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Hey, it's Friday

I am in a foul, black cloud, fire breathing mood today. It's best that I stay away from rants lest I say things I may regret. Or do things you may regret. So let's just have some fun and maybe we can all stay out of trouble. Battle the ASV monkey, beeyotches.
is a
Broccoli-Eating Kung-Fu Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 8.2

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat asv, enter your name:


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I WIN! 8.7 - 8.2. Take that BEKF Monkey!

Penis poll!!

Penis poll!!

muwahahaha, the reluctant werewolf is a purple-people eating spider monkey. 8.4

Hell yeah. Bring it.


As my alter ego, "frumpydoodle," - which took quite a while to make up in order to win - I just kicked your ass with a 9.0.

As myself, I suppose I'll just have to stick to slappin' your ass.


John Nowak is a Garlic-Eating Kung-Fu Monkey with a Battle Rating of 9.7.
Unleash your own Food-Eating Battle Monkey.

LeatherPenguin, the Beef-Eating Howler Monkey, scores an 8.4 ... all your broccoli are ours.

(This is not going to do anything good for her mood, sports fans.)

It's just one of those throw down your muskets, take off your pantaloons, and have some tea and babka kind of days huh?!

Please, please do not ask me to explain the above comment by my co-worker. You really don't want to know.

mole the Fire-Eating Magic Monkey; Battle Rating : 8.8

VRWC the Bone-Eating Death Monkey Battle Rating : 8.9


asv the Broccoli-Eating Kung-Fu Monkey
Battle Rating: 8.2

VRWC wins!

Heh. ASV kicked the ass out of the 4.7 Caviar-Eating Killer Monkey... ah well, don't bring caviar to a gun fight... :)

"(Homer lusting sound) ...babka!"


Hee hee hee.

Purple People-Eating Magic Monkey

Battle Rating : 9.1

All my handles come up as "Terrified Pudding-Eating Midget Monkey" or somesuch, but:

I'm afraid John F Kerry is an 8.2.

Billy Gibble the Fire-Eating Howler Monkey kicks your abbreviated ass, 8.8 to 8.2!

This Broccoli-Eating Pirate Monkey barely beat you with an 8.3

Haggis-Eating Death Monkey

Battle Rating : 9.8

Other Bushisms:

g w b the Cake-Eating Sniper Monkey Battle Rating : 3.5

george bush the Plastic-Eating Sumo Monkey Battle Rating : 5.6

george w bush the Dirt-Eating Attack Monkey Battle Rating : 5.9

gwb the Fruit-Eating Cave Monkey Battle Rating : 6.5

george w. bush the Burger-Eating Sea Monkey Battle Rating : 0.9

george walker bush the Garlic-Eating Ninja Monkey Battle Rating : 9.6

You have been spanked by Solonor the Haggis-Eating Super Monkey with a Battle Rating of 9.3, monkey girl.

Hey, this is better than Magic 8-Ball!

Dan Rather: 4.6
Cake-Eating War Monkey

CBS News: 5.7
Burger-Eating Kung-Fu Monkey

The truth: 7.7
Broccoli-Eating Rage Monkey


Coke: 7.2
Fish-Eating Samurai Monkey

Pepsi: 0.0
Beef-Eating Surrender Monkey


Halliburton: 9.7
Garlic-Eating Assassin Monkey


Martha Stewart: 1.2
Tofu-Eating Sea Monkey


BC Monkey the Brain eating Kung-Fu Monkey!
Battle Rating 9.8

Bow to the Great Monkey Cause!

Rock-Eating Rage Monkey

Kick ass!

Must have been the penis post:

ron jeremy
Haggis-Eating War Monkey

Battle Rating : 8.8

By an amazing coincidence
"John F Kerry" the Porridge-Eating Howler Monkey (Battle Rating : 8.2)

fought you to a draw just like he did to the president last night!

Try it!

Zach, the Broccoli Eating Super Monkey bows to your superior skill. (One of my many alter-egos, "BlackPadre", the Haggis Eating Moon Monkey came out with 8.7, but that just didn't seem right that I should wind up stronger than asv). Beware the Buddha Finger!

Hmm. "Lao Tsu" is a
Banana-Eating Surrender Monkey
Battle Rating : 0.0


Cameron Diaz: "Burger-Eating Skeleton Monkey" - 3.9

Osama bin Laden: "Plastic-Eating Swamp Monkey" - 2.9

John Edwards: "Rock-Eating Surrender Monkey" - 0.0

Me: "Pizza-Eating Peace Monkey" - 2.1


Too much fun.

buffy the Porridge-Eating Magic Monkey Battle Rating : 8.2
vampire the Litter-Eating Surrender Monkey Battle Rating : 0.0

A fine scotch lost badly to ASV, but try this link:


Victory is mine!!
TBBs fire eating magic monkey conquers with a battle rating of 8.8.

The Brickmuppet Blog has its first real victory on the long road to world domination!

Now to buy some PJs.

My 9 yr old daughter typed in her nick and kicked butt!

Small: Man-eanting Kung-Fu monkey! 9.7

Our Office Champion:

Linda Best
Brain Eating Pirate Monkey

my dck , bone eating monkey has an equal rating of 8.2, it was a tie

billgates takes the win with a 9.1

God eats porridge

My monkey ragnarok beat asv with 9.6

My monkey ragnarok beat asv with 9.6

(sorry bout double post, fixed my name

I think I just took the win over anyone now... my monkey "fingering" just scored a 9.8