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dad's dinner: follow up

Thanks to everyone who inquired as to how my dad's dinner went on Friday night. I'd have to say it was a rousing success, as the County announced they would be giving 1.3 million dollars towards the funding of the museum. Aside from some politicking by some of the speakers (hey, we gave you money, vote for us in November!), it was the first dinner of its kind that I attended where I actually enjoyed all the speeches. As for picture taking - I didn't do a whole lot of it. A red and blue lighting motif in an already dark place does not make for a photographer friendly evening. Besides, I was enjoying myself too much to play photographer. Would have been nice to get a family photo, as it is a rare occasion when we are all dressed up (Natalie in a dress! Seventh Sign!). You can find the few pictures I was able to salvage (did I mention the lighting sucked) over in the photo gallery. And thanks again for all the kind words about dad.


Glad to hear it went so well.
Congrat's to your dad - it's a touching story.

Happy to hear it was a success. Wow, that picture of your dad is great. He looks so proud that the buttons are ready to pop off his uniform. DJ might not have been the happiest in his pic, but he's a handsome little guy. You're going to have your hands full when he hits high school!

Again, congratulations to your dad.

Congratulations to your dad, Michele. Keep us posted on the museum progress as well. I would like to visit it when I get a chance.

That's a great shot of your dad...he's really beaming in that one.

DJ looks good in a suit.

Congrats on everything.

Most excellent. I look forward to visiting the museum someday.

(And, sorry, but DJ looks like he's telling his "boys" to go out and whack somebody. Remind me to stay on his good side.)