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marching orders

I got my morning missive from Karl. In case you didn't get yours, I'll post it here. I don't know if he'll get mad about my showcasing his stationery, but I think it's really important for everyone to know that he has a really soft, playful side. Don't forget to synchronize your watches. [Great minds, etc.]


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Isn't that supposed to be 'synchonize swatches'?

I get my memos beamed directly to the implant in my occipital lobe.

I do, however, print them up in triplicate so I can help with the depletion of our forests.

I know this is a forgery because I wrote it.

Always thought Karl had a warmer side.

Damn. I never get the kitties. Mine always have bunnies. Guess I know where I stand.....

Just as I expected!!!

---Tom Nally, New Orleans

How can anyone be angry with a man that uses Hello Kitty stationary?

My favorite part is the glitter heart sticker.

Karl is 2sweet!

Um, I don't think that memo was for public consumption, and I've called the appropriate authorities (goon squad).

Expect some moderate to severe "crushing of dissent" this afternoon.

Well, crap. All Rove ever sends me is a form letter. Oh, I guess I'm not good enough! Not like that big-time blogger Michele. Lousy Karl Rove. See if he gets another fruit basket from me...

Me? Jealous?!? No! It's everyone else who's jealous.

Karl has always been in touch with his softer side..

Just got an e-mail from Karl. The Italian explorer has landed in the New World. Repeat. The Italian explorer has landed in the New World.

Dammit, all I get is the email form blotto, with an accompanying request for more money.

You are special.

right on time

Damn Karl moves fast!

Karl's lucky the Haitian vote isn't a key to this election.

Sharp as marble:

I print mine up in triplicate too. But then I make photocopies of photocopies of the originals. Then I burn the originals just to get rid of any 'distinguishing evidence', and place a set of copies in cold storage 55 miles away. My secretary Lucy Ramirez sometimes gives me a hand...

Karl who?

Never heard of the guy...and if I had heard of the guy, I (AHEM!!!) wouldn't be at liberty to talk about him.

You absolutely crack me up! Thank you! :)

Maybe someone should turn Karl-Karl on to this character. That way he can combine both his softer side AND his evil puppetmaster side.

You sound like the kind of people who can hook me up with the republican operatives working in Cook county and St. Louis to supress the black vote to 100% of registered voters. Please help.

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