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Someone remind me when Valentine's Day comes around to send Puce a dozen roses, some chocolate and a stalker-ish poem written on scented stationery and sealed with a kiss. I don't care if his English sucks, I love him.


um. I am completely lost on this. I guess my retard-speak is a little rusty. what exactly is going on over there are treacher's place?

I guess this would be called an blog in-joke, one that you had to be around at the beginning to get.

Someone needs to write a history of Puce.

hastory as puce CLICK

NELL POLICK typas mor word, wan dabat AMDITAT

great, one more blog that's more popular than my own. maybe if I start a feud with him I'll get lots of hits. Now that I'm tossing it around, a feud with this guy would be ideal. See, if I had a feud with someone who's popular and made lots of sense (like paul@sanitys-edge, michele, or just about anyone for that matter), I'd lose because I'm...well, I'm somewhat...dumb and lazy. But if I feud with Puce, all I have to do is be ledgible and literate. I can't even understand what he just wrote: Amditat? It's on buddy!!

I want to write Puce's bio. If you or Treacher ever happen to discover his true identity -- which I know you probably won't, because Puce is onviously too crafty for that -- I insist you have him contact me at once.

(Pulitzer Prize, here I come!)


Oh HELL yeah! AWESOME! I shall make my first feud post this afternoon promptly after work. MAY THE BEST FEUDER WIN!!