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A Place Called Vertigo

Here's something I haven't said since 1987: I like U2's new song. It's not so much the lyrics or the music specifically that moves me. It's the feel. Listening to Vertigo, I'm transported to Eishenhower Park, circa 1978; a warm summer evening, maybe a bottle of Boones Farm wine or a six of Bud nearby, twenty or so people playing Frisbee, and a small pre-boombox era radio playing some early 70's psychedelic, let's-be-groovy music. And that's a really good place to visit. So I'm digging the song. Man.


Interesting. It's different. I'm gonna have to listen to it a few more times before I make a fair assessment. Didn't hit me quite as hard as Beautiful Day.

I really loved Achtung! Baby and All That You Can't Leave Behind. Never was a fan of Zooropa or Pop.

I always think of Eighties music not so much as something I enjoyed, but as something I survived.

In my neighborhood it was Morse Beach on the Chicago shores of Lake Michigan...otherwise, we hung out with the same people. I knew there was a reason I find myself stopping here a couple times a day. We grew up together...different parts of the country, same crowd.

Just out of curiosity, did you have any folks with guitars welded to their hand who insisted on playing "Sandman" by America every time they showed up?

I heard it a couple of days ago, and really liked it. And I haven't much liked anything they've done from Achtung Baby onward.

Again, it's the feel of the song. It feels like something good, as opposed to Zooropa, which feels like something crap. "She wore lemon"? Shut up.

LOVED it. But then again I loved "In the Name of Love" from Unforgettable Fire but thought the rest of the album was very disappointing.

You need to check out Tears For Fears new album. It pays "homage" to the Beatles. Actually, it's like finding Easter eggs in computer games in trying to find which hook they lifted in each song. Still, best of 2004 so far.