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the return of asv radio: taking requests!

Some very random radio for you tonight. I took the first batch of random songs to pop up on my Winamp and threw them into the radio folder. Enjoy, and feel free to leave loved it/hated it comments. It's always interesting to see what other people think of the music you listen to. [Radio has been moved to the sidebar] I've included the words to Faith No More's RV below. If you have any requests, it's pretty easy for me to add a song in. If I have it, I'll add it.
Backside melts into the sofa My world my TV and my food Besides listening to my belly gurgle There ain't much else to do Yeah, I sweat a lot Pants fall down everytime I bend over My feet itch Yeah - I married a scarecrow I hate you Talkin' to myself Everybody's staring at me I'm only bleedin' Someone taps me on the shoulder every 5 minutes No on speaks English anymore Would anybody tell me if I was getting stupider? I hate you Talkin' to myself You don't feel it after awhile You take the beating I'm a swingin' guy Throw a belt over the shower curtain rod And swing--- Toss me inside a hefty And put me in the ground A drink needs me I don't I ain't about to guzzle no tears So kiss my ass Newscasters, cockroaches, and desserts I hate you Talking to myself Everbody's staring at me I'm only bleeding Where are the kids? Maybe getting pregnant or on drugs or on welfare on top of the world on the honor roll on parole on the dodgers on the backs of milk cartons on stakes in the middle of cornfields on covers of future history books on old lady's mantles walkin' on water nailed on crosses I think it's time I had a talk with my kids I'll just tell 'em what my daddy told me YOU AIN'T NEVER GONNA AMOUNT TO NOTHIN


Good rock. I like it.

Anyway, I've had this list up for a while now, but it's still good:

Rathergate: The Musical



Wow. Toadies been listening to a lot of Pixies! That's not a bad thing, by the way.

Great Michele! Thanks for putting it up. I don't mean to state the obvious, but an individual's choice of music is generally a good indication of where they are in their life (I know my musical tastes have changed a number of times during my lifetime, until getting to a point of being able to appreciate it all). I've been reading for a number of months now and I get the sense I got to know you that much more with this post. Keep it up! We're reading... AND LISTENING!


I love RV.

Wow. That's not much like the Faith No More I remember...

Well, FNM was more versatile than people give them credit for. Also, if you are remembering them through the song "Epic" then I suggest you run to your nearest record store and buy "Angel Dust" or any of their other albums.

I'm convinced michele is my evil twin. OR vice versa. At least as far as music taste goes.

Dean, you ought to hear their versions of "Easy", and "Let's Lynch the Landlord".

Angel Dust is one of the greatest albums ever. It's up there with London Calling, Double Nickels On the Dime and Exile on Main Street on my list.

How about FNM - "Caffeine"


We needs some Nick Cave!

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