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You have been selected!

From an article in today's Newsday, written by one Danny Schechter [editor of the Web site, Mediachannel.org.]
The Republican National Committee operates its own 24/7 anti-news network to monitor coverage and orchestrate a rapid response. Salon reports that the story casting doubt on the documents was first pushed into the news stream by Creative Response Concepts, a Republican public relations firm. Then, selected bloggers went to work led by an Atlanta lawyer who helped get President Bill Clinton disbarred and was the first who called the memos fakes. His charges spread like a prairie fire through the rabid conservative grapevine and amen corner. The goal: Focus the media on Rather, not Bush. CBS initially stood by the documents, then hedged, saying that even if they were flawed, the story that Bush had disobeyed his commander's order to have a physical was accurate in essence. But it finally had to concede it was a mistake to run the story. [emphasis mine]
Were you selected? You? You? You? You? You? Did the GOP feed you the Queen of the Space Unicorns line? No, I didn't think so. Danny Schechter and Newsday owe some people an apology. Yea, I know. Not likely. I'm more likely to capture a real space unicorn before we see that happen. Or maybe not. 'Fess up guys, which one of you is really Karl Rove? My money is on Goldstein, but I'll give 5-2 odds on Treacher. Update: See, also: Jeff "Karl" Goldstein, Allah and Bill.


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Yet, what are the odds that Schechter would believe that CBS, Burkett and high-level Democrats were coordinating? After all, all we have is a whole bunch of people admitting that they were in constant communication, that CBS' main other source was a very high-ranking Kerry fundraiser and that Burkett demanded that CBS put him in touch with the Kerry campaign before he would turn over the documents?

But that's not evidence of coordination. Whereas a bunch of people reading each other's work and adding their own thoughts, that must be the result of a single premeditated plan.

I definitely think it's Treacher.

"Must discredit blogs. Must discredit blogs."

The MSM zombies strike.......

These allegations are absolutely ridiculous. [WINK]

Ah, the old tired VRWC tune. Good. That tune is so old that the hissing and popping is louder than the meessage itself. (I have no idea what that means, but I'll let it stand.)

Luckily, I still have my VRWC card issued to me by Rachel Lucas.

Oh, and Newsday sucks.

Then, selected bloggers went to work led by an Atlanta lawyer who helped get President Bill Clinton disbarred and was the first who called the memos fakes.

So that means that there were orders included in the email that tipped the Powerline guys off to the Freeper post by Buckhead (the "Atlanta lawyer...")? Yeah, I'm sure they'd react well to that, Republican ties or not...

I love how the press just can't get their heads around the idea that people acting independently and building off each other's results can sometimes work faster and better than those who are coordinated. So they build up these conspiracy fantasies to cover their ignorance.

I have noticed that people with social-ist political views (or who sympathize with such views)frequently have trouble understanding that a group can act together without central control. Schechter appears to have these views and, predictably, has trouble understanding how a group of bloggers could, through their own initiative, work together to discredit the CBS/Rather memos. This difficulty leads him to look for a central control when no such control exists. The results are laughable.

That would be cool. I like plane rides!

i'm gonna buy a boat with all the money the RNC gave me.

It's called "projection." When Hillary talked about the (half) Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, it was because she knew the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy (between the Press and the DNC) had been in operation for a long time.

With Memogate, we got to catch the VLWC in action and discredit one of the biggest players. That will not do.

My bets on Bill (from INDC); after all he is "IN DC". But then again, we don't know the identity of Allah... Finally, it can't be Jeff Goldstein; he's a figment of Stephen Green's imagination.

Annika - Did you get enough money from the RNC to get a boat like the one in the Kerry ad? I heard it's dingy the that goes with the "family" yacht.

High time for a barrage of righteous anger directed to letters@newsday.com.

Conveniently remind them their own existence is coming to an end, due to the criminal investigations into their now twice-corrected circulation figures.

Feel free to let Cub Reporter Danny Schecter know of the latest coordinated attack by visiting his awful website and adding your $0.02.

There are so many untruths in that piece, one wonders where to begin. But any New Yorker knows that Letterman was not on the air on 9/12/01.
Does Newsday have factcheckers???

Good Lord. I guess Danny was still in diapers and cannot recall 2001.

Damn it. Rove is late with this week's check.

If it doesn't arrive, I'm spilling the beans.

You really have to marvel at the ideology-induced brain damage of someone who thinks that it is an overheated, "cartoon-like" characterization to call Osama bin Laden an evil doer.

While at the same time characterizing THOSE PETHKY BLOGTH as a "rabid conservative grapevine."

Schechter's rage is such that he has not only lost all sense of self-irony (he probably didn't have much to begin with) but he is unable to form coherent metaphors. Grapevines, being a member of the vegetable kingdom, are quite immune to rabies.

What's the big deal, when everyone insists that there is no such thing as liberal media bias? Which means that CBS, so far as the lefties are concerned, ought to be regarded as nothing more than another bloated corporation that deserves whatever it gets.

Here's a comment I posted on this over on Allah' site. Couldn't find a link to the comment so here's the post:


Don't sweat it.

These guys in the MSM are no longer relevant in the 21st Century. Acutally I now prefer, Legacy American Media Establishment (L.A.M.E. Hat tip to CERDIP at the Command-Post). You and the others are the trusted "network portals/nodes" where information/news coalesces from the vast organic neuro network of the Blogosphere.

What is important is the important stories L.A.M.E has failed to cover for one reason or another. Thse are the stories the American people need to hear in order to make informed choices in this presidential election.

See my previous post on this thread at Windsofchange.net.


I wrote similar piece on our site re the emergence of a new medium of exchange of information - The Blogosphere. Information is free to transcend political boundaries and constraints and biases of media editorial and corporate boardrooms.

It's a growing organism. It's a self-righting collective consciousness of human thought. While there are extremes if one takes the average or "bell curve" the result is generally an objective view in perspective and proportion.


Also check out these other stories that have gone below the radar of the L.A.M.E for one reason or another. These are the stories the American people need to hear so that they can make informed choices in this presidential election and not warmed over hash from thirty-five years ago.


Ron Wright, Moderator
HSPIG Forums Site

DISCLAIMER - This is not the opinion/position of my employer and/or organizations I'm affiliated.

Since Jeff Goldstein has mastered the art of trans-dimensional travel - (remember when he was at the Republican Convention AND sitting at home in Colorado - at the same time?) he’s got to be some kind of major player in this latest VRWC operation.

At least that was what Bill Buckley told me at the latest shindig. Or was that the Buckley figurine with magic powers? Sometimes, with Bill, it’s hard to tell.

Gotta go now. – I just received my latest mission from Jim Geraghty. Must write it all down before the tape self-destructs…

I wouldn't worry about anything that appears in Newsday. According to their circulation audit, you're probably the only real person reading it.

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