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VRWC: I've got the creds to prove it

All you people going on about being part of Karl Rove's Vast Right Wing Conspiracy are just blowing smoke. I, for one, am a real member of the VRWC. After all, do you have one of these?
Didn't think so. These people do, and we're the ones getting checks from the Rovinator (and only we're allowed to call him that). [So, I'm thinking about making an update, VRWC Blogger edition of the cards. If you want one, speak up. And maybe I'll update mine to look like, you know, me. As opposed to an alien photoshopped vixen who only slightly resembles me]


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No, Karl just sends me death threats, apparently.

Photoshop is warming up... excellent post, Michele. This plus a digital brownshirt and we're talking a new fashion trend.

Count me in. If you count my days as a college newspaper op-ed columnist and College Republican, I can be listed as "Member since 1989"!

damn it ... I want in from the cold. Karl pretends not to know me, my cat buried my creds in the automatic litter box and my cell leader is in the hospital after getting hold of some bad tuna when shadowing Wonkette.


I find it a bit ironic that Venomous Kate and Da Goddess have their IDs pictured next to each other based on their Moxie-like feud.

Ok, that's it. No one challenges me to Photoshop and lives to tell about it.

You want to see an ID, just give me a minute.

Now THIS is an ID Card, baby!

What is it with these shameless memes? You people! Any old excuse to create bunch of links to other bloggers. Sheesh!

What next?

(I'm thinking, I'm thinking.)

I am a proud member since, well, birth, but don't have a card to prove it...

I am so envious!
I must go out and kick the homeless!

Digital brown pajama wearers?

I definitely need one of these, with the Digital Brownshirt extended background credential.

I wouldn't mind having one myself. I am a convert to the VRWC, coming over in 1980 (what could I do, I was raised by Democrats). Let me know what you need for a card please.

I want one. I've been asking for a VRWC membership card. since I started blogging.


I want one! Pick me, pick me.

I want one! I want one!

With brown pajamas and bunny slippers!

Imperial Keeper

I'm simply green with envy.

I'd love one. I've been looking to have something to give people instead of trying to spell my last name for them (or explain what the hell my blog's name means). Of course, right now my site is graphic-free and has no pictures of me up... probably something I should remedy.

Oooohh...Thief want one.

/Member since 1992
//(as a result of watching my dad cuss out the CBS evening news every night during the Clinton years)

Rove contacted me after I filled out a job application/psyche test. He said that my results indicated a certain ‘moral flexibility’ that could be a plus in his organization.

The Kerry camp contacted me too, but VRWC offered better dental.
Since then it’s been a never ending whirl of far-flung assignments (no, I didn’t kill the president of Paraguay with a fork – that was someone else) and parties at Bill Buckley’s. Life in the VRWC is a martini glass, brimming full. But, despite all I’ve done, Karl has never honored me with a handwritten note on the Hello Kitty paper – or an official card. If I want to be a pajamadeen operative, I guess I’ll have to get some pajamas..

Of course, we Liberals could probably do this SO much better, but we're just way too damn disorganized. (No, you said that YOU were going to bring the granola, dammit!!)

Maybe some sort of a pajamadeen/VRWC dual membership card is in order?

Somebody release photoshop files already, so I can make my own :)

That may be a photoshopped vixen that only slightly resembles you, but I think it made me fall in love!...
How about a larger "suitable for worshipping" version of the pic?
My apologies for being such a perverted creep, but I can't help myself. Moxie ain't nothin' - YOU are THE Conservababe!

Flamen Dialis
President of your Official Fan Club

No, I don't have one, but you could Google up my Usenet posts, which were taglined "VRWC Fronteer" since the very day Field Marshal Rodham spilled the beans.