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your moment of zen

I'm busy and won't be back til much later this evening. I thought I'd dispel some of the negativity around here before I leave, though.
cat_animation.gif Have a nice day.


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I hate cats, but damn, I can't believe you broke that one's wrist just so you could flap it back and forth to make it look like it was waving. Sick.

There went my day!

Well, I love cats and even I want to smack that kitten upside that cute furry little face and watch it spin across the linoleum....

Hey. I feel better now.

I've been sitting here staring at that picture for damn near an hour now.

It's like the hypnotoad. Only in cat form.

I had a feeling that would show up.

Some one kill it before it multiplies.

WELL,Michele,that seemed to work positively swimmingly.The negativity all around anymore needs napalm to even keep it in check,fer chrissakes!I'm gonna go step on a duck for my own personal Rodney memorial service.
"Sorry for what?"


That's a pretty harsh parody of Edwards.

Hey Michelle, nice pussy.

Which Michelle (with 2-L's) are you refering to, Mely?

did someone just say pussy?

Hey, I guess if she's gonna be out till the evening it wouldn't hurt to dirty up the comments pages right?

Sorry, I mistyped. Michele, happy?

You think you got negativity? I was just outside and there is a flock of between 50 and 100 vultures overhead.

The big ugly ones with the red heads.

This is worse than the grackels!


The family that preys together, stays together.

Kittens! Why did it have to be kittens? Why not a full-fledged assault of schlocky happiness, Lisa Frank style: have a unicorn surrounded by rainbows and flowers, animated glitter on its lustrous hair, happy little birds draping the unicorn in floral strings, and have a playful otter imploring us all to have a "wuvwie day wif all our fwiends!"? Didn't the latest evidence suggest saccharine doesn't cause cancer after all? We can take it! Enough of this weak kitten shit!

And that wrist really should be looked at by a vet, or I'm calling PeTA!



But if you must pun, carrion, Trish.

Why did the same God who created kittens also create snakes?

Had to make up for the kittens.

Well, I like the kitten gif.

It makes me laugh every time I see it.

Sort of like Michele's reaction when I say, "It is known, that cats eat elephants!"