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Kerry's Exploding Fuel Tank

It's a bumpy, 39 day road to second-best and the Kerry campaign is riding it with no shocks. Next to go, the brakes.

Let's imagine the Kerry camp and all their important issues stuffed inside a Ford Pinto, driving down a New York City street after a harsh winter. Work with me here. Think potholes. Lots of them. With each subsequent pothole traversed, the Pinto jumps and shimmies. And with each jump and each shimmy, the Camp Kerry car loses another body. Look, another undecided voter has been thrown from the vehicle!

You with me? Good.

Let's take a look at some of those potholes. You have your mini-potholes, the ones that make the car bump around a bit. You may not lose any bodies with this one, but you have potential passengers backing off a bit [via Kerry Spot].

12 News Reporter: Most of the polls are tracking that Sen John Kerry as doing a better job on the economy. My question is, why hasn’t that transferred overall in the poll numbers?

Teresa: It has, of course. Of course it has.

Reporter: He’s still down.

Teresa: He’s not. Did you see the polls today? You saw Zogby and ARG

Reporter: Yes, but he’s still down in Arizona.

Teresa: Oh, who cares? You know, one state is not a whole state. In the whole United States, he is even, even, and in some of them one point ahead, and in some one point behind.

Was that the collective body of Arizona I just saw fall out of the car? Before you ask, the answer to your question is yes. Yes, it does matter what the potential First Lady says in a campaign. Just the other day I heard a clip of Teresa using the word scumbag. It's not like she was referring to terrorists, which might have made it acceptable. No, she was referring to her critics. [the clip is from April, you can see the context of it here]

"I believe there is a nobility in public service. I believe every citizen can be a public servant. And should be," Heinz Kerry told News 4. When Wiggin asked, "Do you think some of the nobility has gone out of public service?" the would-be first lady shot back, "Oh, there is [sic] a lot of scumbags everywhere. Not just in politics. In everything. There are a lot of immoral people everywhere."

So, people who don't engage in public service are immoral scumbags? Eh, that's not even the point. The point is, this is not a woman I want representing my country. She's got a foul mouth and is quick to throw insults at those who dare to not be like her. She's a pothole in the campaign.

Thump. Oh my, I think the fender just fell off the Pinto. It tried to maneuver around this pothole but, this being a hypothetical New York street, the thing was the size of Michael Moore. And it looks to be growing, too. What was once a small crack in the road, peripheral to the Kerry campaign, is now threatening to swallow the Camp Kerry car up whole. As Joe Lockhart hangs desperately onto the steering wheel, Bill Burkett is chasing the Pinto down and it looks like he just about caught the door handle. Having Burkett on board this thing - even if he is an unwanted stowaway - is going to weigh this baby down so hard, every pothole is going to look like the black hole.

Gosh, I love metaphors.

Yesterday, the gang that couldn't campaign straight hit a pothole of major proportions. Thing is, they didn't see it for what it was. The view from their car is, shall we say, skewed. The deep pit looming ahead appeared to be a pit stop; a place where they could get out of the car, stretch their legs and get a little repair work done. They would then use this pit stop to pick up more of those undecided passengers, as well as rally the crowd already in the car.

This pothole has a name: Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi.

Allawi spoke to Congress yesterday, thanking America for its role in moving Iraq towards democracy. It was a moving speech, made by a man "almost axed to death by Saddam's henchmen in the U.K. and under constant threat of assassination today."

Not only was the Camp Kerry Pinto traveling far off course when Allawi came to town (it was on Ohio), but Kerry comes out and all but calls Allawi a liar. Ponder this: the man who wants to be President of the United States could not be bothered to meet up with the man who will play a vital role in a vital part of foreign affairs for the next few years. And then, he disses him. Allawi is thanking the country Kerry wants to be in charge of and all he can do is spit at him.

Well, that's par for the Kerry course, anyhow. After all, this is the guy who called our allies fraudulent.

Back to the car metaphor, it seems as if the Little Pinto That Couldn't is purposely steering into these potholes. Rather than drive around them or find another route, they keep chugging along like extreme drivers looking for a challenge. Daredevil campaigning, in a way.

Most of the people hanging on to this deathtrap of a car are there only because they don't like any other available cars. They ignore the bumps and look away when the driver - like a character out of Crazy Taxi - plays chicken with oncoming traffic.

Eventually this car, like thousands of Pintos before it - is going to meet a nasty end when the big Bush Bus rams it from behind. As the Kerry campaign goes down in flames, with it will the hopes and dreams of a million desperate people holding "Bush is Hitler" signs. But they knew what they were getting into. I say, let them crash.

You people who are running alongside the Kerry car right now, debating whether to grab that handle or not: There's still time. You can still back away from the car before it's too late. Do you really want to be riding these crater-filled streets with no shocks?


Speaking of metaphors.


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Great metaphor for the Kerry campaign. It appears to be careening out of control with nobody at the wheel......

How bout Teresa saying she thinks Osama will be caught before the election? She swallowed the conspiracy theorists' Kool-Aid with that one...

I'm joyriding in that car, thankyouverymuch. But that's the great thing about being an American isn't it? While I don't always agree with you I appreciate your opinions.

Looks like it's time to make the red state robot knock the block off of the blue state robot at the top of your page .

"She's got a foul mouth and is quick to throw insults at those who dare to not be like her."

But that sounds like you!!!

KIDDING! Couldn't resist.

I think it is funny that you jump on Heinz for saying, "one state is not the whole state" then use Allawi as a reference. A guy that in his speech yesterday basically said, "what insurgency? Oh, Fallujah? One state is not the whole state." Except in his speech he actually gave up on three-four provinces not one.

Wonderful metaphor!

In Hollywood, they have these things called "picture cars" which they use in the movie making business. The cars have no gas, no engine and no "guts." On camera, they look real. The actors sitting in them look like they're really driving, going somewhere. Of course, they're not really driving, going anywhere. It's all a farce. Some people who watch movies don't realize these are fake cars.

"is going to meet a nasty end when the big Bush Bus rams it from behind"

I wonder is that the same bus the he father was on during his run against Clinton?

and don't forget that classy diplomat lockhart calling allawi a bush-puppet. man, they got this nuance-thing down cold, don't they?

The problem with your "analysis," is that Allawi is little more than an administration puppet. See, for example, this exchange with Jim Lehrer:

JIM LEHRER: What would you say to somebody in the United States who questions whether or not getting rid of Saddam Hussein was worth the cost of more than a thousand lives now and billions and billions of U.S. dollars?

PRIME MINISTER IYAD ALLAWI: Well, I assure you if Saddam was still there, terrorists will be hitting there again at Washington and New York, as they did in the murderous attack in September; they'll be hitting also on other places in Europe and the Middle East.

Clearly the man has trouble with basic facts. As everyone knows, there was no connection between Saddam and 9/11, so why does Allawi imply the opposite? And is Allawi unaware that the terrorists are hitting in "other places in Europe and the Middle East," notably Allawi's own country? Allawi is little more than a Bush marionette brought in to place a veneer of success on a disastrous policy.

BillK - Well, that's why Allawi won't win a lot of votes in Fallujah, either.

Michele - At least your metaphor doesn't involve any rabid vines being lit by prairie fires.

Does anyone picture Bill and the Hildebeast laughing their asses off as they steer Kerry into a Dukakis finale?They want to destroy any and all opposition to Lady McHillary's saving of the DNC in preparation for her run in 2008.And here's a bet(The Dead Pool needs this):Bill won't be around,thereby giving HRC an extra sympathy boost.

Love the closing reference to one of the funniest moments in the movie Airplane--"They knew what they were getting into when they got aboard. I say, let 'em crash!"

Loved that! The Zucker brothers, by the way, made a much less successful but almost as funny movie called Top Secret! which featured a wonderful sight gag with an exploding Ford Pinto.

But I bet you knew that.

"Eventually this car, like thousands of Pintos before it - is going to meet a nasty end when the big Bush Bus rams it from behind."

Umm... isn't the Pinto famous for blowing up in a rear-ward direction, killing the driver of any vehicle that hit it from behind? Wouldn't that suggest a fiery end for both campaigns? Does president-elect Nader sputter on to victory in his solar-powered used Volvo?

"... when the big Bush Bus rams it from behind." Wouldn't be prudent to ram a Pinto from any direction. I'd rather that the Pinto turned toward the bus (turning into danger) and then rammed an innocent tree.

As everyone knows, there was no connection between Saddam and 9/11

Take off the tin foil hat and step away from Michael Moore, illson.

Ah yes, Fallujah is full of remnants of the Baath regime who aren't too happy with the current status quo, so dissing them is just like Teresa Kerry dissing the state of Arizona.


grab this:


Just more useless blather from hairboy,earl.

The point is, this is not a woman I want representing my country. She's got a foul mouth and is quick to throw insults at those who dare to not be like her.

Is that a joke? I mean, in light of that whole Dick Cheney telling a U.S. senator "go fuck [him]self," thing and all. Given that Cheney actually holds office and has English as his first language— as opposed to Heinz-Kerry, who would have no official position as a representative of the United States, even if her husband were elected.

I mean, if a foul mouth and a willingness to throw insults at those who dare to be different is really your issue here.

Start the extended meddafer (HT: Zell to Chrissy) with her remarks in Florida:

“Clothing is wonderful, but let them go naked for a while, at least the kids,”

Joshua - You do know who the first presidential candidate to use the F-word in an interview for public consumption was, right?

Why yes, Crank, I do. Fortunately for Mr. Kerry, I don't really give a fuck about obscenity. That's Michele's issue. Or so she says. But, you know, she's voting for the president who called a reporter an asshole and a vice president who told a U.S. senator to go fuck himself, so frankly I'm inclined to think she's fronting.

Hey Joseph, big difference....Teresa insulted the entire state of Arizona, not a Ratherstarfucker reporter or a wipeass suckfuck Senator.

My post was meant for Joshua not Joseph. Sorry for the error.

That whole post just kicked ass!

Love the metaphor, but I'd upgrade that Pinto into a clowncar..where the doors are thrown open and strange idiotic things keep poring out, almost without end.

shhhh... I seem to spy illson there in the back seat chanting 'Saddam was innocent of supporting terrorism, Saddam was innocent of supporting terrorism.'


Do you know the difference between public and private behavior and the definition of the word "context?"

Hi illson.

Who is Hikmat Shakir?

Just asking. If you don't know as much as you'd like to know, you might want to stand clear of such declarative statements re: Iraq and 9-11. I think it's more likely than not that Iraq wasn't involved in planning or operational support for the particular set of activities culminating in 9-11 -- but the stubborn and well-documented facts regarding Hikmat Shakir raise some damned interesting questions.

Bush is like the strong, silent type of cowboy you see in movies. Except, updated a bit. He's kinda like a strong, silent truck driver. You know you can trust him, and when he says something he sticks to it!

I'm sorry, what?

He put the gas charges on my credit card?

And, what are we doing in Brownsville? He said he was going to Alpine!

WTF! What's that noise from the trailer? OMG, he's got 100 illegal aliens stuffed in this truck!

I've seen those girls getting rammed from behind at the Bushbus.com website. What utterly sleazy, immoral skanks. They deserve to be cheated out of the 300 dollars they got promised.

It seems I am in error. I have been informed that the site I was referring to was Bangbus.com, not Bushbus.com.

Never mind.

To continue the car/NASCAR analogy, its like Kerry campaign wants to bump draft to the front but only knows how to bump in the corners not the straights.

Like watchin a good train wreck.

extending the analogy:


"You people who are running alongside the Kerry car right now, debating whether to grab that handle or not: There's still time. You can still back away from the car before it's too late. Do you really want to be riding these crater-filled streets with no shocks?"

The Kerry campaign is headed for either victory or defeat. So is the Bush campaign.

Ok, since it pleases you, let's sell Kerry short for a moment and assume a Bush victory, even a Bush landslide, if you like. What will America be like, then, four years after?

Not much different, actually. The newspapers and television will mark the 3,000th American casualty in Iraq, just like they marked the 1000th. The rhetoric of "democracy everywhere" will still be around, as will the press releases on the "progress" against "terrorism" and "insurgency", in Iraq and elsewhere.

The Iranian nuclear force will consist of 10 North Korean missles with Hirosima sized warheads, and, after the first Iranian nuclear test, they will be part of the "club" and join the endless round of worthless "negotiations", just like North Korea.

The recrudescent terrorist training camps inside Iran will be very worrisome, since we won't be able to just eradicate them, like Afghanistan's, but All Real Americans will still feel as secure "killing one terrorist at a time", as they do now. And they will be perfectly calm about bankrupting the future of the country with endless deficit spending doing it.

We will all be a little less private, a little less free, a little better identified as to who, what, and where we are in all the connected data bases.

The politicians will have bowed to the pressure of the inevitable iron logic of numbers and reinstitued the military draft. I'm sure that fine young son of yours, Michele, will distinguish himself well as a soldier, wherever his country needs him.

They will also have bowed to the pressure of not making any significant changes in our intelligence services, our military, or our government to better fight terrorism. They have, after all, been folding like cardboard over this issue even as all of us campaign.

There will be 60 million without health insurance out of a population of 300 million, with ever larger chunks of it undocumented and working at or near minimum wage.

Your health insurange will cover far less than it does now, and everything in a Doctor's office or a Hospital will cost you far more, so make sure your family eats right, reduces their risk factors and doesn't get sick. And hope the "coming flu pandemic" is just a chimera of CBS's overactive imagination.

The CEO's will be considerably richer, and all the rest of us will be marginally poorer, with poverty rates greater, substantial real average income gains a distant memory of the 90's, and still more of America's wealth concentrated in the hands of the 150,000 of us with income of $1 million +.

More places will look like the marvelously devastated footage of Flint, MI in Bowling For Columbine.

Much of Ohio, where I live, will probably look that way, actually. And, of course, more people from India will cheerfully serve us all by telephone.

We just might have finally disfigured our Constitution with a "gay marriage amendment". We will have a more reactionary and mush-minded judge or two on the federal bench (or maybe even on the Supreme Court). Roe vs. Wade may have been frilled away a little bit more....

Everybody will have forgotten the "Agenda For America" of the Bush Campaign of 2004. You HAVE read it, haven't you? And you DO think it isn't just a pack of politicaly expedient lies, don't you?

Interesting that the search is not available for "Rathergate" on the Technorati site linked to by the "this pothole" link in "I think the fender just fell off the Pinto. It tried to maneuver around this pothole."

Geez, Joseph... so cheerful!

Hmmmm... what was it like to grow up as my parents?

Food was rationed, gas was rationed, American citizens were encouraged to save foil, grow vegetables at home and watch what they. Families displayed blue stars in their windows to show sons in active service, gold ones for those killed. Most neighborhoods had these in evidence. If you were German, Italian or Japanese, your movement was restricted. The press was restricted, too, in what they were allowed to print (they didn't report on the u-boat activity in the Gulf of Mexico). After the war, there was prolonged occupations of the vanquished, with long screaming articles of how the occupation in Europe was "a disaster."

And yet

The union survived and thrived. The enormous amounts of debt wracked up to rebuild Europe/Japan and were never repaid didn't stop us. The loss of 500,000 American military members didn't stop us.

We are facing an ideological movement as poisonous as fascism, as deathcult worshipping as Nazism. Should we do less then our parents in confronting it? Or should we do as Kerry seems to think is "the right path"... appeasement?

Camp Kerry's killer klown kar promises to lead the US into the abyss. Sure, there will be the exciting peacefilled shortterm lull while airborne, but ...

typo correction... got truncated at "watch what they..."

should be "watch what they said"


"Camp Kerry's killer klown kar promises to lead the US into the abyss."

Give me a break.

If I thought that, after John Kerry was sworn in as President, his years in office would see the traitorious fantasies that so many people have of his dismantling of the United States military, the CIA, or the Homeland Security Office, I wouldn't vote for him either.

I have better sense, however, based on evidence and reading, rather than on slick television commercials funded by shadowy Texas millionaires and the circular rhetoric of terrorsploitation found on these blogs.

As to my own predictiveness, I am assuming that George W. Bush will do as little in his second four years as he as done in his first four years, and do it as ineffectively, while spending as much money, and taking, as he does, as much time off from Washington, as possible.

I challenge, you or anyone else, to refute that assumption with any sort of reasoning or evidence to the contrary.

Start with that assumption, extend the current trends in the economy, health care and insurance, illegal immigration, Iranian nuclear ambitions, and the inanity of our "culture wars", and I fail to see what else anyone with good sense would predict.

Perhaps you can enlighten me, Darleen?

G. W. Bush and John Kerry somehow ended up at the same barbershop. As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, Not a word was spoken. The barbers were even afraid to start a conversation, for fear it would turn to politics. As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Kerry in his chair reached for the aftershave. Kerry was quick to stop him saying, "No thanks, my wife Theresa will smell that and think I've been in a whorehouse."The second barber turned to Bush and said, "How about you?" Bush replied, "Go ahead, my wife doesn't know what the inside of a whorehouse smells like."

Joseph, I think your cyrstal ball is as cracked as your brain.

"Take me to the HO-tel! Don't reFUSE me!"


"Joseph, I think your crystal ball is as cracked as your brain."

Well, its nice that you think that way Faith, but can you offer a credible alternative?

The number of American casualties in Iraq has been rising, as well as the boldness and effectiveness of the insurgents. Do you see any reason to believe this will not continue? Or that my projections are too high over four more years?

Iran has been both testing the missiles and enriching the uranium. Do you see any reason why they will not attempt to put the one on top of the other? Or do you see any serious indication that we will stop them?

Do you think it likely that, if Iran does go nuclear, GBW will risk a nuclear war with so many Americans downwind in Afghanistan? Even with terrorist camps in place in Iran?

When will we stop deficit spending? Why? When will we cease collecting data in the name of "security" and trying to link all the data together"? Why? How long can we stand to have, as we now do, 80% of current available ground forces in combat without a draft?

Who, besides John Kerry, has made any serious committment to implement the bipartisan 9/11 Commission reccommendations? And how many voices are currently rising against doing so?

Have you looked at how health care costs have risen, the number of uninsured that has risen by 2 million last year alone? Do my projections seem outlandish? How about the number of illegals? And the steady reduction of coverages is a commonplace in the workplace. Why shouldn't it continue?

CEO's currently make about $7,000 an hour and this figure has been steadily rising. Why should it plateau?

The number of us who are poor has increased and real average income has stagnated, despite 3 years of "recovery". Why should this not continue?

The % of total American income in the hands of the wealthy has steadily increased since 1968. Why should this stop?

Ohio is currently 50th among the 50 states in new job growth. So somehow we are going to get richer by magic?

Do you see any serious reason to doubt that Apu, Laksmi, and Amhed are going to cease to be our primary CSR's either under their own names, or fake American ones?

Gay marriage? The sentiment is strong for banning it out in the Red State heartland. Will a Republican Congress resist it? Conservative judges? A done deal surely with four more years. Chipping at Roe v. Wade? Why not?

These are all sensible ideas as far as I can see. What do you see differently?

Gosh, how terrible. Next thing Joseph will tell us is that the Bush Administration will use fear to try to influence people.


You look at my post and say "yeah, BUT ..GW yada yada yada..."

You (or anyone else) cannot give me a reason to vote FOR Kerry (except he is not "Bu$Hitler")

Jo_Ke doesn't "flip-flop", he just never takes a definitive stand on any issue. Where is he on Iraq today? Whatever it is, it'll change in twelve or twenty-four hours.

Fixing the "health care crisis" doesn't mean nationalizing the industry and turning doctors and nurses into civil servents. And this "crisis" pre-dates GW by a long time and somehow you believe putting in office (along with kerry) trial lawyer Edwards, whose own success has translated into a crisis in his home state of unavailable ob/gyn care, is going to HELP matters?

gimme a break

Ohio is currently 50th among the 50 states in new job growth. So somehow we are going to get richer by magic?

If you think "getting richer" means using the government to confiscate $$$ from Ohio's neighbors and giving it to you, then I can see why you would characterize 'getting rich' or 'job creation' as magic. Kinda like a primative who sees a cellphone and says "MAGIC!"

The sentiment is strong for banning it out in the Red State heartland.

You do know, of course, that California -- certainly a "red state heartland" -- passed by a 60/40 margin a proposition defining marriage as one man/one woman?

No one is "banning" gay (a misnomer. Gays can get married today. what it is, is restricting marriage to one man/one woman) marriage...That assumes it is legal somewhere. I don't think the FMA will pass, but it is viable only because of "piss on the people" shennigans by idiots like Mayor Newsom.

And oh... at least today, Kerry is also against same-sex marriage. So you might want to take it off the table of things you find exclusively abhorant about the Bu$Hitler/AshKKKroft crowd.

And why are you whining about Iran? Kerry states (at least the last I checked) he won't do a thing without UN approval. Kofi is handling Iran, right? So, we shouldn't worry, right? Kerry says he'd respond decisively after any attack here, right? Now, which American city are you willing to become a glowing pit so John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry can be President? Would Kerry even lift a finger to help Israel considering the hatred the UN has for her?

And let's be frank, shall we? It doesn't mean a THING...not healthcare reform, not prescription drugs ... if Islamism is not checked and destroyed. Rearrange all the place settings and argue over the color of the table linens at the banquet all you want. Won't mean a friggin thing when tornado rips the roof off the reception hall.

So glad to have met you.

So you don't like Heinz-Kerry's language? You must have been appalled at our Vice President telling a United States Sentator to go fuck himself on the senate floor.

Personally I have a hard time giving a damn about the vice president cursing a senator.

Hey, Darlene, I'm merely extrapolating from reasonable assumptions, and known facts, based on George W. Bush's reelection.

I see very little that you have to offer which refutes the assumptions, the facts, or the extrapolations.

The upshot of it is that a vote for Bush is a vote for more of the same--both in domestic and in foreign policy--with the situation growing slightly worse over time because of the bad decisions already made and the limits of Bush's character and ideology.

Nothing to be afraid of, really, Patrick--we can probably stand it if we have to--but do we really want to?

"It doesn't mean a THING...not healthcare reform, not prescription drugs ... if Islamism is not checked and destroyed."

Well, Muslims account for 22% of the world's population, or about 1.3 billion people, and their religous dominance extends from Morroco in the west to the Phillipines in the east, as well as southern Russia in the north to equitorial Africa in the south.

So I think we'd better have a more precise and useful formulation of our goal than you have provided. Or than George W. Bush has provided for that matter.

And we'd better realize that we are going to be dealing with the rest of the world for a long, long time, and not exclusively through military force.

Up to a certain point "my way or the highway" can work if you have both the force available and the will to use it. Past that point you have to be persuasive.

We passed that point just about the time old GWB declared "mission accomplished" on that aircraft carrier.

And I defy you to point to much of anything he has done since that has been very effective. Other than campaign against Democrats, which, admittedly he does quite well.


Do you know the difference between public and private behavior? Does the word "context" exist in your vocabulary?


Look how well Kofi the magnificent is doing with Iran. THAT is how much talk-talk is worth when you don't have a damned thing to back it up.

To make an analogy... no matter what social programs you want to put in place to deal with crime, it won't save lives or stop criminals if you don't have cops and courts.

Tossing day-care centers at Islamists is no more going to stop them than handing over the Rhineland did to stop Hitler.

Kadaffy got the point, even if you [purposely] don't.

"Look how well Kofi the magnificent is doing with Iran."

If you carefully investigate how much actual military force GWB currently has left to deal with Iran, you will immediately see why he has gone, hat in hand, to the UN to take a hand in the matter.

Had he either not done Iraq at all, or done it properly once our troops got there, he would have no need for this.

The first lesson of war is not to make it needlessly, wasting critical resources. The second is not to make it distractedly, allowing one enemy to become stronger while you are forced to subdue another. GWB and his neocon crew have been guilty of both these sins. Hence this mess.

I haven't heard anybody yet propose to toss day care centers at Islamists. If I do, though, I'll be sure to suggest that it is not likely to be very effective.

You make metaphors fun, Michele.

Somebody likes to type!

So it seems like the Pinto is driving directly into the pothole? Perhaps the newly arrived Clintonistas are holding on to the wheel to be sure Billary has an unobstructed shot at the Presidency in 2008.

When the Kerry Campaign car crashes, Joseph is going to fight the EMTs trying to save his life!

"Kinda like a primative who sees a cellphone and says 'MAGIC!'" - Darleen

I resent that! I do NOT think cell phones are magic.

I think they're demonic prisons filled with the souls of very tiny people who torment me by trying to sell me replacement autoglass. ;]

[Sorry, Darleen. I saw that sentance and couldn't resist - I had one too many calls from phone solicitors in a row this evening, and it left me punchy. ;)]

Now, hang on... people who don't believe there is a connection between Saddam and 9/11, based on lack of solid evidence and the opinions expressed by legislative and intelligence experts... WE are the ones wearing the tinfoil hats?!?

We're officially in brand new areas of stubborn-belief derange-o, Toto...

And having a direct connection, like maybe if the hijackers had painted "SADDAM RULZ!" on the side of the plane, that would be the only reason, I say the ONLY reason, to go in there. Check.

Oh, come on, that's beyond ridiculous. That isn't the kind of "proof" reasonable people would require. There simply hasn't been anything solid and unimpeachable to prove a connection, at least not yet. If you want to fervently believe in a connection, knock yourself out, but to declare people who think otherwise as tinfoil hat-types is... well, it's just plain crazy!

"That isn't the kind of 'proof' reasonable people would require."

Oh, you meant REASONABLE people. You can understand my confusion.

I see. I hadn't realized I was being unreasonable. How irrational and moonbatty of me not to simply believe stuff on your say-so; please to forgive!

"I hadn't realized I was being unreasonable."

We've noticed.


step away from fox news and read the 9/11 commission report.


I know about Hikmat Shakir, the Malaysia Airlines greeter who escorted 9/11 plotters in KL and may or may not be connected to the former iraqi gov't. the CIA thinks not. at any rate, it's a pretty thin reed to support a Saddam - 9/11 connection.

Angus, baby, sweetheart... stop being a snarky taunty moonbat hater for one second and listen. It is NOT unreasonable to believe there is no evidence of a Saddam/Al Qaeda connection. I don't know if there's a connection, but I do know there is no solid evidence.

This does not make me crazy, or unreasonable, or a hateful, America-hating moonbat tinfoil person, okay? (I may be one, but that's not why.)