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we have clearance, clarence

The cable guy actually showed up. Not until 7:45, but at least he made it and he fixed everything within ten minutes. Good thing, because a few hours without internet access can make your life go to hell, especially when you're trying to figure out 9th grade math that looks suspiciously like graduate school math. Unfortunately, it's too late for me to offer any kind of substantial blogging today, so I'll make it up to you by providing you with two potentially embarassing facts about me that I feel the need to confess: 1. I love the movie Mean Girls. I actually bought the DVD today. 2. I watch Trading Spouses. Regularly. I do this because I love you and love means being honest. You could always reciprocate the honesty, you know. Think of it as a trust-fall thing.


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yea. cool. except my team at the Saturn training let me hit the ground.


I find myself watching the TV show One Tree Hill on a semi-regular basis...

Damn you, Michele.

I love boobies. I love watching them. I'd watch a lot more of them, but the wife would get angry if either one of the pair being watched were not hers.

And I love Trading Spaces. I can't get in too much trouble because Paige doesn't have much in the boobies department and Genevieve annoys me too much to check out her rack.

While we're cleansing our souls...
I just love cheesy, stinky, crappy 1970's Top-40 radio hits! Oh, sure, in front of the guys it was Van Halen and Lynard Skynard but behind closed doors it was..it was.."Afternoon Delite" by the Starland Vocal Band. Or "On and On" by Stephen Bishop. Or "Undercover Angel" by Alan O'Day. I STILL love that stuff.

But not, I repeat, NOT "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)."

After all, I have my pride.


This reminds me of slumber party "truth or dare"

We even have jammies!

Hmmm... I still have my The Monkees albums. I even still get a nice deja vu thrill (they were the boyband of my jr high days) when I hear some of the music (Peter was my favorite).

I like men's tushies. Would you guys please stop with the baggie pants fashion? You're ruining the view (Ty and Vern on Trading spaces were/are very fine)

Roger, Roger

Hey Yankees.
Lean back and we'll catch you.

The Red Sox.

What's the vector, Victor?

On a sports forum that I frequent, the guys there (including myself) frequently post the cheesiest love song lyrics we can find to one another. Air Supply, George Michael, and Michael Bolton are frequent culprits.

I watch wrestling. Because I like it.

thank you.

HBO on demand. thats all I ever watch.


My wife and I never miss the Saturday morning NBC shows Scout's Safari and Strange Times at Blake Holsey High whether the kids are interested or not.

I think Kim Possible is hot.

Two things...

I love "Weird Al's" music.

I used to be a rap artist. That is not bad in itself, but I'm a white, overweight, grew up in Indiana, man geek.

I love Weird Al's music, and I am unashamed! I like Tom Lehrer, too, but I guess that's intellectually respectable.

I like eating Chef Boyardee ravioli. And Kraft Mac & Cheese. I can't stand the real thing - I've got to have Mac & Cheese made with powder.

Fair enough. I love (women's) figure skating. Sometimes, my brain replays Sasha Cohen's latest routine, with music and all. As far as I can tell, I am a heterosexual man.

I think the last time we did soul-cleansing was a little deeper and darker, honestly.

For the record:

Weird Al is an intellectual treat. His is sophisticated satire in a world that seriously needs making fun of.

Nothing wrong with The Monkees. 'Nuff said on that point.

Guys watching figure skating - two words: Kristi. Yamaguchi. You want embarassing for a hetero male? Try one of the chick shows on the WB. Gilmore Girls, for instance.

Kim Possible? Hot, yes. Uncomfortably young? Also yes.

Macaroni and cheese? If it doesn't come in a blue cardboard box, it's not worth eating.

Cheesy love ballad lyrics? Hey, we've all had a girlfriend who liked 'em. It's an associative thing.

Enjoy watching wrestling? Um... sorry, can't help you.

Weird Al? Check.

Monkees? Check.

Gilmore Girls? (uncomfortable silence) ...occasionally.

How about Barenaked Ladies? I have four albums, I believe.

Oh, and lotsa Smallville. Love the Smallville.

Trading Spouses is an actual US TV show? I've watched something like that here in Germany, but I didn't think it was a show in the States. Hmmm.

I'm sorry, I just can't watch any "reality" TV shows. But I do occasionally read a Stephen King book.

Darleen, I don't know about the slumber party stuff, but it's getting suspiciously like a 12-step meeting..........

I watched "13 going on 30" two times yesterday. I love it!

Have I mentioned boobies?

I read the comic strip For Better or Worse not because it is funny but because I want to see how the Pattersons are doing.

I will buy Duran Duran's new album the day it comes out.

I will not wait to download it. I will not wait to get a copy from a friend to decide to buy it.

For this, I am ashamed. But not as ashamed at how I will react if Rick Springfield follows up on his most excellent "Karma" CD.