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the week that was

My week in a nutshell. [Flash] Wish I could have that ending, though. via Fark


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Yeah...what's up with the head on fire thing?

I'm evidently nowhere near cool enough to understand this.

LOL It is not to be understood, merely to be in awe of.

Great use for a cat; I will have to remember that one. >:)

I hope next week is better, though. :)

Yeah, that happened to my Dad once.

Wild assortment of weird stuff, but good ol' Cab Calloway makes it work.

You look awesome bald. ;)

Nice use of the F Zero main theme at the end.

Wow. Deja vu.

Er, uh, thanks for sharing, M.

the fire thing, if he was the drummer in Spinal Tap, that'd explain everything.

dads rock