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Now that I have your attention, I'd like to remind you that the boobiethon starts today. Please, please link this on your site. It's a good cause with some nice side benefits for those boobie-loving folks who donate. My boobies will make an appearance before it's over.


Both of them?

One at a time.

Wise ass.

You know, if there were a "Bloggerbuttathon 2004" for convincing people to stop smoking or something, yes, I'd do one buttcheek at a time.

AND all four kitty-butts would be involved, too. If Edloe's butt couldn't convince people to stop smoking, I don't know what will.

That's a good cause! My soul mate has breast cancer. If I weren't gay, we would have married, no doubt about it.

We have been totally codependent for 15 years, and I love her!

Much like politics, there seems to be no way of changing anyone's mind when it comes to treatment. Me, I'm more of a traditionalist. My friend on the other hand is forgoing follow-up chemotherapy/radiation in favor of intravenous Vitamin C and a laetrile 3x a week after having had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed for Stage II. Me, I prefer MDís over crystals, juices, the shaman on a hill or whatever, but thatís me.

By the way, Michele, I heard you on a webcast radio program a while back. Ha, you sounded mild-mannered and reminded me of a teacher I once worked with. Thanks for the plug for gay marriage on the right-wing radio station!

Thanks too for opposing the prison camps for lefties. Orange jumpsuits are definitely a fashion no-no and the stripes, oh the humanity of it all. Then there's the whole reaching for the soap thing which invariably sets Bubba and his boys a thinkiní or so Iíve been told.

As a gratis parting political pot-shot: the best thing about Kerry, besides the fact that he will make us safer is his wife. Now thereís a balanced gal. Haha