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just another manic saturday

Busy day today; more grouting in the bathroom, and the laying of tile (I think this might be the day the bathroom is finally finished), taking the kids to see Shaun of the Dead in the afternoon and then the cutest kid in the world is coming over to spend the night. Obviously, there won't be a lot of fresh material here today. Go over to Kathy Kinsley's place, where she's hurricane blogging and has a whole slew of links to other storm-weary bloggers. Good luck to all my friends and readers in the path of Jeanne (especially those in the Plywood State). It looks like she's headed our way as well, though I'm sure by then she'll be running out of steam. I hope. Truth is, we're more prepared to handle zombies than a hurricane. Maybe we better get our prepare-for-disaster priorities in order. [I also have some hurricane related things over at Command Post]


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