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The Bender Post of the Day

You may recall that I was to take part in a debate this week. And you may recall this post from yesterday, which chronicled the trouble I had while trying to engage in said debate.
Obviously, the debate did not go well. I was sort of distracted by the water running across my office floor and the office windows rattling and bending inward every time the ghost of Hurricane Jeanne drew a breath. The moderator of the debate decided to post what little took place. Which is fine, as I told her if that's what she wanted to do, to go ahead. Even though I felt that the ten minutes or so of conversation that transpired between Mr. Pollack makes me come off as flighty and not quite ready for prime time. But I felt as if I had entered into an agreement with the moderator and, as such, I owed her at least that much. Well, thanks (I think) to an Instpundit link, a lot of people actually went and read this "debate" and some of them even took the time to email me to call me some choice words, including liar, idiot, phony, chickenshit and some other things that I won't even bother printing. People believe what they want to believe. I refuse to go take pictures of water damage to my office floor just to prove to some jackass sitting at his computer that I really did have a flood in that room. Did you pay to read this debate? No. So, I owe you nothing. Not an explanation. Not photographic proof. NOTHING. It's a website, people. A little back and forth between two bloggers. If you feel cheated or ripped off, then you need more help than I can give you. You need a life. And if you think for one minute that I am going to apologize to you, well, you should hear me laughing over here. Cackling, even. At you. For the record, I have never backed down from anyone who challenged my opinion in the three plus years I've been blogging. In fact, all my opinions are right here in the archives. All my reasons for voting for Bush are here, too. If you are that desperate to know what goes on inside my chicken little head, do the research yourself. Let me repeat: Get. A. Life. Preferably one that doesn't include harassing bloggers who you perceive to be con artists because they didn't cough up your FREE content when and where you wanted it. And to all those who have called me a liar:


Bender is truly a robot for all seasons.

What's this about FREE content? I thought I HAD to pay you in the form of cash or presents... Dang, next thing I know, you'll tell me there's no free ice cream either!

Too right! Haahahahaha, I can totaly picture you as a cackler too. I bet your an effing great cackler. What an awesome word! CACKLE! I wish I could have worked it into a reply on the previous 'Gackle' thread. That would've been more homophony than I could handle. cacklegracklecacklegrackle.

My god, I am severly retarded.

I just read the mini-debate and thought you both did fine, actually. With more time, I'm sure you both would have gotten past the basics of the argument. I look forward to a re-match.


Most of us just hope you are able to get your water troubles behind you. Please take care of things so we can continue to enjoy you and your writing for years to come.

Who's with me?

Screw those 'tards emailing you...

I thought you did just fine, considering that the billed-as-intelligent Pollack was simply regurgitating MoveOn.org talking points the whole time.

Are you sure you want to be asking a bunch of rumor mongering, pajama clad computer geeks to be biting your ass?

Ahem. Careful what you wish for, especially having just exposed the rackage a few days ago.

I thought you were doing quite well, actually. I'd love to see the debate continue, but I got the impression that Neal didn't want to face you again. When you nailed him on Saddam's ties to Al Queda as referenced in the 9/11 report, he couldn't change the subject fast enough.

I didn't think Pollack was all that good. Mostly meme.......

But it has to get your goat that the emailers think you owe them something.


Michele, why do you dignify this nonsense with a response?

As someone who greatly enjoys disagreeing with nearly everything you say (except Bender and FNM) I think you acquitted yourself well. The circumstances sucked and you made it very clear that you would be willing to resume when conditions allowed -- I don't see what more anyone could ask for.

Actually, I was really disappointed that you couldn't continue, because I thought you were doing really well.

Mr. Pollack's arguments seemed to come primarily from his anger and the Standar Democratic Talking Points.

Here's hoping you get the water issues straightened out soon.

HA! Don't sweat it (though based on what I've read for 3 yrs, you won't). You've been winning the debate for several years now, so fighting a flood while trying to debate at the same time only makes you look even more kickass.