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TO: Red Sox Nation



Fick. One of these years, the Twins will figure it all out. (Or start really sucking again.)

(Then again, I should talk, because I'm a Brewers fan first...)

Hell yeah! Red Sox Nation:- Bring on ALCS Round Two.

It aint over till it's over ~ Yogi.

"27! My baseball team won 27 WS Rings!"

"In a row?"

Red Sox Nation: by their own state's junior Senator's standard, delusional.

Wow, the Angels' Rally Monkey has nothing on your dancing banana!

Since my beloved Twins lost, I'm joining the "anyone but the Yankees" voting block. I've read several Yahoo Messenger memos using comic sans font stating that Dereck Jeter missed jock inspections three times in high school gym class. And Joe Torre's secretary said that Karl Rove once used his influence to get Jeter out of t-ball practice. Developing ...

Red Sox. Yankees. Another week of sleepless nights, heartbreak and euphoria. If anyone wants to help me drive out to Boston and kidnap Schilling, Manny and Ortiz and hide them in my closet for a week, the trip is scheduled for Monday.

Next year for the Twins!

No longer a Yankee fan, but never gave up wanting to destroy the Red Sox.

My AL prognostication was dead-on accurate, and my NL predictions (HOU & STL) are in the right direction but might take an extra game or two.

Hoping that LA can win one more game but I won't bet on their beating STL, who I still think will go all the way.

I wish I cared. If the Cubs and the Bosox aren't in the last game of the Apocalypse, I just can't get into it.


As a known Cubs fan, that damned dancing bannana was just the last thing I needed to see on a Sunday morning while drinking my first cup of coffee.

Score me as 'collateral damage'

Nevermind, I found a good use for it.

Oh, it's brought.

Another Sox/Yankees ALCS. I'll watch, even knowing every blown call, every bad hop and every home run just blown foul by the wind will go the Yankees' way. Yeah, I'll watch. Sucker.

The Red Sox just mercilessly crushed the Angels and their Rally Monkey. Monkeys eat bananas, even dancing ones. Forgive me if I'm not scared B)

Um, I must say that this should be a great week. Bush moving up and the Yankees going down.

Here we come, we never-giving up, always believing that this is the year.....we idiots.
Play ball.

Here we come, we never-giving up, always believing that this is the year.....we idiots.
Play ball.

Minnesota Twins: still better at winning the World Series than the Atlanta Braves.

Hey, it's something.

In lieu of reprinting it:

my thoughts

so, maybe i've had a bit to drink, but i'm watching the cheerleader/banana dance in rythim with anthrax, of the radio sidebar.

as if it wasn't weird enough allready

What I don't understand is how anyone can root for this latest bunch of mercenaries. What does Alex Rodriguez or Gary Sheffield to do with the Yankees? I guess Yankee fans would root for the devil in a Yankees uniform. It's why I hate the Yankees. It started with Catfish Hunter -- just went out and paid for him, then Reggie Jackson, then the Yankee fans acted as if these guys were anything other than mercenaries. Oh well. Michele probably goes to a playground and during fights, roots for the bullies.