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live from new york

Blogging is off to a slow start today. Just one of those days. Meanwhile, thanks to Solonor, you can hear my five minute BBC thing from last night, should my Long Island accent and incoherent sentences interest you. I think the interviewer expected me to be insane and was sorely disappointed when I wasn't. Much. BBC - mp3


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Congrats "Meechele"

I think you acquited yourself quite well. I raised my eyebrows when the interviewer started down the "So when did you become a Republican?"

At least he let you finish your sentences. Chris Matthews could take lessons.

Gotta love "security mums."


I shoulda put it on eBay, dammit.

Congrats, lots of bloggers have been showing up on the Beeb of late.

...bloggers who combine a tastefor heavy metal music with a taste for heavy metal politics...

[Dennis Sewell - BBC-R4]

I happen to know the senior producer at the Beeb (politics) above that knows quite a bit about blogs via me. I have even pointed him your way on occasion and he does read my blog.

Coming up on Attack of the Killer Accents... it's Long Island vs. Scot.

Don't berate yourself! You did great!

ahhh! I always prefer to pronounce the name of a place like the natives, i.e., lou-a-vul not louie-ville. Now I know it's long-gilen not Long Island!

thanks mum meechelle!

Good job.

That was the most interesting blend of accents I've ever heard. Of course we don't have accents in the midwest. ha!

We don't agree much on politics but I think you did a fine job given the questions you were asked.

Wow. I didn't know you voted for Nader in 2000.

So did I. And, like you, it'll be Bush this time around for me.

It's been quite an amazing four years for me, politically. I remember during the 2000 campaign thinking Bush was a dolt. How could he possibly run the country?
And Gore was an arrogant jerk. I didn't want him representing my country, either.

I'm glad we've got the leadership we have. I still don't agree with them on everything - I disagree with them pretty strongly on some things. But the things where we differ are completely unimportant in a world where people fly passenger planes into buildings, blow themselves up in shopping centers and kidnap, torture and kill schoolchildren and their families.

Cool, I wish they had a question and answer segment.

You could have really stirred the pot.

As long as you had fun.

"...just because you felt suddenly threatened"(emphisis mine).

How frickin' condesending! You (and all the rest of us) ARE being threatened. This guy probably is living in or near London. He better wake up and smell the roses 'cus where he lives is probably real high on the terrorists list of targets.

Thought you came off very well, BTW

That was so cool. I give the Long Island accent an 8.

Heya Meechele

Very cool! FAHGET ABOUT IT...you did fine, you made your points very well if you ask me. And a lot less uh's and um's than most "professional" media types.

Course it is always nice when the interviewers let you finish a thought, but you did great summing things up quickly. I'd pay money to see you on Chris Matthews.

In fact, you have a very nice voice. Have you considered a career in the 1-900 industry? (heh heh).

Thanks for the sound byte and good work Solly!

You made this Long Island boy proud. What's with everyone else and this "accent" shit? We don't have accents...

Not bad. You did a good job of handling his liberal bias (yes, even I admit that in this interview).

I think you're right - he probably thought you were nuts after you mentioned Nader.

"So when did you become a republican"

Why does that question crack me up? Maybe because it reminds me of this question... "So when did you accept Christ as your personal savior?"

You sound HOT.


You articulated yourself very well, like we have come to expect from your blog.

Oh, pish posh, deary. You were lovely.

All he was asking were fluff questions, really, though. The fact he called you a "mum" is very telling. Wouldn't want to really engage in political discusion with a GIRL!!! Ick, Crikey!

You would have done even better if he had asked any good questions.

Good for you, Meechele. As another Long Giland security Mum, you made me proud!

I second everyone's comments about the accent. The accent's cool.

Laurence Simon is right--all the interview needed to be complete was a devastated model train layout (preferably with spitting high-tension wires), and one of those annoying Toho Studios kaiju-movie kids to scream in dubbed English, "Get up, Longislandma, get up! I know you can beat Beeboscot!"

As the Guinness guys say, "Brilliant!"

I thought his tone was rather condescending, but you rose above it. Maybe condescending isn't quite it. He was trying, I think, to project a dry, world-weary poise, to which your no-nonsense approach was a good contrast.

Overall, quite intriguing. I wanted to hear more.

You did great!! Good answers, no fluster, straight talk.


Well spoken, clear and to the point. If that's the kind of interview you give while hallucinating, you must really knock-em-dead when your head is clear.

Well done.

add a little bit of smoker's rasp to that accent and you've got some serious aural pleasure that makes this guy weak in the knees.

I heard fear and an uncertain faith in Bush.

Earl, Earl lad...

If ye ken nae flourish a stiffy after hearin' the lady's accent, ye have nae blood in yoor veins, laddie...

Nicely done.

Having interviewed Michelle myself, I'm here to testify - she should do more of it!

You did great. As I expected.

You sounded pretty good. Your interviewer sounded a bit... confused at times. :)

Very impressive. From your post, I expected stammering- you sounded extremely self-assured and made your points very clearly and cogently. Nice job.

Michele, good job.

earl: maybe you heard what you wanted to hear.

Great Job Michelle,

As a New Yawka living in Asia I can claim many "mates" from the UK (as well as knowing a lot of "wankers"). A majority of the "POMS" that are fortunate enough to live outside the soggy climes of the UK still look at us Yanks like we were martians.

Despite decades of IRA bombings and more radical sheiks in London than a taliban jamboree, the limeys still don't get that the terrorist scum want to KILL US ALL no matter who is elected. Us Yanks are all just cowboys that have to pay for our health care. I could picture the guy's brows'a furrin' during the whole interview. He know's who his audience is.

It's good to see that the occasional glimmer of light gets through even on the BBC.

Very well done, Michelle!

An interesting piece on Security Moms slightly tongue in cheek.. I mean the MRE thing HAS to be a joke.. monday is football night that means pizza and wings.

1. Your attack dog has a bin Laden chew toy.
2. You base your SUV purchase on how many places there are to conceal a weapon.
3. Your neighborhood watch complains you don't leave any perps for them.
4. You'll vote for Bush because the other guy is a wussy.
5. You traded in your Gucci for the M-30 Leather Gun Purse.
6. The guys at the range call you 'Sarge'.
7. You send your kids to Judo Camp.
8. Your son quit the Boy Scouts because they were “amateurs”.
9. Monday is “MRE Night”.
10. You DO wear combat boots.


That top ten is Stacy's.

Very funny top 10.

I thought your voice sounded great. I don't suppose you'd ever in a million years consider joining up with us at NPR?

Yeah, I know, stupid question.