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In Between Molecules of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

It's a long and circuitous journey from start to finish today. I started the day off thinking about Nine Inch Nails. The deluxe, two disc edition of The Downward Spiral will be released on November 23. And I though, great, I can depress myself in high resolution 5.1 digital surround sound! I'm sure you've never really sunk into a "my empire of dirt" bout of self-pity until you've done it in hi-res. Interestingly (or not), NIN's The Fragile was in heavy rotation on my stereo during the last presidential election. No social commentary there; I had hated the album when it first came out and it was then (a year after its release) that I started to appreciate it. So, Al Gore began his four year meltdown to the strains of The Day the Word Went Away. I can go back four years before that and tell you that on Election night 1996, I was listening to Soundgarden's Down on the Upside. I'm pretty sure it was a new release then (hang on while I check -yep, released in 1996) and we spun that one (as much as one can spin a CD, as opposed to vinyl) often. So often, in fact, that a then three-year old DJ became enamored of it. Every night, he would ask "Mommy, Soundgarden!" and he wouldn't be able to fall asleep until Blow Up the Outside World came on. That's just ridiculous, you say. A three year old listening to that song? Were you trying to raise a psycho? Hah. You have no idea. Soundgarden had only recently surpassed The Offspring's Smash as his favorite. You should have heard him sing Come Out and Play. To this day, we make fun of him when that song comes on the radio. Keep 'em sepraded! He's eleven now and hasn't shown the slightest hint of homicidal tendencies, despite what the other mothers in my Perfect Parenting group believed. It just can't be all Tom Chapin and Barney all the time, you know? That is what makes drives kids towards hobbies that include storing dead hookers in their car trunk. I do wonder, though, what the early musical tastes of children mean for their ideals later on. For instance, Natalie, at the age of four, was enamored of Green Day's Dookie album. While Green Day wasn't overtly political back then, I do wonder if her choice of music had some bearing on her becoming a tree-hugging hippie later in life. Look at Green Day now, they're commies! Hah. Just kidding. Of course, making songs about Americans - particularly conservative Americans - being idiots doesn't make you a commie. American Idiot is actually quite a good album, title song notwithstanding. Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Jesus of Suburbia are two standout songs from the CD, though Jesus tends to get bogged down in its length; Green Day is not a band that should delve often into Who-esque concept songs. But for what it is, its enjoyable. The title song, on the other hand, makes me laugh. That would be great if it were a novelty song, but it's supposed to be a serious commentary on the political climate of the day, I think. Witness this line: I'm not a part of a redneck agenda. And I think. Your name is Billie Joe. You look like this. It's funny 'cause it's true. So what album will I remember this election by? It's hard to say; I don't listen to whole albums much anymore, everything comes by way of Winamp and the shuffle button. 8,000 or so songs at my fingertip, everything from show tunes to angry German industrial metal. Well, we have been listening to Weezer's blue album a lot. DJ has taken a liking to it and he's determined to add every song on the playlist to his guitar repertoire. I'm telling you, it was a very proud parental moment for me when I heard him say to his friend, "You've never heard of Weezer? Oh my god, they are the Best. Band. EVER." I nearly cried with pride. So the other day I hear him trying to replicate the bass line from Only in Dreams. I can hear him softly singing along with the music. Well, I can hear him if I put my ear to his closed bedroom door. And then the music stops and I run into the laundry room so I don't get caught snooping on his singing. He finds me folding shirts. "Mom? That song is really sad. Like, when he says But when we wake, itís all been erased, and so it seems, only in dreams..." He pauses. Dramatic effect. "It makes me feel sad." Oh, honey, you don't know sad until you've listened to The Wretched in surround sound while reading the latest election polls. And there you have it. My admission for the day. Iím suffering from post-debate depression disorder. For the first time in this campaign, I feel like Kerry could actually win. That's put a knot in my stomach, the kind I haven't felt since I was in the throes of a love-soaked depression that made me crawl under the covers and listen to Stabbing Westward's Darkest Days for 48 hours straight. I'm not ready to drag out the post-modern wallowing in depression music just yet (I have Alice in Chains on stand-by), but I'm getting there. What I need is for someone to shoot me up with a hypodermic needle filled with hope. Which, as we know, dangles on a string, like slow, spinning redemption. Oh, lord. If the soundtrack to this election is going to be sung by Dashboard Confessional, we're in deep shit.


Naw, don't even sweat it. Kerry can't win, this is just smoke and mirrors. He's still the same non-committal fraud he was pre-debate.

Oh, and March of the Pigs and The Becoming in 5.1? I'm SO there.

Hhmmm...hypodermic hope needles:

At least you don't live near Mount St. Helens?

The stock market is up about 70 pts so far today.

The court rejected a challenege to the Do-Not-Call list.

Yellow Ledbetter is on the radio.

To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival. - Wendell Berry

Shaun of the Dead

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. - Calvin Coolidge


Hopefully those will hold you over. If not, there's always cheesecake.

Cheesecake, Shaun of the Dead and Eddie Vedder mumbling incoherently.

Suprisingly, it helps. Thanks.

Don't sweat it. The MSM is carrying water for K/E. Didn't Rove send you the daily update?

Last election night I was listening to Primal Scream's XTRMNTR.

I can't remember what it was in 1996, probably something punk or indie, though. ;-)

I'm not sure what the last paragraph means, but I think I get it. I had to suffer through those miserable little pricks and their aimed-at-notebook-scribbling-13-year-old-girl double-acoustic-guitar attack at the Austin City Limits music festival in order to get a decent enough plot of ground for the Pixies.

My personal theme for this year's election is The Replacement's "Beer for Breakfast", because it's turning me into an alcoholic.

check out the new Megadeth The System Has Failed. It's no Peace Sells..., but it's a damn fine CD. There's moments on there that could fit on the election soundtrack... particularly "Kick The Chair" and "Blackmail The Universe."

You know the Jihad reminds me of when I lived across the street from a crack house...

Work with me here. A local crack head fixated on our house. First he broke into one roomate's car and stole a broken boom box...

Then he broke the same roomate's window and stole another broken tape machine. He couldn't get into the rest of the house because my roomate padlocked his door.

Then he kicked in our back door when I was home. The first thing he did was run to the front window and gibber some madness about his imaginary enemies being out there. Then it occured to him that, having broken into a house he was supposed to be robbing it. He threatened me with an imaginary knife and stole yet another broken tape machine (ha!), this time from my bedroom - oh and a jar of pennies.

The point, such as it is, is that the man was insane and fixated on us for no reason accessable to those of us who don't see imaginary enemies or wave around imaginary knives.

If John Kerry is elected and we have no one in charge whoes competent to hunt down our (much more dangerous) mad stalker, I keep thinking it would be nice to be able to move to a country that isn't being stalked by the crazies of the world. Japan, say.

Where's the outrage about Fox News just making shit up about Kerry? Hmm?

How come you're not complaining about that? You certainly went after CBS, when they used fake documents passed on to them. That's nothing compared to just making shit up on the fly.

Where's the outrage?

I know, I shouldn't expect it.

Oh shut the fuck up, will you? When you pay me to write on a certain subject, then I'll write what you want. Until then, stick to the subject at hand or leave me alone.

Michele, think about this.

France and Germany have no intention of committing troops to Iraq no matter who wins next month. China thinks the six-nation talks with the DPRK are the only correct option. And Iran laughed ó†laughed! ó†at Kerry's proposal to give them nuclear fuel in exchange for their shutting down their enrichment program.

All the brilliant foreign-policy proposals Kerry floated during the debate are lying in pieces on the floor. The debate wasn't nearly the winner for Kerry that some folks seem to think it was.

Hi Michele.

I recommend taking a few deep breaths, and then simply delete the posts that annoy you so that you don't have to look at them again or read them again or think about them again.

So 80 percent of the population is too immature to disagree with someone without being insulting? Write them off! There's no more reason to let them into your web site than there would be to let them into your house.

It's not like the trolls are going to be greatful to you for hosting their opinions on your web site. Delete, ban and update your mail filters early and often I say.

This is your web site. If people here don't amuse, delight or at least please you, why keep their little verbal mistakes around eh?

"Where's the outrage about Fox News just making shit up about Kerry? Hmm?

How come you're not complaining about that? You certainly went after CBS, when they used fake documents passed on to them. That's nothing compared to just making shit up on the fly."

Uhhh are you referring to the satire that was posted that completely retracted and apologized for?

If so, Fox looks a hell of alot better than CBS.

And that frankly is pretty sad.

Aw. Buck up, Li'l Buckaroo! Even if the Dems do win this election, we won't know about it until the recounts are over around Christmas.

I was suffering from pre-debate depression disorder. For awhile in this campaign, I felt like Bush could be re-elected. That put a knot in my stomach, the kind I hadn't felt since I was in the throes of a love-soaked depression that made me crawl under the covers and listen to the Cure..

But all is now well. Bush has been revealed as the petulant little baby he is. Kerry's gonna kick his ass in the next 2 debates and win this election.I'm listening to Guyville and dancin' my pants off!

David, what make you think they'll be done by Christmass? I read that the Democrats are hiring 40,000 lawyers just for legal challenges, and they have another 10,000 available to them from NGO sources...

Did you know that the country of Japan has less than 20,000 lawyers in toto?

Oh, this is going to be bad.

For work related reasons that I can't explain in public, I've been having to listen to "American Idiot" (the song) since mid-May. I'm glad someone feels my pain about the sheer lameness of that track.

Regarding Alice in Chains: I know it's supposed to be depressing, but every time I throw on Dirt I end up singing every word, air-guitaring all over, and generally having a blast. Maybe I'm just weird.

Mmmm...XTRMNTR. (gargling sound)

Hate to spam and run, but click my user name to check out my new choon (Bomb a Rock Star). Not great, but perhaps good enough for a spin or two. One-hundred-percent not funded by George Soros.

I admit, Kerry seemed pretty smooth. And after the fact most all of the foreign policy ideas he put forth have been shown to be fundamentally flawed.

It's always been possible that Kerry would win. The professional anti-Bush hate machine (and all their little wannabe amateur follwers) have been beating that horse until it's not only dead, it's buried and the grass there is coming along nicely - or it would if people would quit beating that gravesite.

But I think that possibility has peaked and passed. The problem with those of us who have been paying attention and supporting Bush is that (maybe because we weren't under that pressure, maybe we're better eloquitors than Dubya), we sensed opportunities that Bush had to really lay in to Kerry, and those opportunities passed him by.

The Wrong War, Wrong Time meme was hammered hard, but it would also have been telling if Bush had mentioned the "Coalition of the Coerced, Bribed, and Bullied". It would have been telling if Bush had told Kerry that scoffing at the realtively small contribution of allies makes them less likely to support you even symbolically in the future. It would have been telling to say that his sister's attempts to subvert and destroy Australia's assistance is not the action that a Commander in Chief should allow.

The MSM is writing the "comeback kid" story, but with their own credibility on the rocks, I can't see them carrying it very far. In the meantime, in the words of a somewhat cooler movie than Phantom Menace, you've got to let it all go - fear, doubt, and disbelief.

For the record, I am married to a professional musician. Our 6-year-old has been exposed to MANY musical forms (Beatles, Queensryche, St. Saens, Puccini, Van Halen). This morning, she asked which man I was voting for President. I told her President Bush and explained why I thought that he was the best choice. She told me that she would vote for him, too. This from a child who has been to a Jimmy Buffet concert and wants to see KISS live.... There IS hope....