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Do I need to remind you about the boobies?

My novella-length morning post concerning Napoleon Dynamite, duck-and-cover techniques and fear and loathing in the Democratic party won't be ready for a while. But I shall use the usual morning traffic to remind you of something: boobies. Yes, I said boobies. It's my understanding - after years of observing humans - that everyone likes boobies, even heterosexual women like myself. Not only are boobies beautiful and enticing, but the word itself is fun to say. Say it with me. Boobies. Now, what do bloggers love besides themselves and the boobies of other bloggers? Charity, of course. Bloggers and their readers are a generous bunch, always running campaigns for one cause or another. So let's put this all together: Bloggers, the boobies of bloggers and charity. Add them up and you have Boobiethon 2004 [you can read the history of the boobiethon here]. This is the third year that we're raising money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. This year, you'll be able to make an honory donation to the foundatio on behalf of bloggers Sandee or Dori, both of whom are fighting the good fight against breast cancer. (Last year's efforts were highlighted in Self Magazine) Basically, you get to see a lot of artfully photographed boobies in exchange for your donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation (all donations [tax deductible!] go directly to the foundation, there is no middle-man this year). And we get to show off our racks to support an important cause. What more could you want. The Boobiethon '04 starts on October 1st and runs through October 10th. Get your pics/donations in early and be ready for the onslaught of beautiful, bountiful, tastefully rendered boobies. No, I did not say tasty. Will my boobies make an appearance this year? Perhaps. My incentive to flash is your donations. Keep that in mind. Go, boobies!


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If my wife knew I was reading a post regarding boobies, she'd probably revoke my blogging privilages.

I promised that I wouldn't contribute mine because that would be, like, icky. But I have been talking to some wimmenfolk.

I'm sorry, but I was never good with Flash. How about a simple animated GIF?

Huh. Huhhh huh.

She said "Boobies".

Huhhhh huh huhhh.

A very worth-while cause that deserves attention, and not just because of the boobie-photos-funny-cracks (Huh. Huhh huh. He said "Crack"), but because there are many, many women facing a hard to detect and scary beast. You know some of these people and they need to know that there is support for finding a cure and improving treatment.

Now, if this were a movement (Huh. Huh. He said "Movement") to raise awareness of PROSTATE cancer, I would not want to see any, um, prostate-like photos. No. None. Not here, not there, not any where. Boobies is good, though, I LIKES to see boobies...

Dan Patterson
Winston-Salem, NC

Kennedy: I would, ah, like to take this opportunity to announce my fondness for, ah, Michele's boobies.  [audience cheers]

Nixon: I'd also like to express, er, my fondness for those particular boobies. [audience grumbles]

No one needs to remind me about the boobies. Ever.

If my wife knew I was reading a post regarding boobies, she'd probably revoke my blogging privilages.

Ditto...but it's for a good cause, right?

Anyway, for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting this announcement...alas, my boobies will not be making an appearance this year. Your appetites are safe....

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

I like "tits." Just can't stop thinking about George Carlin's observation that the word sounded cute, fun. Like a breakfast cereal: Sugar Coated Tits!

Or a nickname: Toots, meet Tits.

Oh, and I second Dan Patterson's comemnts. If a similar program ever runs about prostate cancer, let's skip the prostate related photos, okay? Boobies work fine. So do tits.

Having grown up in Louisiana, I can't hear "tits" without thinking "show me your." Which is definitely the right idea, but rarely a good way of expressing it.

"Boobies" has no such connotations for me, though.

Don't get me wrong: there's definitely a time for "tits." I just don't want to be sitting in front of a damn computer screen when that time arrives.

Ready to be jealous? I get to say "boobies" and "tits" out loud at work.

It's a magazine about birdwatching, and we have Blue-footed Boobies and Bushtits as well as American Woodcocks in our lexicon (c: