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she's baaaaaaack (for now)

Well, it's never too early for Halloween, I say. It is by far my favorite holiday and my favorite time of year. I'll probably be doing a lot of Halloween themed blogging for the next month or so and I figure Lenore was just the right figure to help usher in the season. Enjoy her while she lasts. [Please visit Romand Dirge (Lenore's creator) and all of his masterful creations here] Now that I have your attention, please go visit the second Storyblogging Carnival. Link it, too!


Clasp a rare and radiant maiden, whom the angels name Lenore?
Quoth the raven, "EVERmore.(er, at least until Halloween)"

Shouldn't her red cart be jumping over a pile of blue colored candy corn?


I like you, when the world is mine, you shall run the slave labor camps!

(heh, heh, Slave Labor)

I figure Lenore was just the right figure to help usher in the season.

Is that pun intended?

She's back and I love her!

yay! Lenore!

reading halloween blogging beats listening to the stupid political ads any time.

Now I remember why I like the Dirge/Lenore graphics so much. Reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas which is in my top 10 all time movies.

My heart explodes with delight.

Wheeeeee! :) I know it's very silly for her to bring a smile to my face, and I don't care!

Yay! It's Lenore!

when I read the title "she's baaaack" in my feed reader I knew it was Lenore and I had to come see her :) yay. hehehe.

I'm having a hard time believing that, with all the razor sharp minds around here, no on has mentioned what a cute little ghoul she is!

I love how she never leaves this site entirely. She's always just around the corner, waiting patiently.