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Post Debate

Allah is rounding up blogosphere reactions to the debate. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the TCP chat.



I posted this over at TCP, but I'll repeat it here.

THANK YOU to you and Alan for the chatroom. I enjoyed it, even really spread myself thin following the debate, the chat AND live-blogging on my own site.

Standing Ovation.


I have been off-line for the last little while, so I have to ask, has anyone made a connection between John Kerry's Orange face and his Oompah-Loompah suit from a few months ago?

I think you might have missed a piece on NBC on "undecided voters" where one lady said she was a "security mom" and she is going to vote for Kerry. The all of the group was going to vote for Kerry. Hummmm, smells fishy to me.

I was there for a bit. but didn't see much ... at work and all that jazz.. My impressions are at my site...

Scorched earth. Friday's Lileks.

Mr. Lawson, that's a whole ship hold of tuna gone bad.

Kerry wants to give nuclear material to friggin' Iran and it makes the "mom" feel "safe"????

The President really needs to not make that prissy little moue of disapproval with his mouth when his opponent is talking.

It makes him look like the Church Lady.

No one said this was going to be easy,so the "constant vigilance" thing from our man T Jefferson needs to have full tilt play in the next 30 days.Any and all with a clue needs to go all out to make sure W wins by a decisive margin.Thanks Michele for hanging in there and feeding the fire.Full discourse among the aware is crucial at this point in our history,and you are one of the leaders in this field.Your contributions are awesome!

I've said this on my blog but I'll say again: the importance is not what people are thinking 5 or 10 minutes after the debate ends. It's what comes from the thoughts and discussions it generates over the next few days while people talk about the ideas and the candidates.

And one thing I noticed: Kerry left a lot for Bush to work with, while Bush gave Kerry very little that he didn't already have.