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Moody Music (Radio Survey)

In the comments on my previous tirade, Keiran comments on the therapuetic benefits of music and violent video games. And he's right. He points to Green Day's F.O.D. as a song to rage by and I have to say, those are some beautiful lyrics. Which reminds me. I've been listening to the new Green Day CD (skipping over the dreadful American Idiot) and I have to say that Jesus of Suburbia is their magnum opus. Part Clash, part The Who, it's nearly ten minutes of lyrical and musical goodness. Check it out. Back to Keiran's point about music soothing the soul fanning the flames: I have a mission for you today. Tell me your angriest song, the one that you turn up to ten when you are in a venemous rage. And then tell me the song that lowers your blood pressure and puts you in your happy place. When I get home this evening, I'll make a radio station with some of the choices. We'll call it Homicidal Happiness. I'm suddenly in the mood for some Rammstein. Or Air Supply.


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Angriest song: Either "F@#king hostile" - Pantera or "N.W.O." - Ministry. There are others, but these two stand out for some reason.

Happiest song: "When You're Smilin'" - Louis Armstrong. That big, goofy bastard always makes me grin.

Mr. Hyde Songs: Killing in the Name Of by Rage (well, I guess any number of a handful of songs by that band will do), Miles Away by Goldfinger, Hit Em Up by Tupac.

Dr. Jekyll Songs: The Girl from Ipanema by whoever (the older the version, the longer the tack, the better), He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother by Neil Diamond, Killing Me Softly by the Fugees.

Angry: The entire first Filter album (you can pretty accurately gauge my stress level by it's presence in my car's changer).

Happy: Travis' acoustic cover of "Hit Me Baby One More Time". I'm powerless before it's goofyness.

Mean: Marlon Brando's Eyes, Slipknot; Pushit, Tool.

Nice: Gravity, A Perfect Circle; anything Enigma...

Angry - someone already said 'Killing in the Name of'

Happy - 'Pets' - Porno For Pyros

ANGRY: One More Road to Cross by DMX, Set It Off by P.O.D. specifically the Scorpion King version, I Stand Alone by Godsmack.

HAPPY: Gold Day by Sparklehorse, Novocaine for the Soul by Eels, Sinnerman by Nina Simone.

Up - "I'm Broken" by Pantera, or "Big Bad Moon" by Joe Satriani

Down - "Green Onions" by Booker T., or "A thousand Miles from Nowhere" by Dwight Yoakam

Angry: "We Won't Get Fooled Again" - Who...just for Daltry's SCREAM.

Happy: "Surfer Girl" -Beach Boys -she is still in my dreams

Oh wait, we're supposed to go happy down, not depressed down...

Then exchange "A**hole" by Denis Leary for "A Thousand Miles from Nowhere."

Angry: Seeing as "Killing in the Name of" is already said, my second one would be Papa Roach - Last Resort

Happy: Aerosmith - Dream On, U2 - With or Without You, Falling Joys - Lock It.

The perfect sad and wistful song is Kim the Waitress by Green Pajamas. At least for pathetic losers like me who fall for girls they don't have a chance in hell with.

Ratan, we all fall for girls we have no shot with.

I actually managed to get one those... through the breakthrough of the internet!

Music that seethes: "Pluto" by Björk. This song convinced me that Björk is completely stark raving mad. There is a break in the middle of the song that breaks down to just crashing electronic shudders and Björk howling a five-note wordless phrase over and over. But, damn it feels good to turn it way WAY up and scream along! It's also wildly antisocial music because most people run from the room with their hands over their ears. Musical pepper spray.

Music that soothes: "Scarlet's Walk" by Tori Amos. The jewel in the crown of her most gorgeous album to date.

Angry: The album World ov Worms by Zyklon. Emperor. A little Primal Concrete Sledge by Pantera.

Happy: Van Hagar's "Dreams"

Limp Bizkit- Break Stuff. Let's the rage flow right out of you, especially if you can let the arms fly and feet pound.

Once the stress is gone, Night Ranger, Forever, All over Again.

The song that has always said it all for me in terms of fanning the flames:
"Smash" by Offspring. As for calming the waters: John Coltrane's "A Few of My Favorite Things" or anything from Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue"

Anger: "Ace of Spades," by Motorhead, or "A Song For You (Fuck You)" by Reid Paley.

Soooothing: pretty much anything Marvin Gaye, "Watermelon in Easter Hay" by Frank Zappa, or, the topper of them all, "Downtown Train" by Tom Waits.

Angry: "The Way I Am" by Eminem (can't help it, sorry), "Calm Like a Bomb" by Rage, "Master of Puppets" by Metallica, "More Human than Human" White Zombie.

Soothing: Anything on Jack Johnson's "On and On" album; "Sweetest Thing" by U2; "Mona Lisa" and "Dirty Secret," Grant-Lee Phillips.

Angry: "Bodies" by Drowning Pool

Soothing: "People Get Ready" by Eva Cassidy on the Live at Blues Alley CD

Bob Dylan: "Positively 4th Street" (both)

As usual, I have more to add

Mr. Hyde: Chop Suey by System of A Down, Down or any of a handful of 311 songs, Mother by Danzig.

Dr. Jekyll: I Like Cold Beverages by G-Love, Babylon or any of a handful of 311 songs, Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam.

Michele! I know you don't agree with the message of American Idiot, I don't either. But for goodness' sake, leaving politics to the side, it's a great rock & roll song. Why not just think of Ted Rall when you're singing along in the car? The song is just way too good to allow Billie Joe's politics to ruin it for you...

ANGRY: "I Hate" by Overkill. (You MUST include this one.. it's a perfect anger song!)
almost anything pre Countodown to Extinction by Megadeth, but particularly "Rattlehead" and "Set The World Afire"

Happy: "Cold Gin" Kiss. "Back In The New York Groove" Ace Frehley "Back In The Day" Megadeth just to name a few.

Angry: "T.O.A.B." by Sevendust

Happy: Almost any song from Matchbox Twenty's "More than You Think You Are" album.

Angry: Mountain Song - Jane's Addiction and Fuck the Bullshit - 311.

Melancholy: Walk on the Ocean - Toad the Wet Sprocket and Snow Day - Trip Shakespeare

Happy: These Are The Days - 10,000 Maniacs and Ballet For A Rainy Day - XTC

-- Angry songs:

Iggy - "Search & Destroy" (or, the Dictators' live version would do well)

13th Floor Elevators - "You're Gonna Miss Me"

Scars - "Horrorshow"

Robert Fripp - "Breathless"

Big Black - "Ugly American"

Pixies - "Debaser"

-- Happy songs"

Cheeky Monkey - "Gerry Cheevers" (originally recorded by the BMX Bandits)

Tiny Tim - "Fill Your Heart"

The Monochrome Set - "Reverie"

The Pogues - "South Australia" (YEAH!)

Men Without Hats - "Pop Goes The World" (and believe me, I feel so GAY admitting that I love this song...)

Captain Sensible - "Croyden"

Ian Dury - "Blockheads"

Yes - "South Side of the Sky"

Wire - "Ex-Lion Tamer" & "Mannequin"

Bonzo Dog Band - "What Do You Do?"

mad - D12, "40oz."; RATM, "Down Rodeo" (if not the aforementioned "Killing in the Name Of"); AIC, "Them Bones" ... only because the first time I heard it I was insanely angry, and I listened to it over and over again, really really loud ... AAAAAAH! (dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun)

sad/melancholy - Nirvana unplugged, covering the Meat Puppets, "Oh, Me";

happy - just about anything by wesley willis. Try not laughing at "Cut the Mullet" or "Rock and Roll McDonalds"
... I dare you.

Anger : These days it's NiN : "Starfuckers", "Eraser" or "Terrible Lie" work for me.

Mellow : Blondie "Atomic" or Joe Walsh "Life's Been Good"

Anger/Rage: Blackout, The Scorpions

Happy/Mellow: Black Dove, Tori Amos

At work now so I cant be exact with titles....

Head Splitting Times: Most of the soundtrack from Blackhawk Down (especially the track where they are mounting the air assault), old school Metallica (Ride the Lightning, Green Hell etc..) ACDC-Back in Black, Shook me all night long, Hells bells. Ozzy on Crazy Train. Rammones "Beat on the Brat" during the debates.

Good times: Jimmy Buffet...any of it....how can that not brighten your day. Pink Floyd (yes I'm twisted), BB King

Good Stress Relief FPS games:
Ghost Recon, BF1942, BF:Vietnam, RB6 Raven Sheild, Doom3, Halo, Full Spectrum Warrior, SW:Battlefront

'Binge and Purge' by Clutch is fun to scream, especially at the end.
What is that NOFX song where this guy beats up someone and gets thrown in jail, then '4 or 6 times a day you receive your hot beef injection'. Lost my voice screaming that one.

Praise and worship music. I need it to wake me up in the mornings or I'm crabby all day.

Angry: "Tame" by the Pixies; "Accelerator" by Primal Scream; "Spitfire" by Prodigy; "Stigmata" by Ministry

Happy: What is this "happy" of which you speak?

Venemous Rage: Head like a hole - Nine Inch Nails (or the entire Broken album works too)
Happy Place: All At Sea - Jamie Cullum, Cruisin' - Smokey Robinson, anything by Ella Fitzgerald

Mr. Hyde: Tops has got to be "DU Hast" by Rammstien, and though I hate to admit it, "Come with Me' by P. Diddy off of the Godzilla soundtrack. Closely followed by AC/DC's "Hells Bells"

Dr. Jekyll
"Uncloudy Day" by Willie Nelson, "One Piece at a Time" by Johnny Cash, and "Clocks" by Coldplay.

Angry -- "Disposable Heroes" by Metallica, "Falling Away From Me" by Korn, "One Shot" by Henry Rollins

Happy place -- any of Weird Al Yankovic's polka medleys, "Marathon" by Rush, "I've Got The World On A String" by Sinatra

Angry: "Drop the Bombshell" by Powerman 5000, "Death to the Infidels" or "Stoopid Ass" by Grand Theft Audio, "Enter Sandman" by Metallica.

Happy: If there's simply nothing for it but raw sugar overdose, "Happy Boys and Girls" by Aqua. I like starting my day with that one if at all possible. If I'm in a more reasonable mood, "99 Red Balloons", especially the Goldfinger cover.

U2s "Beautiful Day" used to be able to pick-me-up on the worst day ... now it just reminds me of Kerry since he's using that song in his campaign crap.

Angry- and don't want to let go - older Cult tunes usually fit the bill.

Flamen--made my day, someone else who appreciates Bonzo Dog Band!!!!

Angry: Bring da Noise - Public Enemy with Anthrax, The Rage - Shootyz Groove

Happy: Under Your Skin - Lucious Jackson

It's amazing how quick I can change my own mood just with music turned to 11.

You got it, Crockett - I'm an old Bonzoz fan all the way! I was one of the first 50 members of Doo Dah, Dean Cole's legendary International Bonzos Fan Collective from the mid 80s. If I were to be completely honest I'd have to list about 20 more Bonzos songs in the "Happy" section! If their cover of "Tubas in the Moonlight" can't make ya feel happy, nothing will! Great to hear from another Bonzo fan!

I'd like to add another one. Discreet Music by Brian Eno. It's a 30 minute ambient track, and it's one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard. It's perfect for Fall.

I could use some angry music right now. I'm desperate for it.


Time for the soundtrack from "End of Days". That's some good angry music.

Angry: "We're not gonna take it" - Twisted Sister

Happy: "Searchin' (for an Answer)" - Chicago

Trying to get toward the middle:
Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" - whatever orchestra is handy.

"Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit, makes you want to, well, break stuff.
"Down With The Sickness" Disturbed, the CD version, with the rant. Scream at the top of your lungs.

"Red Barchetta" by Rush. Actually more relaxing than soothing, unless you're driving, then you're likely to get a speeding ticket.
"Orinoco Flow" by Enya. Yeah, ok I'm going to hell for mentioning Disturbed and Enya in the same post. Just think of me as a Disturbed Enya fan.

Oh, hookecho, if the song from Blackhawk Down is the one I'm thinking of, it's Faith No More's "Falling To Pieces," I recall that being in the movie, was very happy to hear it again.
Because I'm somewhere in between
My life and my agony
You see I'm somewhere in between,
My life is falling to pieces,
Somebody put me together.

Oh! Forgot to mention a great book about children and violent media.

The InstaWife is quoted in it.


"Killing Monsters: Why Children Need Fantasy, Super Heroes, and Make-Believe Violence" by Gerard Jones

Pixies "Gouge Away" does it pretty good both ways.

Another good angry one is "If My Heart Was a Car" by the Old 97's

I'm happy to see someone picked a Reid Paley song though. Underappreciated that guy is. Great drinking music.

Hate music: "Head Like A Hole" NIN, "Happiest Girl In The Whole USA" Donna Fargo, "Won't Get Fooled Again/Baba O'Reilly" The Who, "I Never Picked Cotton" Roy Clark, "Fuck You" Eamon, "Sgt. McKenzie" from the "We Were Soldiers" soundtrack, "Beat On The Brat" The Ramones, "Coat Of Many Colors" by Dolly Parton and "James Brown Is Dead" by L. A. Style.

Happy Music: "Is This Love" by Bob Marley, "Ain't Misbehavin'" by Leon Redbone, "Beautiful Girls" by Van Halen, "Under The Boardwalk" by The Drifters OR the cover by John Mellencamp, "Bring It On Home" by Sam Cooke, "Train In Vain"...the cover version by Dwight Yoakam, and any white trash, eight-track trailer park music you can think of...Skynard, Molly Hatchet, et al.

Angriest Song, that would have to be Kreator-Suicide in Swamps

Happiest would be Alice in Chains-I Stay Away

Nothing says "hang me in the bathroom" like the Cure. Nothing. Thats Why I love them so much.

Cheney's smirk: Ministry's "Stigmata", Ministry and Butthole Surfers' "Jesus Built My Hotrod", Pretenders "Tattooed Love Boys", The Fall's "No Bulbs", and Supergrass' "Caught by the Fuzz"

Edwards' smile: Split Enz "I Got You", Icehouse's "We Can Get Together" (the perfect new wave song: catchy and a bit absurd "Maybe some time/You can button my shoes" WTF?), Lenigrad Cowboys' "Chasing the Light", and Supergrass "We're Alright"

Pink Floyd, One of My Turns
Guns n' Roses, Coma

Pink Floyd, Green is the Color
Dar Williams, Iowa

murderous rage: when I only have time for just one song, I play Stigmata from The Land of Rape and Honey, by Ministry.

If after that, I'm still in a murderous rage, Aneurysm by Nirvana.

And if that didn't calm me down, I listen to Hole's Live Through This almost in its entirety--I make it to song "Softer, Softest" and by then I'm usually too exhausted and weeping to be angry anymore. (Though I might have flipped back and repeated Violet and Doll Parts and Credit in the Straight World a few times over and over again.)

Any song on Spacemen 3's The Perfect Prescription puts me in a happy place, but in particular, Ode to Street Hassle.

Wow...I feel old. I have NO idea who some of these artists are. And the hardest part of this for me is that I don't listen to music much when I'm angry.

Angry: I drop "The Essential Clash" into the player or playlist. Usually get calmed down after "Supermarket."

Happy Place: Anything with good guitar. Clapton, Satriani, Yngwei, BB, Muddy, The Edge, Dave Mason...something that soars.

there's one song that's dual-purpose for me. I think it's called "I'll be glad when you're dead" and i think its a louie armstrong tune.

I never get to hear it and i don't have it, but once in a while i'll catch it somewhere and it just makes my day.

Angry: Saturday, Elton John.

Melancholy: An English Sunset, The Moody Blues.

Despairing: Alice, Elton John.

All I could come up with at the moment.