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I know there's a lot of important stuff going on in the world, but the news that radio legend Scott Muni died today has really put a crimp in my day. Muni was the voice of my youth. I'll write more about it later. Just wanted to spread the news, for those who remember him as fondly as I. (Thanks to the penguin for the heads up)


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When Opie and Anthony did their impression of him, I nearly diead laughing. He was a true radio legand...

Damn. He was one of my favorites on WNEW-FM before they changed formats (about the time he left).

I had no idea that he was that old. He still sounded young.

Oh, man. Scott Muni. Brings back memories. Allison Steele, Scott Muni, Jonathan Schwartz... WNEW-FM rocked. Totally rocked.