baseball (all of sports for some)...it's that simple.

And to think I celebrated this win by watching Empire.

Yeah, because those homegrown Red Sox are so prevalent on the roster. Man, the days when Manny, David, Johnny, Pedro, Curt (shall I go on) weren't mercenaries is just lost on me. Red Sox fans have no ability to complain about amassing talent, frankly - they're just as bad as anyone else with a $100 million payroll.

Now....I just have to decide if wearing a t-shirt with "Ortez" on the back to game 1 is a good idea or not...

Bah! The truth about the Yankees

Yankees fans have no heart. you don't need any. It doesn't take heart to root for your team when they are shoo in for the play offs every year. Every year the Yankees are there. Every God damn year. It's easy to root for the yankees... they always win. It's like rooting for the house at the casino.

Now, being a Sox fan... that takes dedication, and backbone. We all know, over in Red Sox nation, that they are going to screw it up. They're going to break our hearts. But we're back every year. In fact our numbers only grow with each passing season. We are the supreme optimists in all of sportsdom. It makes the highs feel higher like when Ortiz knocks it over the green monster to sweep the Angels. All those deep dark moments we've suffered so long only make the wins feel more blissful. And when more deep dark moments return you feel alive in your sorrow. In the utter depths of a sports fan's depression, you find an emotion that tears at your heart. But it is countered by optimism... There's always next season. It is better to have love and lost than to never have loved before, is a good way to sum it up.

The Yankees fans have never lost there for their love has never been tested.

That's why, if this turns out to be the year, Boston will party in such mayhem it'll make Mardi Gras look like a junior high birthday party where somebody snuck in some peppermint schnapps.

It will be a pent up emotional release that has been brewing for decades. All Red Sox fans past and present will rejoice with a intensity that no Yankees fan could possibly muster. Like a man who has been adrift at sea and manages to find his way home. The Joy of the accomplishment... or even the POTENTIAL of reaching that goal is so vastly more palpable for a Sox Fan. There is absolutely no way a Yankees fan can wrap their minds around it.

The Yankees are the Hollywood ending, the lie. Life is not like a Yankees season. It's like a Red Sox season. It's full of mistakes, triumpths, goofs, bungles, home runs, amazing moments, escaping by the skin of your teeth, or blowing the sure thing, and is full of countless forces that you can not control. My kids will cheer for the Red Sox (and my Wife's Cubs) because you can learn a lot about life from those teams.

All you learn from rooting for the Yankers is that if you have enough money and throw it at the right people, and use the Red Sox as your farm team you will always win. If somebody beats you, well... then just sign their star players for next season, so they can't beat you again.

The Yankees are the snotty rich kid. The Red Sox are the Bad News Bears. The Yankees are personified by Jeter's smug smirk... one that instantly makes any Sox fan want to smack it off his face in the form of a blistering Pedro strike out, or a Manny grand slam. The Red Sox are the one kid in the hallway that can stand up to the Bully of the Yankees each year. Most times we leave with a black eye, but that only makes our passion stronger, our lust for victory more intense. That's why Red Sox fans have two teams. The Red Sox, and whoever is playing the God damn Yankees.

Red Sox fans love to be the underdog. Because only by being the underdog do you ever really experience a victory.

And don't forget the latest menace, Aaron Boone.

First, let's get this out in the open: The Yankees median salary for 2004: $ 3,100,000. The Red Sox median salary for 2004: $ 3,087,500. Not much of a difference, really.

Now, Tomcat mistakenly said:

It doesn't take heart to root for your team when they are shoo in for the play offs every year. Every year the Yankees are there. Every God damn year. It's easy to root for the yankees... they always win. It's like rooting for the house at the casino.

I've been a Yankee fan for 42 years. Have they won every one of those 42 years? Hardly.We went through the entire 80's without a championship, Bud. I lived through the days of Dave Righetti's breakdowns and Ed Whitson. They don't. Always. Win. You're so deluded by hatred and envy that you've conned yourself into believing some grandiose version of the Yankees really exists.

He also said:

The Yankees are the Hollywood ending, the lie. Life is not like a Yankees season. It's like a Red Sox season. It's full of mistakes, triumpths, goofs, bungles, home runs, amazing moments, escaping by the skin of your teeth, or blowing the sure thing, and is full of countless forces that you can not control. My kids will cheer for the Red Sox (and my Wife's Cubs) because you can learn a lot about life from those teams.

If you're using the Cubs and the Red Sox to teach your kids about life, they've got a long road of lousy self esteem and pessimism ahead of them.

The Yankees are the snotty rich kid. The Red Sox are the Bad News Bears. The Yankees are personified by Jeter's smug smirk... one that instantly makes any Sox fan want to smack it off his face in the form of a blistering Pedro strike out, or a Manny grand slam. The Red Sox are the one kid in the hallway that can stand up to the Bully of the Yankees each year

Are you kidding me? The Red Sox are a team of thugs. Johnny Damon will never be that kid in the hallway facing the bully. Damon and Pedro Martinez are the guys who stuff those kids in lockers. Are you really so blinded by team loyalty that you believe the dreck you are slobbering all over my comments?

I can not believe that there were any Red Sox fans rooting for the Yankees. Every true Red Sox fan in the world is a fan of whoever is playing the Yankees.

Feh - snarky Yankees

Schilling pitches in game one

Sox win in six games

I think the reason people hate the Yankees, is because it promises so much more. What do you get by rooting for the Yanks? A smug, ring-riddled wave to the crowd? Another run of the mill victory parade? Another penant on the wall? However, rooting for the Red Sox this year has the promise of the triumphant end to a story that's been playing out since the early 20th century. You get tears of joy, you get a party to end all parties, you get a bunch of nappy-headed, bearded ne'er-do-wells standing on top of the heap. You get the sports legend, the story that will be told and retold, the year that the Sox broke the curse (if only for a season) to end the Yank's championship streak. That's what sports is all about, and it's friggin' awesome, that's why the Sox fans do it. Becuase it's friggin awesome.

I rooted for the Yankees before I rooted against the Yankees. - John K., Boston

My twins went down way too easy. Dammit.
Still, I'm happy Jeeter isn't on the Twins. The guy's a big jerk. Great player, but big jerk.

Michele - Puleeze. Johnny 18 a thug? You have got to be kidding. You and Webster (and the rest of us) define 'thug' differently. Steinbrenner is THE epitome of a 'thug'. Don't tell me you can't see that....

As for 2004 payroll:

Yankees: $184.2 million
Red Sox: $127.3 million
Industry average: $69 million

George Steinbrenner Delenda Est.

Don't Red Sox fans ever learn?

Every year they talk about how they'll beat the Yankees, and every year they end up crying like little girls, curled up in bed in fetal position all winter, licking their physical, mental, and spiritual wounds.

And then they bounce up in April and talk again about how this is the year they'll beat the Yankees.


I believe it was Yogi Berra who scoffed last year at the Red Sox chances. Something along the lines of "we're the Yanks they're the Sox, they won't beat us, they can't beat us, it will never happen."

We know how that turned out.

The interesting thing will how the Red Sox contrive to lose this year. They always come up with new and original ways to lose, don't they?

Me, I'm hoping they get a little closer this year . . . think Billy Buckner close, not Bucky Dent or Posada 8th inning bloop single to center close.

I want it to really hurt this year.


"The Red Sox are a team of thugs."


Damon a locker-stuffing bully? He's always struck me as more like the kid who smoking a bone and playing Atari 2600 when he wasn't popping a wheelie with his BMX.

Johnny 'The Thug' 18 on being a thug (in today's Boston Herald):

"It's fun, but being a part of this Boston Red Sox team makes it even funner," a champagne-drenched Damon said. "We've got the greatest owners in the league, we've got a great GM (Theo Epstein) and (manager Terry Francona) made everything pretty easy for us. We all get along. It's a frat house in here and we're having a good time. We have no rules. We play our cards, we play our PlayStation, we don't stretch, we go out there two or three minutes before the game and strap it on. We have fun."

I'd jump out of the way if he was heading toward me.....on second thought, maybe not.

Oh you poor thing, you didn't win a world series for a decade! That's terrible. I really feel just awful about that. The simple fact is Yankees fans could never endure not winning for nearly a century. Never. Of course, there would be the die hards, but there would be a lot fewer NY hats around the country.

The world is broken up into two types of people. Yankees fans. and Red Sox fans. The Yankess fans, while not always a winner, are playing the safe bet. They are the folks that see the world as a harsh place and find the rising star to hitch their wagon to. The Red Sox fans are the (possibly slightly masochistict) folks who see the world as a harsh place and root for the little guy to win the one small victory in the face of over whelming odds.

We are the 9 who set out from Rivendale. You are Saramon.

You're Orcs. We're a ragtag group of men, elves, hobbits and dwarves.

Nnnnnhhhhh!!! I am sticking my toungue out in your general direction.

Geee...I think the Sux faithful are mad that we stopped them from winning their 6th consecutive Champions thru May title this year......

What a hypocritical comment about A-Rod and Sheffield. Manny came from Cleveland, Pedro from Montreal, Schilling from Arizona, Foulke from Oakland, Damon from Oakland, Bill Meuller from San Fran, Kevin Millar from Florida, etc. The Yankees have more homegrown regulars, Bernie Williams, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, than do the Red Sox.

The Bucky F**** Dent obsession sums up the Red Sox fans. Dent's home run put the Yankees up 3-2 in the top of the seventh in a 6-5 game. So a light hitting shortstop hit a home run. Big deal. The Red Sox had three innings to score one run to make up the difference with a lineup that included Yaz, Rice and Fred Lynn. No other fans would obsess about Dent.

Do you think the Yankees fans were sitting around on Saturday thinking, "Henry F**** Blanco hit a home run, woe is us."? Hell no, they were thinking, all right, we're only down by four runs, no problem, because they knew the Yankees had the heart to come back. And if they didn't we wouldn't be sitting around bemoaning Blanco.

I will never have anything but contempt for both the sox and the yankees until the salaries of all the teams are evened up, much like the football and basketball salary caps. When all the teams can compete for the players on an even basis, then I'll come back, but not until then.

I'm a Yankees fan. been on ever since they beat the braves while under Torres in the world series. I liked them because the Braves were being supported by a guy i talked with at school, who absolutely loved them, and hated every other team on the planet. I;m from Cincinnati (so I know all about supporting a losing team) and was in the middle of an extreme bout of Red's loyalty when he startred talking about this.

I can't tell you ho happy I was to see them win. When they were announced world champions I was overjoyed. I've been a Yankee's fan ever since.

(True, I speak bad about him here, but that guy was a friend of mine.)

I know how Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller felt after 9/11. They looked around their party and realized they are in a room full of nutcases.

Red Sox fans rooting for the Yankees? What in the hell is wrong with those people? That is like the sheep rooting for the wolf, the Christians rooting for the lion, fish rooting for the fisherman. I was pulling for the Twins all the way. And so was every Red Sox fan worth his salt.

Now I am rooting for George Bush to somehow get Rivera’s name put on a terrorist watch list that will prevent him from getting into the country. Hell Bush would win every New England state if he could pull it off!

As for the Red Sox being the underdogs – Stop smoking Crack! The Devil Rays are underdogs. The Red Sox are Chachi to the Yankee’s Fonz. They want to be just like the Yankees just can’t pull it off and come up short every freaking time.

And yes I hate the Yankees even more because they got lucky in game 2 of the series against the Twins. And I will hate them more if they win.

But it just doesn’t matter this year cause Albert and Rolen and Edmonds and Walker will beat the Sox or the Yankees.

I can beat Red Sox fans - I stopped watching baseball entirely when it became obvious that Steinbrenner was just gonna buy the Series every year. That doesn't work in the NFL - ask Daniel Snyder.

Matt hits the nail on the head; why do so many fans HATE certain teams? More often than not, it's obnoxious fans of those teams.

No offensive to those in Boston and Philly, but ya'll have THE most obnoxious fans in the world! (Red Winds fans, Giants fans, and NEW Braves fans fit into this catergory also). Fans of the specific sport LOVE to have that obnoxious fan get his comeuppance.

Teams like the Yankees, Cowboys and Lakers (during various periods) are usually exceptions to the rule, as most of America likes the underdog and don't like teams that both win and are smug about it.

Of course, that's my opinion, I could be wrong.

Granted I'm a yankee fan, but i've never understood that "yankees (Steinbrenner) buy World Series" rationale.

In the three years since the Yankees last won a World Series in 2000,the yankees have been beaten in both the World Series and Division Series by in order: Arizona, Anaheim and Florida Marlins.These teams are hardly teams that spend a lot of money on players (in fact some of them have really cheapskate owners) all beating the yankees with their "outrageous" salaries. Its just surreal. How has the yankees (Steinbrenner's) money brought something they have had plenty of opportunity to win in the last three years, but haven't actually won? I"d say given the last three years they've been getting fairly shortchanged - if money buys World Series, that is. And how did Arizona, Anaheim and Florida manage to win?

If the Red Sox ever won a world championship, they would suffer an indenty crisis that would look like a super-nova collapsing into a black-hole.

What would they have? They'd just be another mediocre organization that had its fifteen minutes of fame before vanishing for another five or ten year hiatus while the Yankees regain their stature.

How many World Championships have the Yankees won? At Boston's World Championship rate, even if the Yankees were to disappear tomorrow it would take about two milleniums to reach parity.

Anyway, St. Louis is the class act this year. They've seldom lost a World Series and they've creamed Boston twice.

That's it. I'm rooting for the Senators.

OK, My response. Michele:

1. That's Mr. Rebel Scum to you.

2. Your answer is non-responsive. You choose to root for the Yankees. You were no doubt baptized Catholic, yet you seemed to have made your own choices as an adult regarding the church and God and such. But the Yankees -- oh no, choice is irrelevant there; Yankee-rooting is sacred and familial and holy. To change loyalties in baseball would be profane. Gimme a break. You choose, each year, to root for whatever gang of mercenaries who are willing to collect George Steinbrenner's filthy lucre in exchange for the soul. Worse, you're rooting for a team that plays in a borough you probably mock the rest of the time. Your choices say something about you, and your choice of the Yankees say you are someone who roots for the forces of darkness to triumph over the forces of light. You probably read The Grapes of Wrath and went "Yippee" every time the bankers screw the Joads.

3. Who the hell said I was a Red Sox fan? I like the Red Sox because Boston is a great town and it's a great franchise. But no, not my favorite team. I root for any team playing the Yankees, except for the Braves, at which point I just pay no attention to the post-season. FTR, my favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds, who will never again win in my lifetime because they are the second smallest market team and can't afford all that much payroll.

4. We've seen what the Yankees can do on a level playing field, that is, post-draft and pre-free agency: the answer is diddly-squat. They were worse than the St. Louis Browns. Developing their own talent, the Yankees came up with the brilliant infield of Danny Cater, Horace Clarke, Gene Michael and Celerino Sanchez. (OK, and Thurman Munson -- the only Yankee I could stand.) That is, the Yankees sucked until they could just start buying other players.

5. OK, maybe you're all right 'cept for the Yankees thing :)

The mark of a pseudo-fan is one who would compare choosing to be a Yankee fan with something so insignificant as choosing your religion. Puh-leeze.

No offense, but I think I understand Michele's Yankee-ness better than your Yankee hatred. When I say, "Yankees suck" it's out of frustration and choked-down admiration, not out of personal animosity toward Yankee fans (most of the time).

For the record, I was not rooting for the Yankees to beat Minnesota. In fact, I didn't really care who won. I was busy cheering on the Sox. That's what a real fan does.

My frustration with the Yankees is certainly not a grudging admiration.

It doesn't take any particular skill to hire away the talent other teams discovered and developed and then use your team's economic strengths to create an overwhelming advantage on the field. Well, it takes business talent, but not baseball talent.

But I can't say I look at a team with Alex Rodriguez batting No. 4 and Gary Sheffield No. 5 and say this is somehow a Yankees team. I may admire the Yankees as a business, but I don't admire it as a baseball team.

I don't mind getting beat by Posada, or Rivera, or Jeter, or Williams. Like many teams they have developed a core of homegrown talent, but then the Yankees just pile on free agent after free agent and forced trade after forced trade until other teams can't compete.

Plus, as if that's not enough, the Yankees cheat. The Jeffrey Maier incident was just about the most dishonorable thing I've ever seen in sports. And the mayor of NY honored the kid. Repulsive.

Yankee fans not only cheer on this kind of meretricious bullshit, they spend the money that gives Steinbrenner his economic power to keep ruining baseball.

So that's why the Yankees excel at sucking.

But no, I don't hold personal animosity toward Yankees fans. Love the winner, not the win, you know.

I think a lot of Red Sox fans don't understand something: Yankee fans don't hate the Red Sox. Without them around, every season, good or bad, would be boring.

We hate the Mets. We want them scourged from the earth. Or at least loaded on a garbage barge and shipped over to Jersey. And then the toilet bowl they call a ballpark imploded. And the ground where it stood salted.

Amazing. Even after a number of people have already pointed it out, IB Bill CONTINUES on with the ridiculous thought that somehow the Yankees have bought or rented their team and the Sox haven't. Unbelievable. I guess it only matters WHEN they buying / renting takes place, is that it ?

Varitek and Nixon are the only homegrown guys that get any kind of significant playing time. How any Sox fan can complain about the Yankees stealing players off other teams is beyond me. Pedro, Schilling, Ortiz, Millar, Mueller, Ramirez, Damon, Reese, Bellhorn, Foulke - ALL came from other teams. Moreso than the players on the Yankees. Even in regards to A-Rod, they traded a homegrown guy - Soriano - to get him.

What a ridiculous losing argument. The worst thing you can say about the Sox is that not only do they fail on the field, but they fail in the board room, too. The Yankees are a better business than the Sox, too. As well it should be.

Ok, I've read all the way through and no one pointed this out. Darth Vader didn't destroy Alderaan, Grand Moff Tarkin did.
All of your Star Wars fan badges are revoked, returnable only upon spending a month talking like Jar Jar Binks.

Oh, I know that, John. I can repeat the scene by heart.

Stop ruining my analogies.

Look, you want really pathetic, be an Angels fan. No one takes you seriously. First your team was owned by a cowboy, then you got an owner who made his money selling billboards. Our relief pitcher committed suicide after giving up a gopherball to some BloodSox in the '80's. Show me the Sox/Yankee with that kind of devotion...

But at least they have won a world series since the invention of the internal combustion engine.

sUxOrZ 2 b u, Sox fan. The Spankeez are glad you beat the Angels because then their season would have been over, too.