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This is Halloween (5): Quiz Time!

A visual quiz, first in a series. Maybe. Identify the movie by the DVD/VHS cover. Words have been blocked out where necessary. Some are pretty obvious, some may be a bit harder. If you like the 80's slasher flick genre, you should get a good portion.
[click for large version]


1. Terror Train
2. Magic

Just guessing.

tough. my limited guesses:
10. Hills Have Eyes
12. Children of the Corn

No idea on the rest.

#4 My Bloody Valentine
#8 When a Stranger Calls

I'm pretty sure 6 is Candyman and 11 is Dead Alive, but no clue on the rest.

And here I thought I was kind of a horror fan.

#10 looks like campaign material from Peter Garrett


Same here, I am embarrassed. I only knew two of them, and here I am thinking that I am all that regarding horror movies. Guess not.

Good quiz!

1. Terror Train
2. Magic
3. Maniac? I think.
5. Sleepaway Camp
6. Candyman
8. When a Stranger Calls
11. Dead Alive

The worst of it is that I totally recognize a couple of those, but I can't place the movie.

4. My Bloody Valentine
7.Prom Night
10. Hills Have Eyes
12. Children of the Corn

Hmm thats pretty sad considering I thought I was a horror buff.

Great quiz...the pics themselves are making me queasy.

While I love scary pics, I've never been that much of a fan of slasher stuff.

So, I'm wimping out and I salute the rest of you strong-stomached patrons of the genre!!

(I recognize the actor in #10...from one flew over the cuckoo's nest to X-files)

i'm conceding defeat on number 9...i'm stumped...i think i got the rest though

1. terror train
2. magic
3. maniac
4. my bloody valentine
5. sleepaway camp
6. candyman
7. prom night
8. when a stranger calls
10. the hills have eyes
11. dead alive
12. children of the corn

The only one I know is #11 (Dead Alive) The rest... not a clue.

geez, i'm in the same boat; i thought myself quite the horror buff but i only got three of 'em. and number nine isn't one of the three...

terror train
either my bloody valentine or Valentine (the recent Boreanaz PoS)
sleepaway Camp
prom night
when a stranger calls
Basket Case
the Hills Have Eyes
Dead Alive
Children of the Corn