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And Three PSAs

One of my fave bloggers,Andrew Ian Dodge, has just published a new book, The Gathering Dark. From the publisher: bq. Andrew Ian Dodge writes in the Cthulhu mythos, and does so in a way that manages to please long time fans of Lovecraft while still engaging the modern reader... I know a lot of my readers like that genre, so go check it out. I'm going to buy a copy. Please go over and send your condolences to Chris Muir. And, don't forget the boobies. There's plenty of new photos up, so if you can spare some loose change for a great cause, head over there.


Too bad Gwyneth Paltrow hates Bush. Her post-pregnancy mammaries are bigger than Michael Moore's man-boobies

The Dodge link isn't working. I'd be interested in the book, so when you're done reading it, how 'bout a review?

The link works now. Thanks for the link btw, I appreciate the kind words.

Aww Crap Chris didn't deserve that :(