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quickie undead movie review

I'm working on something rather longish about the Kerry campaign and it won't be ready until much later. 19617_p_m.jpgIn the meantime, I would like to use this time to implore you (and by you, I mean American readers) to go see Shaun of the Dead, which was finally released in the U.S. today. I happened to see an advance screening of this movie last month. Now, you know how I love my zombie movies, so I don't take reviewing such films lightly. The zombie genre is one rich in history and it takes a person with honor and reverence for that genre to pull off a good zombie flick. So do not take the following sentences as some fluffly hyperbole meant to substitute for a real, five paragraph review. It comes from the heart, mind and soul. It comes from a long-standing love of the living dead. It comes with passion. Do not walk (nor lumber along lik a zombie) to your local multiplex. Run. No, get in your car and drive real fast. I am offering a money-back refund to those who claim to like zombie movies and do not like Shaun of the Dead. Well, in my heart I am. It's that good. And that's my review. Also, take heart, those who don't like the undead but will be forced to go see Shaun with friend of significant other. It's not just a zombie movie. It's also a romantic comedy. Even a slapstick comedy. And it's also got wry social commentary and some killer Brit accents. I know, this hasn't been the most articulate of movie reviews, but I'm in a rush and I just wanted to make sure I did my part to get all the lovers of undead comedy/drama/romantic capers out of their houses and into the theaters.


Already did the Fangango on this pup!

I don't know if I'm going to go see this in theaters, but I'll definitely see it on DVD.

This weekend has been reserved for The Forgotten, which, like all movies that look really cool, will probably only be "meh". But I have to keep going to them anyway.

We had a chance to see a free preview and missed it! Argh! But it will be seen. Oh yes. It will.

I saw SOTD at a test screening and I definitely second your sentiments, Michele. Plus, it's not often that you see a comedy based on CHARACTER and not just "fun places to throw feces."

"It's not just a zombie movie. It's also a romantic comedy." should be your blog's subhead the next time you change it.


Just got back from seeing it.You're right,it was really really good.

It was great.

Amusing thing is that it just came out on DVD in the UK. What most amused me is that some zombie movie fans are angry that it takes the piss out of zombie movies.

Amusing thing is that it just came out on DVD in the UK.

Which enabled me to download the DVD from usenet two weeks ago. I love the zombie genre. I really liked the remake of "Dawn of the Dead". Great casting. And I really liked SotD. Totally kick ass. Most of the Romero movies have a bit of subtle humor in them but this was sorta like Mr. Bean meets "Dawn of the Dead". It works. There's only one gore filled scene and at that point I was cheering for the zombies. I will buy the dvd when it's released here. If anyone ever needs advice on downloading movies from usenet, the purist way of scamming freebies, email me. Peer to peer transfer is blasphemy!